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singtel - singtel mobile leasing

Singtel’s SIM-Only Customers Can Now Get The Latest Smartphones Every Year At Major Discounts

Singtel Mobile Leasing

singtel - singtel mobile leasing

Phones these days are improving in terms of features and specs faster than most of us can keep up. If you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for the latest phone in town, a handset can set you back by nearly $2K. Those with a SIM Only plan might also feel the burn from paying full price.

Singtel has come up with a smarter way to get your hands on a new phone – one that’s not gonna break the bank. Enter Singapore’s first ever phone leasing service, which offers the latest flagship phones in the market for Singtel’s SIM Only customers. It also allows you to upgrade to a new one as frequently as once a year, and costs less than purchasing a phone.

Here’s what you can expect.

Enjoy substantial cost savings

These days, fancy schmancy phones can cost a bomb – but not with Mobile Leasing. With a bit of quick math, the savings are pretty clear:

Singtel table of leasing savings

Case in point: Say, you’re planning to get an iPhone X. If you were to get your hands on this baby at retail price, your bank account would be thrown back ~$1,648. But get it from the new Singtel Mobile Leasing for 12 months instead and you’d be spending only $636.

Upgrade your phone after a year with an upgrade fee of $200, and you can choose from the latest Samsung or iPhone flagship models available in the same scheme.

And this still saves you $812 compared to purchasing the phone at R.R.P – that’s almost 50% off. You wouldn’t need to fork out a lump sum either, ‘cuz upfront payment costs a grand total of $0, and the cost is split into affordable fixed monthly fees from $35/month.

And what happens if you fall in love with the phone you’ve been leasing? You’re in luck, ‘cuz it can be purchased at any time.

Making life easy with Singtel

lease phones with singtel

We’ve been leasing necessities like cars, homes, and even clothes. It’s about time phones – a Singaporean must-have – joined the party.

Singtel Mobile Leasing* is certainly a game changer in this world of fast-evolving tech, making premium handsets now much more affordable to the public. Plus, it removes the hassle of having to resell or trade-in your phone or think about what to do with that spare phone of yours that has a low resale value.

Signing up for the plan is easy too – just sign up anytime at any Singtel Retail Shop. All you’ve got to do is pick the phone and the SIM Only plan you need. No credit card, minimum income or deposit is required.

Note: This service is exclusive to Singtel SIM Only customers.

Find out more about Singtel Mobile Leasing here!

This post was brought to you by Singtel.