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A dollar saved is a dollar earned – this saying couldn’t be any truer especially for us youngsters, who can now only rely on our own paychecks for daily expenses and big purchases alike. While we can no longer tap on our “parents ATM” for pocket money, it doesn’t mean we need to subscribe to the caifan life and rob ourselves of occasional treats just to save a nifty penny.

In fact, many of us these days are no stranger to the world of cashbacks, discount codes and other online promotions that help increase our savings. Here to add to your list are these POSB Everyday Card promos, which can unlock many online shopping discounts as well as up to 10% cash rebates.

1. Shop for electronics at Shopee with up to $25 off & 5% rebates

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Techie or not, quality mechanical keyboards and wireless earbuds are devices we all want to own, be it for everyday use or to treat ourselves. For those looking to snag a good deal, Tuesdays will be your lucky days from now till 30th June 2022, where you can enjoy up to $25 off with a minimum spend of $250 on electronic products on Shopee.


It’s applicable for purchases made any day of the week, so you’ll still get $10 off your total bill if it hits a minimum spend of $120.

Plus, you can also look forward to 5% cash rebates on purchases made any day, and for all purchases on Shopee, electronics or otherwise.

*Limited redemptions are on a first come first served basis, and cannot be used for other product categories on Shopee.

2. Earn 5% cash rebates when shopping for furniture at Taobao

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Many of us are saving up for millennial financial milestones, from buying our first car to planning the dream wedding. Needless to say, moving out is a goal for many of us, and there’s no doubt that it can detonate a big bomb in our bank accounts if we are not careful with our spending. 

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When it comes to big ticket purchases, even seemingly small rebate percentages can add up to big savings over time. From now till 16th July 2022, do your furniture shopping on Taobao, where you can earn up to 5% cash rebates, as well as $5 off with a minimum spend of $100 exclusively on Saturdays

*Limited to the first 500 redemptions every Saturday, first come first served.

3. Stock up on vanity items at Watsons with 3% cash rebates

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Toiletries, makeup and skincare products count as essential to us, and an affordable store we like to hit up is none other than Watsons.

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Some popular Watsons items for beauty, skincare and hygiene.

From now till 29th June 2022, stock up on your beauty kit and other household items on Wednesdays, where you can instantly get $8 off with a minimum spend of $120 by shopping on Watsons online. This is on top of the regular 3% cash rebates for Watsons online purchases.

4. Get groceries at Sheng Siong with 5% cash rebates

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Especially for those of us who have been thinking of moving out, we have been forced to wear our aprons and cook our own meals in order to save on daily expenses. 

Budding Masterchef or not, you can save even more by having your grocery shopping done at Sheng Siong Online, where you can enjoy up to 5% cash rebates and $5 off with a minimum spend of $180 from now till 30th June 2022

Busy folk can now use little pockets of time to settle grocery runs conveniently from home, as everything will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

sheng siong online

Even if you’re feeling lazy to cook for yourself, don’t worry as these promotions are applicable storewide. This means you can take your pick of ready-made eats as well as frozen food that you can simply pop into the air fryer – making for a satisfying meal on cheat days.

Save on online shopping with these POSB Everyday Card promos

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Budgeting is not just about working hard, but working smart. Besides being strict on your budget to cut down on spending, these POSB Everyday Card promos also come in handy in helping us save on daily necessities, as well as big purchases in the long run. 

POSB Everyday Card Promos

Other than these 4 promos, the POSB Everyday Card can also help us cut down on utility bills, by giving us up to 3% cash rebates on utility and telco bills. 

We can also use it to kope family outing activities at a discounted rate, such as 20% off the Sentosa Fun Pass. As the cherry on top, you could also earn up to 0.4% p.a. or more with your DBS Multiplier Account, and up to 10% rebates on other dining and online shopping options. 

We’re always on the lookout for good deals to help save money, and the POSB Everyday Card helps us rake in rewards in shopping, dining, and even utilities. Be it everyday purchases or big ticket expenses, make sure to have it on standby so you can earn rebates and be eligible for discounts and promos.

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