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mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - cover

McDonald’s Has New Pretend-Play Happy Meal Toys To Run Your Own Mini Macs At Home

McDonald’s Pretend-Play Happy Meal Toys

I’d love to work for free✨ – said no one, really. Unless you’re a kiddo standing before a play pretend set. Jest aside, we’ve all loved imaginary play as kids. And now, McDonald’s has a new Happy Meal set with miniature cash registers and sauce dispensers you can fiddle with at home.

8 pieces of miniature McDonald’s equipment 

Little chefs and adults with a soft spot for the golden arches can both look forward to an adorable set of McDonald’s pretend-play sets from 30th November 2023 onwards. 

mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - drinks dispenser
Image credit: McDonald’s 

Each toy will be available with the purchase of a Happy Meal set, with 8 pieces you can collect in total:

  1. Cash Register
  2. Crew Cap & Badge Set
  3. Patty Grill Machine
  4. Drive Thru Order Microphone
  5. Sauce Dispenser Burger Set
  6. Prepare Corn
  7. Cheese Burger Happy Meal
  8. Drinks Machine

mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - thailand set
Image credit: @mcdonaldsthailand via Instagram 

McDonald’s Singapore has shared cryptic cropped images of the products on their social media. However, if you can’t wait any longer for the full reveal, online sleuths have realised that McDonald’s Thailand launched the same set a few weeks ago, and here’s what they look like.

mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - speaker
Image credit: @mcdonaldsthailand via Instagram 

If drive-thru lanes have gotten you through some lazy days, try getting your hands on this vibrant order microphone to commemorate those dine-in-car adventures.

mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - cap
Image credit: @mcdonaldsthailand via Instagram 

One of the collectables is a tiny version of a staff cap – it won’t fit on your head but it may fit on your Barbie Doll

mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - patty
Image credit: @mcdonaldsthailand via Instagram 

Can we take a moment to appreciate this cutesy patty machine? A must have if Big Macs are your go to order. 

Order a Happy Meal to redeem a pretend play set at McDonald’s 

mcdonalds happy meal pretend play - drinks
Image credit: @mcdonaldsthailand via Instagram 

As much as we take pride in our local fare, us Singaporeans would gladly swing by the cashiers of Mr Ronald, for any meal of the day. Commemorate that with this new set of Happy Meal toys – you can proudly place them on that display case, right next to those Hello Kitty plushies and Pokémon Match Battle cards.

Get these McDonald’s Happy Meal toys


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Cover image adapted from: @mcdonaldsthailand via Instagram