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This Is Home Truly… Or Is It Surely?

 We’re a few days away from this year’s momentous National Day and the excitement is building. After all, this year’s fireworks have been touted to be the best ever (even though they say that every single year). So much so that many have already started discussing about the best spots to catch the fireworks if they weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to the parade. But fireworks aside, there is one thing that never changes every year – when we sing along to all the cheesy National Day songs, willingly or not.

So, for the last episode of our SG50-themed “Singaporeans Try,” Keiji tested us on how well we know the lyrics to the songs we sing yearly on National Day in a special version of “Don’t Forget The Lyrics.” Think about it – if we hear the songs every year, we should know the lyrics right? WRONG! Most of us found the melodies familiar but when it came to the lyrics, we struggled.

Watch the video below and see if you can do any better than all of us!

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