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Meeting A Mentalist!


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You’ve probably met a magician – those that can do typical coin tricks – or probably had your fortune told before. But have you ever met someone who could guess the name of your first love on his first try? It’s so unbelievable, you’ll start to question your life!

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In this episode of Singaporeans try, we invited a real life mentalist – Tom Devoe, to play a few tricks on the The Smart Local crew. And it’s safe to say that we were so amazed, our jaws almost touched the floor. Literally.

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A mentalist is someone who appears to have supernatural powers in divining the truth about an individual as well as many facts about that person’s life – not to be mistaken for magic! Tom Devoe uses techniques of psychology, suggestion, and observation to control people’s thoughts and do crazy things to people’s minds!

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From spoon bending, to mind reading, to flipping an object with his eyes – I wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeves.

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Wonder how accuracte his mind reading was? Click the video down below to watch the latest episode of Singaporeans Try and join us in the mind blowing experience!

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