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The projector clarke quay

The Projector Has A New Pop-Up Cinema At Riverside Point In Clarke Quay For Movie Dates Till Late 2022

Projector X at Clarke Quay

Any indie film fan will know of The Projector at Golden Mile; it’s edgy, artsy and most importantly, home to unconventional films that you won’t find in regular cinemas. For those who simply can’t get enough of it, they’ve recently opened Projector X, a new pop-up cinema at Riverside Point, Clarke Quay. 

Neon-lit retro cinema with wireless headphones

Projector X - 48 seats
Image credit:
The Projector 

If you love The Projector’s vintage flair, you’ll quickly fall in love with Projector X’s similar retro vibe. Previously an abandoned Chinese disco, the cinema keeps elements of its past intact, with costume racks, colourful neon lights and what they call “siam diu booth” seats in its 48-seater cinema.

Pick between that, or one of the well-spaced out theatre seats to enjoy your movie from. No tight spaces or annoying kicking at the back of your seats here!

Projector X
Image credit:
The Projector 

While the blockbuster world may be experiencing a dry spell this period, the good news is that Projector X currently has around 11 films screening – from 2002’s Chicago, with six Oscar wins, to 2021’s award-winning The Father starring Anthony Hopkins.

Other shows to indulge in include: 

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Sound of Metal (Projector exclusive)
  • Judas and the Blak Messiah (Projector exclusive)
  • Kinky Boots the Musical (recorded screening)

But here’s the real kicker – instead of loud stereos blasting from the ceilings, each visitor gets a pair of wireless headsets. Everyone gets to pick how loud they like their audio with its adjustable volume – turn it up to drown out background noise or hear the lines from the show more clearly.

wireless headphones
Silent Disco-style headphones that light up
Image credit: The Projector

Jio your SO or BFF for your visit here – tickets are sold as a pair, and prices begin from $18.50/ticket for a weekday visit. Top up an additional $7.50 for a combo ticket to get extra popcorn, one regular drink and one alcoholic bevvy – of wine, beer or cocktail – to share.

Standard: $18.50/ticket or $26/combo (Wed & Thu) | $20/ticket or $27.50/combo (weekends, PH & eve of PH)
Projector Fan Club: $16.50/ticket or $23.50/combo (Wed & Thu) | $18/ticket or $25/combo (weekends, PH & eve of PH)

Bar with a view and pool table

The projector clarke quay
The view at night
Image credit: K Tan

Thanks to being perched on the fourth floor of Riverside Point, Projector X’s accompanying bar comes with a view overlooking the rest of Clarke Quay through huge windows. Grab a cup of coffee (from $4), tea ($5) or a cocktail ($15) after the show to unwind here. 

The projector clarke quay
Image credit:
The Projector

If you’ve arrived a tad too early for your show, there’s also a pool table and claw machine to keep yourself entertained.

Visit Projector X at Clarke Quay

 riverside point clarke quay
Image credit:
The Projector

Projector X is among the series of upcoming pop-up cinemas by The Projector, and more is yet to be announced about the rest.

In the meantime, pop by this vintage-retro enclave on your next visit to Clarke Quay to enjoy movie night in style. It will only be around for 18 months – presumably until late October or early November of 2022. There’s plenty of time to visit, but we’ll recommend heading there soon to check it out before it gets too popular.

Projector X
Address: Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Road, #04-13, Singapore 058282
Opening hours (Cinema): Wed – Fri 4PM-8.30PM | Sat, Sun & PH 1PM-8.30PM
Opening hours (Bar): Wed – Fri 4PM-10.300PM | Sat, Sun & PH 1PM-10.30PM

Projector X website

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Cover image adapted from: The Projector