About Supermuffin


The newly opened Supermuffin at Pacific Marketplace is now available for dine-in or takeaway. Taking an adventurous leap from the muffin concept, Pastry Chef Philip Lee has invented savoury muffins as a convenient meal option at any time of the day. 

There are five types of meal-in-a-muffin available: Chicken Run, Krrish, Minotaur, The Hulk and Miss Piggy. This is a joint effort from Pastry Chef Philip Lee, the Home kitchen and Hai Tien Lou. The filings of the muffins are made by the Home kitchen and Hai Tien Lou, while Chef Philip utilises his culinary skills; infusing gruyere cheese and other fine ingredients to create the pleasant salty crust. 

Initially, I was skeptical about the idea and taste of savoury muffins as these are not your ordinary muffins. Find out what we thought of them as we ate through each one!


The Muffins



I first tried The Hulk as I was rather intrigued by its outlook. Living up to the name given, it has a greenish spinach crust with mushroom, cheese and cream on the inside. The mushroom lends its moisture to the muffin crust, creating a denser texture to my liking. It’s finished with a caramelised sauce, carrying a rich and earthy flavour to the muffin. 


Krrish is a replica of the classic Indian Curry puff, a favourite snack of Singaporeans. As much as I enjoyed the fiery curry potato filling, it was the crust that got me. Traditional spices such as garam masala, chilli powder, tumeric and aromatic curry leaves are added into the batter, tantalising your tastebuds at every bite. 


Chicken Run features the succulent diced chicken cubes with fragrance imparted from the wok when fried over high heat. With white sesame seeds sprinkled at the top of the crust, it brings out a hint of local Chinese food to this new idea. 


Just when I thought the muffins could not get any fancier with the different cuisines, Minotaur proved me wrong. Minotaur is the classic French braised oxtail. With the beef simmered for 3 hours with the other ingredients, the hearty flavour eats sufficiently into tender texture of the meat.

It was like having pie, but the fluffy crust gave a different touch. This is my favourite among the five. 


Despite the adorable name attached to it, no one actually showed mercy when presented with the Ms Piggy. This came as no surprise since the classic Chinese BBQ Pork is soul food to most Chinese Singaporeans.

A collaboration with Hai Tien Lo Cantonese Restaurant, the fluffy crust of the muffin envelopes well-marbled pork collar seasoned in a blend of Hoisin sauce, honey, salted egg yolk and Shaoxing Wine. 

I liked how the filling is not overly gluey but saucy enough to dip the rest of my crust. 


The Verdict 


The reinvention of muffins will save many office ladies from their daily dilemmas. I am always torn between satisfying my sweet tooth and having a proper meal. These muffins that are available all day will save me from such a predicament. 

Furthermore, the muffins cater to a diverse range that will satisfy French, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisine cravings. 


Getting To Supermuffin


Address: Pan Pacific Marketplace, 7 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square 039595
Contact: 6828 8240
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

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