Romantic dining experience in the skies

romantic sky dining on Singapore Flyer

So you’ve dated for some time now, and you’re now feeling the pressure to make those nights out more special than before. Depending on what stage of life you are currently in – whether if you’re focussing on your career, or even sending kids off to school – a date with your loved one is probably the last thing on your mind.

Festive Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer

Besides, it’s the end of the year now. Whether you are celebrating the festive season or simply spicing up your date experiences, it’s the season of giving, and any excuse to indulge and toast to the year’s achievements is always welcome.

Enter the Singapore Flyer for the ultimate extravagance.

High time for a festive feast

Festive Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer

This December, pamper yourself and your partner with a special date as you wine, dine and celebrate the year gone by. Usher in the season of joy from 165 metres high, with the exclusive Festive Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer.

Asia’s largest observation wheel will light up in festive colours and serve an exclusive feast – with Festive Sky Dining (from $339++ for 2 persons) from 24th December to 1st January. And if you’re feeling extra baller, you can book the whole cabin with a personal in-flight host for a night you won’t forget.

4-course fine dining meal, Singapore Flyer

Indulge in a 4-course fine dining meal, served by an in-flight host, paired with a glass of fine wine, while overlooking the iconic Marina Bay!

Festive Sky Dining is available from 24th December to 1st January at 7pm and 8.30pm, or you could opt for Festive Sky Dining Lunch on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at 12pm and 1pm.

Festive Sky Dining, Singapore Flyer

Festive Sky Dining, Singapore Flyer

The dinner covers two full rotations, lasting an hour in total. The appetisers and soup will be served first, before the mains and desserts for your second round. And if you think you’ll need more drinks, feel free to order them at the Flyer Lounge located at Level 3 before entering the capsule.

You’ll have a choice between a classic Western menu and a Chinese fusion menu. For a more informed decision, here’s a quick review on both menus.

The Western Menu

Western Menu, Singapore Flyer sky dining

Appetiser: Prawn Cocktail Timbale Salad

Prawn Cocktail Timbale Salad, Singapore Flyer

The plating of this appetiser blew me away, exuding flair in what was effectively a simple combination of cocktail prawn salad atop avocado puree. While the flavours weren’t something I was used to, it was a refreshing start to the meal that got me intrigued.

Soup: Japanese Pumpkin Soup with Crabcake

Japanese Pumpkin Soup with Crabcake, Singapore Flyer

Japanese pumpkin, while sharing the same name as its Western counterpart, has more similarities with butternut squash. With a strong yet sweet flavour, it makes for a thick and buttery liquid when blended into a soup.

Main Course: Angus Ribeye OR Lobster Thermidor

Western sky dining experience, Singapore Flyer

Matching the exclusive sky dining experience, the quality of food served is also top-notch. Be treated with a choice of beef or lobster for your Western mains – you won’t regret either choice.

Rangers Valley Angus Ribeye with Paris Mash

Rangers Valley Angus Ribeye with Paris Mash

Rangers Valley truly beefed up our ride on the giant merry-go-round. As one of the world’s best premium marbled beef producers, their renowned Angus Ribeye with a marbling score of 3 is dished out at medium doneness. Not all grain fed Angus is created equal – this slab’s long fed for at least 270 days to create more marbling, flavour, and melt-in-the-mouth tenderness.

Lobster Thermidor, Singapore Flyer

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor is a posh dish, even for the French. This dish requires extensive preparation – the meat is removed from the claws to be seasoned and chopped before being placed back, then baked with a special sauce and lots of cheese! The result is fresh and juicy meat that peels off easily, so you can stay glam on date night.

The Chinese Menu


Appetiser: Fresh Prawn Salad & Chilled Shredded Duck Meat

Fresh Prawn Salad & Chilled Shredded Duck Meat, Singapore Flyer

Fresh Prawn Salad & Chilled Shredded Duck Meat

Generously covered in mayo, this appetiser is a stark contrast to its counterpart on the Western menu. With chilled shredded duck meat paired alongside jumbo prawns and fresh fruit, your tastebuds will be greeted with a balance between sweet and savoury.

Singapore Flyer dining

Soup: Fish Maw Thick Soup

Fish Maw Thick Soup, Singapore Flyer

Bet you didn’t know that fish maw is graded according to sex, and that male bladders are higher rated than female ones! The soup was filled with lavish amounts of fish maw, seaweed, and assorted mushrooms.

Main Course: Baked Green Wrasse Fillet OR Stewed Oxtail

Baked Green Wrasse Fillet in Cheese Sauce, Singapore Flyer

Baked Green Wrasse Fillet in Cheese Sauce

Wrasse is a type of fish you probably haven’t tried before – but no fear, as it’s a white, lean, and soft fish that goes easy on the stomach. While the dish is cheese-baked in western fashion, dig in and you’ll uncover the familiar e-fu noodles, served at every traditional Chinese wedding dinner reception. To our surprise, this fusion concoction went well together!

Main Course, Singapore Flyer

Stewed Oxtail, Singapore Flyer

Stewed Oxtail

By far our favourite of the night, the stewed oxtail in traditional style hit all the right spots. Simple ingredients, but innovatively paired. The meat was tender and flavourful, lying amongst a bed of comforting stew, mixed vegetables, and a unique choice of pan-fried rice rolls – aka chee cheong fun.

Dessert: Strawberry Delights

Strawberry Mouse Cake, Singapore Flyer dining

Hope you like strawberries, for you’ll only have one choice for desserts, whether you pick the Western or Chinese menu. A handcrafted sponge cake layered with strawberry mousse, this artfully plated dish is light enough to gollop down even for those with full stomachs. It’s also just the right amount of sweetness, so you don’t step out burdened with guilt.

Feast with a view on Singapore Flyer

Feast with a view on Singapore Flyer

Few things can beat stellar food in a capsule 165 metres above ground. It’s a new experience that will go down in my list of top 10 dates that you’ll remember for a lifetime, especially for those who like to feel pampered once in awhile.

Singapore Flyer Festive Premium Sky Dining

Of course, feasting with a view on the Singapore Flyer isn’t only for couples. While the Festive Premium Sky Dining is priced from $339++ for two, you can also book up a private capsule and make it a party for 10. Available from 24th December 2016 till 1 January 2017, at 7pm and 8.30pm daily and exclusively on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at 12pm and 1pm, be sure to chope a table early!

Besides Premium Sky Dining, you can also countdown to the 2017 with a champagne toast in the skies. View the festivities from 165 metres high, as you count down to the New Year with the finest champagne. New Year’s Eve Premium Champagne Flight is available on 31 Dec 2016 at 11.30pm and is priced at $99 nett per person.

Find out more about Singapore Flyer’s festive promos!

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