We regularly update this page with job vacancies from the five companies under TSL Media – TSL, Eatbook, Zula, MS News and LST events. We are looking to fill these full-time positions. We also have internship positions open for the second half of 2019 (Last updated May 2019.)

Full-time positions currently open

  1. 1 x Talent Manager (TSL) *NEW*
  2. 1 x Sociopolitical writer (MS News)
  3. 1 x Senior Account Manager/Director (TSL Media) *URGENT*
  4. 1 x Videographer (Eatbook)

Videographer: This is a position for our sister company Eatbook. You must be able to handle a YouTube video production from start to end, starting from pitching and storyboarding ideas. A minimum of 1-year experience in video producing and editing is preferred.


  1. 1 x Writer (Fluent in English and Malay)
  2. 1 x Videographer


  1. 1 x Writer (Fluent in English and Thai)
  2. 1 x Videographer

Full-time positions always open

We have an open hiring policy for exceptional talent and for these job positions.

  1. 1 x Business Dev / Sales (TSL Media)
  2. 1 x Content Strategist (TSL Media) 

FT positions are only available to applicants with at least 2 years working experience. More information on these full-time positions can be found here. If you’re a fresh graduate and need to pick up working experience first, consider our internship programs below which can fast-track you to a FT position in 6 months. For an inside look at TSL with video interviews of our team, check out our TalentTribe feature. The rest of this article will be about our internship positions.




We are looking to fill these internship positions from May/June 2019 onwards.


  1. Eatbook Writers
  2. TSL Lifestyle Writers
  3. MS News Writer

Video producers:

  1. ZULA YouTube Video producers 
  2. Eatbook YouTube Producers 
  3. TSL YouTube Producers 
  4. TSL Productions video editor (TSL TVC department)

Other positions:

  1. Social Media Intern (Instagram + Digital Marketing)
  2. Creatives (Photography + videography)
  3. Software Engineers (TSL IT Department)

We receive a lot of applications so please read these instructions carefully to increase your chances of getting an interview. Our next internship batch starts in July 2019 and you can start applying now.

  • All interns have to commit to a 6 month long internship, no exception. If you’re still in school and a confused millennial, take a gap semester. It may be the best decision you make.
  • For those looking for industrial attachments, we regularly work with unis and polys and if your course is relevant, you can take up our internship as part of your school’s attachment. We’ve worked officially with NTU Wee Kim Wee, NUS FASS, SMU, SP Mass Comm, NYP, etc 
  • All positions need a portfolio. Journalist interns should share writing samples. Video producers should include links to their videos. Creatives should include links to their photography work. Advertising executives have to score 18/20 on this test to get an interview.

If you have an interest in pursuing a career in the media industry, TSL is where you’ll get to learn first-hand from the leading lifestyle publisher in Singapore. You don’t have to be super experienced, but you must show potential as these are competitive positions. We’ll teach you everything else. If you still can’t imagine what your first job would be after you graduate, this internship may just help you figure that out.

We are a young start-up with a dynamic working environment. You will not be chucked in a corner and left to do menial work. Our interns are mentored by experienced full-timers and you will be given hands-on experience and opportunities. The office culture is super open and collaborative and many interns graduate with lifelong friends as well.

If you’re looking for ‘fun’ content for your Instagram account, this is not the internship for you. We are looking for applicants with a mature attitude towards work, who’ll put in their 100% during their internship. If you get triggered when people give you feedback, do not apply because nobody is going to entertain your ego. We value interns who recognise that in every job, there are also the less fun parts that require self-discipline.




Please familiarise yourself with the content of the company you’re applying for or you won’t do well in the interview. TSL positions are the most competitive, so if you don’t have a strong portfolio, apply to work at a few of our companies to increase your chances of getting an interview. The creative/TVC roles require the most technical skill so we have linked references that indicate the standard we look for.

TSL editorial content examples:

TSL YouTube/TVC team examples:

EB editorial content examples:

EB video content examples:

Zula editorial content creates: 

Zula video content examples:

MS News editorial content examples: 

MS News video content examples:




Lifestyle Writers – One Jan 2019 positions is open.

At TSL, you must have an interest in covering the latest events and happenings in Singapore. You’ll also be writing about new products, conducting interviews, reviewing food etc so you msut be a versatile storyteller. More than half our interns get to travel for work too.

Food Writers – Jan 2019 positions are full.

At Eatbook.sg you really need to love food. You’ll be doing undercover reviews on the newest restaurants/cafes, writing listicles etc.

Female-centric Writers – One Jan 2019 position is open.

At ZULA.sg, you must have an interest in writing about female-centric content such as beauty, fashion, relationships, female-inspiration etc.

News Writers – One Jan 2019 positions is open.

At MS News, you want to help more young Singaporeans be aware of what’s going on. This includes repackaging current affairs to make news more relatable to young readers

Research Interns – Jan 2019 positions are open.

When it comes to learning, you have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and you find yourself scrolling through Wikipedia more than IG stories. You’ll be in charge of providing research to our team for the more difficult technical topics. This could range from anything from “How to buy a car in Singapore” to “Solving the mystery of McDonald’s fried chicken which suddenly disappeared.”




One of our three studios in the office for filming and shoots.

YouTube producer – Jan 2019 positions are open across our companies.

Producing content for our YouTube channel as a videographer/editor. You need basic experience for this position so you need to show us videos you’ve filmed on your own outside of school. Positions are open for Zula (view channel), Eatbook (view channel), MSN (view channel) and TSL (view channel). Have a look at the channels first to decide which you’ll like to apply for.

TVC producer One Jan 2019 position is open.

Helping to assist in the production of TVCs, short-films and other high production commercial work as a videographer/editor. You need to have intermediate experience for this position. Here’s a demo reel of an applicant we accepted recently. Your work has to be around this standard to be accepted.

Creatives – One Jan 2019 position is open.

You must have an eye for aesthetics. Your work will include photography, product styling, fashion shoots, Facebook videos, stop motion, cinemagraphs, design etc. Here’s a portfolio of a recent applicant we accepted. 

Our strategist team ideating in our chill area!




Advertising Executives / Content Strategists – A Jan 2019 position is open.

Ideation, pitching, content strategy, marketing strategy. You have to score 16/20 on this quiz first. 

Events Management / PR – A Jan 2019 position is open.

Handle logistics and set-ups for events, event planning, liaising with partners etc. 

Admin Assistant– A Jan 2019 position is open.

This is most suitable for meticulous individuals who have not had a job before and want to pick up some working experience. It’s also suitable for people who really want to join TSL and will work hard, but don’t have a portfolio for any of the positions above. You’ll be allowed to learn from different departments after you’re done with your daily duties. But fair warning – this position involves a lot of data entry and is more similar to a temporary admin job. 


How to Apply:


Your email will be your first interview so think of a way to make yourself stand out. Send an email to Miss Athene at hr@thesmartlocal.com with the subject being the position you’re applying for. e.g “Food Writer Intern Journalist”

Use a conversational writing style and tell us over 3 paragraphs about yourself, background, why you think you’re suitable, your social media accounts, your period of availability and attach your resume.

It is absolutely essential to include your portfolio.

If you do the above right and show us your personality through your writing, you’ll land yourself an interview. This position is challenging and requires responsibility and hardwork throughout the internship – that’s the best way to grow and acquire skillsets. If you’re thinking of just having fun at a ‘chill’ job, swipe left. I mean, please do not apply.

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. Good luck everyone!

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