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The Toyota Vios 2018 cover

When it comes to the outrageously speedy cars in movies like The Fast and The Furious, we’d say “hell yeah”, but come reality, what we really need is a car that cruises along the lines of spacious, stylish, and safe.

Enter the recently released Toyota Vios 2018. This name might ring a bell for many Singaporean drivers – *cough* CDC learners, but compared to its previous models, this all-new model is bigger, better and sleeker than ever.


We had the chance to take one out for a ride and here’s what we love about it:

Spacious interior for maximum comfort


Spacious interior Vios 2018

They say it’s great to rub shoulders with others – figuratively. Literally? Not so much.

At 1.73m across, the Toyota Vios 2018 has one of the widest widths of its class, so there’s plenty of space for everyone. Long rides will also be much more comfier now with this extra space.


High-tech features that’ll make you feel like Tony Stark


Smart Entry Vios 2018

Nope, flying spaceships don’t exist yet, but mankind is slowly working towards achieving technology that’ll one day match what we see in movies like Infinity War

For now, take one step closer to feeling like a high tech baller with the Smart Entry and Smart Start design in the new Toyota Vios. Designed for maximum convenience, all you need is your key somewhere near you to unlock the vehicle doors and start up the engine – no more fumbling around your pockets and bags for car keys.


Sleek sports car-esque designs


continuous headlight grille vios 2018

Sports cars are fancy for sure, but they might not always be practical for everyday use. For a family-friendly car that’s still got a nice sporty touch, check out the new Vios.

Vios wheels and shark fin antenna

With simple yet edgy wheels, a shark fin-shaped antenna and continuous headlight grille, the design of this sedan emanates a subtle sporty vibe. With bits of both combined into one, you can have the cake and eat it.


A Smooth Drive


smooth ride vios 2018

Bumpy rides, road humps, and potholes can turn anyone into a road rage monster. 

To let you cruise across the highways like you’re on Aladdin’s flying carpet, Toyota Vios 2018 has improved rear seat shapes and enhanced coil springs from its previous models. Especially for those who drive to work on a daily basis, these will cushion any bumpiness and make your journey much more pleasant.

Psst, this is great for longer journeys such as road trips to JB’s night markets and hidden food gems over the weekends! 


Fuel efficiency to save petrol costs


fuel efficiency vios 2018

Let’s be real, fuel being costly is an understatement. This model’s 1.5L Dual VVT-i engine is definitely something to shout out about, as it burns petrol at a rate of 5.8L/100km. 

English translation: it has efficient fuel consumption that makes sure not a drop of petrol is wasted.

To top that off, there is also an Eco-Drive indicator which lets you know when you are driving at a speed that gets you the most out of your fuel tank and saves you a couple of dollars. 


7 airbags for ultimate safety 


7 airbags vios 2018

Image credit: Toyota

Safety is paramount with Toyota, which goes the extra mile to ensure passengers are protected. 

Compared to the previous model which only had 2 airbags, the Toyota Vios 2018 brings up the game with 7 airbags –  consisting of the usual driver and passenger front airbags, driver knee airbag, side airbags and even Curtain Shield Airbags –  to provide protection on all sides.

Other safety features include an Anti-Lock Braking System for controlled stopping on slippery surfaces, Brake Assist to enhance emergency braking and an Impact Absorbing Chassis with a crumple zone for extra protection. 


Drive with Toyota Vios 2018


aerial shot vios 2018

There are 2 variations of the Vios available:

1. Vios E 

  • Capacity: 1,496 cc
  • Max Power: 79kW/ 6,000 rpm
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.8L/ 100km

2. Vios G 

  • Additional features such as auto air conditioning with climate control, daytime running lights and collapsible rear seats.

toyota vios 2018 red

Both Vios E and G- grade are available in 7 different colours, like the statement Red Mica Metallic, stylish Attitude Black Mica and electric Dark Blue Mica Metallic, so there’s something for every palette

We’re all familiar with the 3Cs of Singapore – car, cash, and condo. If you’re looking to check off the first one with an affordable, all-in-one car, the Toyota Vios 2018 is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Find out more about Toyota Vios 2018 here!

This post was brought to you by Toyota.

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