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Staytion Marsiling Coworking Space In The North

Staytion Marsiling: Coworking Space In The North With Free Coffee & Private Rooms From $29/Day

Staytion Marsiling – Coworking space in the North

When it comes to coworking spaces in Singapore, most of them are clustered around the swanky concrete jungle that is the CBD. We get that serious business takes place there, but what about the heartland hustlers who’d love some sleek office spaces and perks like coffee machines too? Thankfully, Northies now have a flexi-work sanctuary of their own.

The first coworking space in the North just opened in September 2022, and it couldn’t be more convenient. Staytion Marsiling is attached to Marsiling MRT station, so you could very well roll out of the gantry and get to work. From hot desking memberships with free-flow refreshments to private studios and meeting rooms, here’s what you can get from just $4.90/hour or $29/day.

Hot desking, meeting rooms & private studios

Staytion Marsiling Hot Desking
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As with most of the trendy coworking spaces that have sprouted in this flexi-work arrangement era, Staytion Marsiling is highly aesthetic. Think working areas that are flushed with sophisticated black metal and dark wooden accents, and lively hot desking spaces for $4.90/hour.

Aesthetic Coworking Space
A bright space with cute seats and terrazzo table tops may cure your post-lunch slump.
Image credit: Staytion

The coworking space is open from 9am-6pm daily, and a full-day hot desking pass costs $29. With some quick math, you’ll deduce that for stays 6 hours and beyond, the day pass will give you the most value for money.

Meeting Room Singapore
Meeting rooms are fitted with a smart TV so you can host seamless presentations.
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If you’re working in a team or just function better with some pals slogging by your side, you can book a meeting room for $39/hour. There is ample seating and desk space, plus a variety of wide desks as well as smaller round tables so those who get a bit fidgety can switch things up.

Private Work Studio
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Finally, for those flying solo but prefer to get in the zone away from all crowds, their 1-pax private studios will do nicely.

For $9.90/hour or $59/day, you can get some serious cramming or work done in the cosy work pod. Shutting yourself in will activate laser focus mode, and you’re free to get out and stretch your legs whenever you want, with access to the lounge area and cushy sofas.

Monthly passes on studios or dedicated desks to save up to $390

The freedom of hot desking is great, but in the event that Staytion Marsiling gets packed with flexi-workers, you don’t wanna deal with limited space or – gasp – someone swooping in to claim your unspoken reserved seat.

Coworking Space Singapore
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To officially chope your preferred space, go for the monthly Dedicated Desk plan at $490/month. You’ll get to take your pick from the available seats, and waltz into your special little spot every day without a care in the world.

If it’s the cosy confines of the private studios you’re after, you can get a 1-pax private studio monthly pass for $790. This grants you access to your own private studio space for the entire calendar month, not just on weekdays.

Working While Drinking Coffee
Did we mention there’s all-you-can-drink premium coffee?

Image credit: @xxinli

It’s a worthy investment to consider if you’re a freelancer in need of a proper workspace, or if your office is situated way too far from home and you have the ability to work remotely. Considering a private studio slot costs $59/day, you’ll stand to save $390 if you swing by Monday to Friday – and up to $980 if you’re a hardcore OT warrior who’s in all day, err day.

We definitely don’t condone working every single day of the month, but hey. The space is yours, feel free to pop over for some quiet time and sweet solitude whenever you wish.

Enjoy access to coffee machine, microwave & printer

Staytion Marsiling MRT
It’s conveniently situated right next to FairPrice, so you can stock up on munchies.
Image credit: Marilyn Wong

Besides just providing a cohesive space for you to get cracking on work, Staytion Marsiling also has amenities to keep you well taken care of. A coffee machine means you’ll get a steady stream of caffeine at no extra cost, and you can bring your own lunches or instant meals to heat up in the microwave.

Should you need to print out some important docs, the trusty printer will be at your service. And for everything else under the sun, don’t fret about potentially being a blur sotong ‘cause a receptionist will be stationed at all times to offer assistance.

Northies can now work in both comfort and style without having to take up to an hour to journey to Central Singapore. Hooray for the time and money saved on commuting, and being able to sleep in!

Book a coworking space at Staytion Marsiling


Address: 71 Woodlands Avenue 3, #02-01 Marsiling MRT Station, Singapore 739044
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily
Contact: | Staytion website

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Cover image adapted from: @staytion_sg, @xxinli, Staytion