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simplygo ezlink card - cover

Guide To The New SimplyGo System – How To Upgrade Your EZ-Link Card & Who Needs To Do It

Guide to SimplyGo EZ-Link cards

Just this morning, you and I hopped onto public transport and tapped our EZ-Link card as mindlessly as we were breathing. Not to be dramatic, but there’s going to be some change. In case you haven’t heard, the old EZ-Link card we’re familiar with will soon be replaced with a new SimplyGo EZ-Link system.

Here’s all you need to know, from whether concession cards will be affected, to the pros and cons of each system.

Update: With the latest news from LTA on 22nd January 2024, non-SimplyGo EZ-Link & NETS FlashPay cards can now be used until further notice. Previously, they were to be phased out by 1st June 2024.

Who needs to upgrade their EZ-Link card?

simplygo ezlink card - back
Image credit: Kezia Tan

Flip your EZ-Link card around and check if it has a “SimplyGo” logo on the back of it. If it’s there, it means that your card has been upgraded. If it’s not there, you’re going to have to upgrade or replace your card.

You can also check your card’s status by placing it on a ticketing machine at an MRT station if the prints have worn off. There’ll be a SimplyGo logo next to your card balance on screen if it has been upgraded. 

For those of us using contactless bank cards, no upgrade is required – you can keep using the same card as is. The same goes for those who are using the following:

  • NETS Prepaid card
  • Concession card
  • SimplyGo EZ-Link card or charm

FYI: NETS Flashpay cards will be phased out for public transport use as well, with end date to be confirmed. 

Where can I upgrade my card?

simplygo ezlink card - MRT
Image credit: Espomi Galtski via Wikipedia

It’s as easy as swinging by a self-service ticketing machine at any MRT station. Place your EZ-Link card on the reader and hit “proceed”. This is free. Once you go through with it, do note that the process cannot be reversed!

Alternatively, you can also purchase a SimplyGo card at a ticket office. This could be the better option if you still use your EZ-Link for motor-related payments like ERP.

What happens to the balance in my old card?

When you choose to upgrade your existing EZ-Link card, your card will undergo a 1-minute-long upgrading process. And no, you won’t be swapping out your old card for a brand new one. After the upgrade, you can continue using the same card, with the same balance. 

Here’s a tutorial on how it works:

Does this mean I need to download the app now?

simplygo ezlink card - app
Image credit: Kezia Tan

In short, yes – if you’d like to see your transaction records. The app will also show you your card balance – a useful feature considering you’ll no longer be able to see your card balance at the fare gates when you tap in.

Are student & senior concession cards affected? 

For the lucky folks among us who qualify for concession cards such as – student concession cards and senior citizen concession cards – good news, you won’t be affected. Keep using your existing cards and all’s g

Those using adult monthly travel cards won’t be affected as well. 

Can my old EZ-Link card still be used for anything after 1st June?

simplygo ezlink card - front

After 1st June 2024, the old EZ-Link cards can no longer be used for public transport or retail payments. Still, don’t toss it out just yet – it won’t be completely redundant. You can still use it to pay for parking charges and ERP.

Do my EZ-Link charms need to be upgraded? 

simplygo ezlink card - charm
Image credit: LTA

Similarly to EZ-Link cards, charms and wearable EZ-Links can be upgraded. Un-upgraded versions can only be used until 31st May 2024, so don’t forget to do so as early as possible!

Overall, what’s the difference between EZ-Link & SimplyGo EZ-Link?

simplygo ezlink card - not
Old EZ-Link card.
Image credit: Carousell

SimplyGo can:

  • Be topped up via the SimplyGo application.
  • Have more digital forward services, like quicker blocking of lost cards via the app. 

Unlike the old EZ-Link cards, SimplyGo cards cannot:

  • Be used to pay for ERP and car park charges.
  • Show your card balance and fare charges at fare gates and bus fare readers.

Adopting the new SimplyGo card

Whether you’re team #SimplyYes or #SimplyNo, the old system is reaching the end of its operational lifespan according to LTA and it seems like the era of SimplyGo is here to stay.

Our take? Upgrade sooner rather than later to avoid getting unwittingly stuck at the fare gates. And don’t forget to help your grandmas and grandpas make the transition soon. 

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Cover image adapted from: Kezia Tan, LTA