What’s your type of Singaporean Girl?


Tinder, OKCupid to Paktor. No matter which app you’ll use to get the girl, you’ll finally have to date the girl. And that’s when you really get to know the girl behind the profile photo.  

We’ve narrowed down 13 girls you’ll wind up dating in the Singaporean singles scene – Monthsary Monica, Jiak Kantang Jennifer to Spot-Check Sally – they could even be your GFs already. And yes, we drew alliterative inspiration from SMRT’s definition of “good girls”, Hush-Hush Hannah and Give-Way Glenda. 


1. Spot-check Sally


singaporean_girl_spot check


Liking a picture of a hot chick on Instagram is your definition of living life on the edge, because Sally watches your activities like a hawk. You can expect the paggro “Wah! Got time to like other people photo, no time to reply my whatsapp” the very second you double-tap. 


2. Monthsary Monica




Every milestone is a cause for celebration. No aspect of your relationship is too uneventful for her – from the first time you met each other’s parents to the first time you farted in front of each other. Your life mission will be thinking of surprise ideas to outdo last week’s celebration. 


3. Pamper-me Patricia 




Not only are you her designated chauffeur when she’s “immobilized” after a pedicure, you also have to plan for regular staycations and carry her hand-bag in public. You’re the dude you swore you wouldn’t be, sitting around at Charles and Keith and peeling the prawns of her hokkien mee.


4. Office-Lady Olivia  




Branded handbag from Reebonz, check. Pencil Skirt, check. Intimate knowledge of the office’s juiciest gossip, double check. You don’t have to buy The New Paper when you date her – you’re automatically subscribed to daily updates of the office politics, scandals and the lowdown incompetencies of the HR department. But she’s also decisive, and never answers “anything? ¯_(ツ)_/¯” when asked where to go for dinner. Because that’s just the strong go-getter you fell in love with. 


5. Sephora Junkie Stephanie



You’re really dating a multi-colored zebra. Source: @sephorasg

Your familiarity with eye-liners and mascara will increase exponentially with every date – where you’ll spend most of the date’s duration loitering outside Watsons, Innisfree, and Sephora. But it won’t be long before you’re summoned inside. 

Her hands are fully covered in testers, and she still needs your hands to try more colours. Accordingly, you’ve also discovered the best makeup removers money can buy.   


6. Book-out Beverly 


singaporean_girl_book out

She’s the one waiting at Pasir Ris Interchange for you to book out from camp. Even the peeping-toms won’t faze her, because she’s devoted to you. Never mind that it’s been days since you washed your No.4, she’ll hug you like she’s immune to bad smells. 

Don’t worry about that separation anxiety though, cause we all know that an NSF boyfriend is the best thing ever


7. Bro-chick Beatrice



Brochick – hot girl that also has bro-like qualities, which make her awesome for all things bro-related. Source

She plays LAN, skateboards and doesn’t think twice about watching soccer till 3AM at your favorite sports bar. The best part: she supports the same team as you! While you couldn’t wait to show her off to your bros, it’s now clear they like her more than you. You best keep her closer – in the backseat of your rover – because she’s one with mass appeal.


8. Jiak Kantang Jennifer



The England is powerful with this one. But don’t worry, she’ll graciously pardon your bad grammar, if you put up with her singing “Tong Hua” over and over at your Teo Heng KTV dates. Brownie points to her for trying to make conversation with your Mandarin-speaking parents though. It’s taken awhile, but watching her mangle her intonation is actually rather endearing. 


9. SIA Stewardess Sharon (and crew)




Almost a rite of passage, almost all true-blue Singaporean men have dated (or tried to woo, albeit unsuccessfully) a lady in blue batik. London, Paris, Korea, she’s jet-setting everywhere. But long-haul flights never faze her. Her hair will never be out of place and she’s ready to service you with a smile, every time you see her 😉


10. Xiao Mei Mei Michelle




You’ll know her for her undying love for Hello Kitty and all things kawaii. You’ll even go so far as to queue hours for her at Changi Airport’s Hello Kitty Cafe. Her cute exterior helps you overlook the creative liberties she takes with her FB name (Michelle Fatdieme Lovesyoumuch Cutiepiepie Lim) and her texting vocabulary  – Thank euuz, aiyahh, eeyeer, dardar. 


11. SPG Samantha




“I can’t resist white meat, okay.” And she isn’t talking about the chicken she’s eating with you at Astons, because her western inclinations go beyond just food. She’ll tell you that she doesn’t usually date Asian men and that you’re an exception. Let’s see how long it takes for her to shake off the fake ang moh accent.


12. Household Hackster Hilda




This girl aced home econs in school – cooking, baking, she’s proficient at ironing too. She’s also the girl who goes gaga over household products every time she steps into Daiso and IKEA. A girl of this calibre is one who’ll win over your fussy mother. 


13. Insurance Agent Ida




She was way out of your league in school, but one fine day she asks you out for coffee out of the blue. The date goes well and you think you’ve bagged the girl. That’s until she starts pitching to you viable hospitalization plans for your income bracket and outlining steps you have to take to financial freedom. 


No Shortage of Great Singaporean Girls



We may have a shortage of people on MRTs with proper travel etiquette – not many commuters are giving way like Glenda says they should – but one thing’s for sure, we aren’t short of great girls you’ll date and finally wind up with. 

With 960 males for every 1000 females in Singapore (2016), odds are you’re going to find a keeper in your larger dating pool. We girls on the other hand have to settle for you guys and YOUR idiosyncratic behaviour. So count yourself lucky and don’t complain, we’ve heard enough from upset MRT commuters already!