Living the lyf


lyf ping pong tennis table convertible door

As millennials, we work hard and play hard. Unfortunately, not all environments are conducive to that, and we often find ourselves being stifled. Just take a look at the increasingly popular open concept office – being confined in a cubicle is now, to put it bluntly, unattractive to us. And god forbid that we’d have to live in such restriction as well.

For those who are dying to live amongst like-minded individuals, The Ascott Limited brings lyf, a co-living concept that promotes interaction between guests.

With the pleasure of attending lyf’s launch event, we were treated to a special sneak peek of what the upcoming co-living space will bring.


A social lyf made easy


Outdoor chill area lyf
The outdoor chill area

Be prepared to feel like a kid in Disneyland for the first time as you step in – designed by millennials and managed by millennials, lyf will not fail to surprise with its quirkiness.

Wash and Hang laundromat entrance area lyf

You would probably expect the typical hotel lobby reception area upon entering. But at lyf, the first thing you’ll encounter is a unique entrance – in this case, the “Wash and Hang” laundromat cum gathering area – where fellow residents could be playing foosball while waiting for their clothes to spin.

lyf cafe

This is a prelude to the many social opportunities you’ll find. Next is the cafe, the first meeting point between you and a friendly lyf guard. More than just staff, lyf guards will be your guides and friends, helping you integrate into the resident community. Get the low-down from them if you’re looking for cool places to eat or hang!


Another key social space is “Bond”, a shared kitchen. Instead of cooking units against a wall, the social kitchen features kitchenettes in a centralised cluster, allowing better interaction while budding Masterchefs whip up a storm. Who says too many cooks spoil the broth?



Quirky and innovative design


lyf ping pong tennis table convertible doorlyf bathroom with rain shower

To break the monotony of the day-to-day grind, lyf adds spice to its interior with ingenious design elements – for example, living room doors that can be flipped over and converted into ping pong tables. Adding a touch of cuteness is an exercise corner with a hamster wheel-shaped treadmill!

lyf jamming studio room
Imagine having a jamming studio in your house!

Modelled after popular hobby spaces, the various thematic rooms are also great for chillin’ at. The bird’s-eye-view model above is built like a jamming studio, complete with a cork wall for sound absorption.

lyf social kitchen quirky decor
“You and Me, like Chicken Rice and Chilli”

With plans to launch 10,000 units globally by 2020, lyf is also looking at locations other than Singapore such as  Australia, Japan, Germany, and more. Expect a dash of local flavour distinct to each country incorporated into the deco – such as this cheeky Chicken Rice reference in the kitchens of Singapore’s units.


Work smart, live smart


lyf bedroom

Whether you’re part of a group or a lone traveller, a selection of rooms are available to fit your needs. Project teams can book “All Together” business suites, equipped with projector screens for video conferences and digital whiteboards to draw diagrams on. There’s also the option of “Two of a Kind” twin rooms consisting of two private rooms and a shared kitchen.

lyf interactive wall design
Interactive wall design with an inspiring quote on removable plates

lyf kitchen interactive design

Made for versatility, a lot of the furniture at lyf is customisable – for example, large dining tables can be easily pulled apart to become individual work desks.

Compact and space-saving rooms at lyf

While living spaces at lyf are compact, they are also created with comfort in mind. Each unit comes with a sizable bathroom, and space-saving storage systems to declutter your life with. Instead of wardrobes, rooms are fitted with metal racks for you to hang your clothing or other bits and bobs – such as a lamp, or perhaps even a hammock for a laid-back touch!

Compact and space-saving rooms at lyf
Under-the-bed storage to hide your junk.


lyf’s launch event – alive with activity


Singaporean band 53A at lyf's launch event

Other than the studio model tour, we were well-entertained at lyf’s launch event with good food and fun hands-on activities. Some highlights included a notebook customisation station, getting to do silkscreen printing on pouches, and a helluva wild show from local band 53A which got everyone on their feet.

lyf launch eventSilkscreen printing assisted by Litile Collective at lyf launch eventSilkscreen printing assisted by Litile Collective.

lyf launch event
The freshly-barbequed nosh we filled our tummies with.

Notebook customisation station by Bynd Artisan at lyf launch event
Notebook customisation station by Bynd Artisan.

If anything, this vivacious launch party and its arts-related highlights offered us a large glimpse of what lyf stands for: imagination, creativity, and a sense of community!


A fun co-living community with Lyf


lyf launch event

Whether you’re an exchange student, solo traveller, or part of a group sent abroad for a business trip, lyf provides serviced residence with a unique vibrancy. With ample opportunities for you to interact with fellow dwellers, you’ll get to exchange ideas and experiences with others from different backgrounds, and draw inspiration from each other.

Lyf launch event

Keep your eyes peeled for the first lyf units to be available for lodging! More than just accommodation, lyf is like a live-in hub for like-minded young people to congregate for work and play – we’d totally move in there in an instant!

Find out more about Lyf here!

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