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If there’s anything we observed from the past year, it’s that Singaporeans aren’t inclined to give up on exercise so easily. And perhaps you have been thinking of taking your fitness to the next step by signing up with a gym but are unsure of what the many clubs offer. Enter the PURE Passport, a 30-day guest pass to try out PURE’s fitness and yoga facilities.

Think of it as an extended trial period where you don’t have to sign on as a full-fledged member. You’ll also get all the perks of a regular gym goer and more, including virtual lessons, food vouchers, and even a complimentary PT trial and assessment. Keep reading to find out more.

Get access to all outlets for 30 days

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While some gyms only allow you to visit your “home club,” the PURE Passport gets you access to all eight PURE Fitness gyms and PURE Yoga studios, conveniently located in the heart of the CBD. You can check out both the cavernous Suntec City outlet as well as the iconic and high-tech Ngee Ann City arena at your own leisure.

The PURE Passport includes 10 visits across 30 days, so you don’t have to worry about cramming two gym sessions in a day and overworking your muscles just to get your ROI. At $149 for the pass, it’s a lot more worth it than paying their $50 drop-in fee. In the long run you’ll be saving more than $350 in the short month you’re working out or doing the downward dog pose.

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What’s more, you don’t have to worry about bringing the right outfit as all PURE Fitness gyms provide complimentary shirts, shorts, and socks for you to use. Now there’s no need to use, “Oops I forgot to bring my gym clothes to work,” as an excuse!

Have a free trial with a personal trainer

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If you’re the type that needs an extra push of encouragement, the PURE Passport also includes a ProPT trial and assessment. This lets you see if having a personal trainer is something up your alley.

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The trial and assessment will start you off with mapping out your fitness goals. Then, you’ll get your body composition measured and analysed – this will show you stats, from your fat and muscle mass to how much water you’re storing in your body.

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Having the proper form while lifting heavy weights is super important

Once you’ve got all your stats logged with your PT, the two of you will then head on to the gym floor and they’ll guide you on how to properly perform exercises with the correct form. This isn’t something any YouTube video will be able to teach, so it’s best to pay attention!

Gain access to over 220 virtual yoga & fitness classes for a week

Introducing PURECAST
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Introducing PURECAST

To add on to the physical training sessions, you can also join in the action from the comfort of your home with seven days access to PURECAST.

You can stream over 220 fitness and yoga classes live from the studios in Singapore and Hong Kong to your smartphone or laptop. Each of these classes can range anywhere from 45 – 60 minutes.

If you liked a particular Vinyasa yoga or a HIIT class, there is also a five-day replay feature so you can go back and sweat it out all over again. It’s also handy if you registered for the class but missed out on it, no thanks to last-minute meetings or emergencies.

Redeem $20 worth of vouchers for healthy snacks & sandwiches

nood food smoothies

Any personal trainer will tell you that your fitness journey is not only about pumping iron and doing cardio everyday. Your diet and nutrition is equally important. To make sure you’re eating and drinking right, the PURE Passport also has a $20 nood food voucher.

You don’t have to travel far to use these vouchers as well. All eight locations from Ngee Ann City to Ocean Financial Centre have nood food outlets for you to fuel up on healthy snacks like gluten-free muesli cereals or grab a cleansing superfood smoothie to go.

Get started on your fitness journey with the PURE Passport 2021

pure passport 2021

The best time to kickstart your fitness journey was yesterday. But it’s never too late to start, and from now till 31st October 2021, you can take advantage of all that the PURE Passport has to offer from the 10 drop-in visits and a trial session with a personal trainer. It’s the perfect trial package for those who are on the fence about committing to one gym.

When you decide to take things to the next step and commit as a member, your joining fee will also be waived. 

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That’s not to say regulars at PURE are left out of this sweet deal. Existing members who sign up for the PURE Passport will also gain access to all locations for up to four consecutive weekends*, and they can also jio their friends for two consecutive open weekends.

If they’re convinced to stay on for the long term, you’ll also get 500 PURE points that can be used to redeem bonus months, PT sessions, private yoga classes and more.

*Weekends are from Thursday to Sunday.

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In case you’re wondering, they also have options for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Vaccinated members can book the mask-off gym floor spots and classes, while members who have yet to be fully vaccinated will have separate time slots where their masks have to remain on at all times.

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Photography by Pepita Wauran.

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