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10 Thrift Stores In Osaka For Cheap Pre-Loved Clothes, Shoes, And Knick-Knacks

Thrift stores in Japan

Image adapted from: @next51_mikunigaok, @waiinviv1127

People associate Japan with cherry blossoms, sushi and heated toilets. And while all those things make the land of the rising sun a wonderful place to visit, Japan also has some awesome thrift stores where you can get just about anything – from clothes to shoes and vintage manga – for a dirt cheap price.

And if you’re going to swing by Osaka, make sure you pop by some of these stores after exhausting Osaka Castle and Dontonburi to see what special treasures you can pick up:

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1. Jam Horie – both brand new and second-hand clothes

Image credit: @omom_83 

It’s hard to go past Jam Horie and miss it, as it’s housed in a two-storey building with a red lit-up sign welcoming you in.

Image credit: @jam_horie_furugiya 

In terms of clothing style, there’s hints of Western influence – the large American flag hanging inside is telling of where a lot of the clothes are from, with items like Adidas tops, Vans high-top sneakers and Rolling Stones t-shirts. There are even vintage items for those willing to spend a little more.

Floral couple shirts
Image credit: @jam_horie_furugiya

The store also has a satellite Google maps feature which allows you to browse the inside of the store from the comfort of your home to see what it’s like before you head down.

Address: 2-chōme-4-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0015, Japan
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12PM-8PM

2. PalStock at Orange Street – 2-storey store with affordable men’s and women’s clothes

Image credit: @mihotair 

With stores like Champion and Supreme lining Orange Street, some may think that you’d only head down if you’re willing to blow quite a sum of money on streetwear. But tucked away just a few stores down from Champion is the hidden gem Palstock. The plain storefront may not seem all that exciting but pop inside to check out their affordable everyday staples.

Image credit: @palstock11929

The two-storey thrift store has men’s and women’s clothing separated on different levels. The wide range of clothing is arranged neatly by type, so you’ll be able to browse through all the dresses or jeans at once without much hassle. Styles here range from traditional Japanese floral patterns to stylish tops you might just find in a Forever 21.

Image credit: Google Maps 

Though a majority of the clothes here are second-hand, everything smells like it just came out fresh from the laundry and isn’t ratty at all. The cherry on top is that you can get pieces like denim jackets or jeans for prices under JPY1000 (~S$12.59)!

Address: 〒550-0015, 1 Chome-19-29 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka, 550-0015, Japan
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12PM-8.30PM

3. BOOKOFF – tax-free shop with clothes, game consoles, and manga

Image credit: @bookoff_official 

You would have probably seen BOOKOFF somewhere when walking along the streets of Japan, with the brand having branches just about everywhere. If the bright blue and orange building doesn’t pique your interest, the store itself will probably carry something that does.

Image credit: @bookoff_official 

The main section of the store will have a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories such as bags. You might just be able to find some designer labels such as Polo Ralph Lauren here if you look hard enough. Aside from wearables, you can also find game consoles, books, CDs and random little knick-knacks.

Stock up on some manga books while you’re here too
Image credit: @bookoff.hagurazaki 

The best part? The store is entirely tax-free, so what you see on the price tag is what you get.

Address: 3 Chome-6-21 Minamisenba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0081, Japan
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM

4. Sheep Amemura – 90s hip hop store with rare sneaker finds

Image credit: @sheep.amemura  

90s kids might recognise some of the finds in Sheep Amemura, a hip hop store that stocks both vintage goods and trendy shoes. It’s not just any Hypebeast store, either, but one that has some rare finds like Onizuka Tiger x Tokidoki collab shoes.

Image adapted from: SneakerTalk 

The seemingly unassuming store is located in the streets of Amerikamura but once you head inside, the many rows of caps, sneakers and clothes will wow you.

Image credit: @sheep.amemura 

Address: Opposite G.R Cafe Terrace, Japan, 〒542-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nishishinsaibashi, 2 Chome−13−13 ショウザンビル

5. Rain Used Clothing – seasonal items from all over the world

Shoes from Italy that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else
Image credit: @rainusedclothing  

Keep up with the latest trends at Rain Used Clothing which stocks up on seasonal outfits to make sure you never go out of style.

Image credit: @rainusedclothing 

The store offers both second-hand vintage items and brand new ones to suit everyone’s preferences. Those on a strict budget will also be relieved to know that there are massive price slashes for used clothing, especially if they have small stains or defects. Just take those defects as an added “accessory” to the whole grunge look.

Image credit: @rainusedclothing 

Address: Kyoei Building 3F, 1-12-3 Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 1PM-8PM | Sat-Sun 12PM-8PM

6. Standard Bookstore x WEGO – 3-in-1 vintage clothing store, bookstore and cafe

Image credit: @rriil

Hit up Standard Bookstore x WEGO to a clothing store, bookstore and cafe all rolled into one.

Image credit: @jingo0114

Enter via the ground floor and check out the vintage clothing from WEGO’s collaboration with the store, where there are both second-hand and new items. Once you’re done browsing, explore the basement where the cafe and bookstore are located. Grab a quick drink or settle down for light bites like omelettes, hotdogs, or dessert.

Image credit: @o7happy._.k

The bookstore has both Japanese and non-Japanese reads, as well as plenty of quirky knick-knacks such as clocks, accessories, and socks.

Address: Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nishishinsaibashi, 2
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-10.30PM

7. Kinji Used Clothing – well-loved by locals

Image credit: @kinjifactory

Most locals flock to Kinji Used Clothing when it comes to thrift stores – so don’t be too alarmed by its slight messiness, because it’s got some of the best deals. Part of the fun of thrifting is sorting through the hay to find that one special needle, so all you need is a little patience.

Image credit: @kinji_harajuku

The store is also located conveniently in Amerikamura where streets are lined with unique vintage and lolita apparel stores.

Image credit: @kinjifactory   

Address:  Japan, 〒542-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nishishinsaibashi, 1 Chome−6−14 ビッグステップ2F
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-8PM

8. Rinkan Shinsaibashi – high-end Hypebeast goods

Image credit: @waiinviv1127

Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Adidas… yes, that’s right, Rinkan Shinsaibashi offers you all the high-end Hypebeast goods to deck yourself out in from Yeezy sneakers to Supreme hoodies.

Image credit: @n_tak_555

You can find many different clothes and shoes from brand collaborations here too, which might be harder to find in generic shops. The store’s popular online shipping service is just proof of the high-demand of their exclusive deals.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Beruga at JPY65,000 (~S$816.86)
Image credit: @rinkan_shinsaibashi 

Address: Japan, 〒550-0015 Osaka, Nishi-ku, Minamihorie, 1-chōme−9−1 現代オレンジビル2号
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12PM-8PM

9. Magnets Osaka Amerikamura Branch – vintage men’s clothing and antiques from USA

Image credit: @magnets_osaka 

Magnets Osaka has no shortage of men’s clothing with a good selection of button-down shirts, hoodies, caps and shoes. The store also has a storage site in the US, so a lot of the clothes follow more Westernised styles, from Hawaiian-print shirts to casual Chuck Taylors.

Image credit: @magnets_osaka 

You’ll also be able to find one-of-a-kind second-hand clothes, furniture and antiques from America here.

Image credit: 

Address: Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi 103, 2-12-22 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12.30PM-8.30PM

10. Next51 – vintage luxury brand clothing

Image credit: @next51_mikunigaok 

When you think of thrift stores, the idea of buying luxury goods may not be the first thing that comes to mind – but that’s exactly what Next51 specialises in. Offering you the best deals on second-hand branded items – at half price or lower – this store has pre-loved Rolex watches, LV bags and Chanel accessories, just to name a few.

Image credit: @next51_mikuniqaoka 

Even if you’re not one to indulge in luxury goods, the cosy store offers other more-casual clothes and accessories too that you’ll have fun browsing through.

Image credit: @next51_mikunigaok 

Address: 4-4-4 ,Koryonakamachi ,Sakai-ku ,Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0024, Japan
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM

Vintage thrift stores in Osaka

The perks of thrifting are plenty – such as finding that rare hidden gem that’s already out-of-production, and the fact that it’s a lot more environmentally-friendly than going for fast fashion. If you’ve ever thought that shopping in Japan can be expensive, thrift shopping will show you otherwise.

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