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marvel virtual run

You Can Now Go On A Marvel Virtual Run, Time To Smash Your Records Like Hulk

Marvel Virtual Run Singapore

Much to the delight of superhero buffs, 2021’s finally the year where the Marvel schedule returns to normalcy. Alongside the slew of Disney+ series and new movies slated for release, the Marvel Virtual Run is here for you to channel your inner Captain America and sweat it out to earn some exclusive merch.

Run distances from 5KM individually or in groups anywhere you like

woman running at a nature trailOne perk of entering a virtual race is the fact that you run just about anywhere you like, whether you’re on a treadmill or simply jogging round your local park.

Your duty as an honorary Avenger is simple – from now till 30th April 2021, you’ve just got to pick and run the distance of the race category you’re entering. 

Greenhorns can opt for the individual 5KM ($25) category for a more laid-back experience, but what’s a Marvel experience without a challenge? The individual 25KM ($35) run might seem daunting, but don’t worry as you have the luxury of accumulating the distance over multiple days. It did take our favourite heroes a few tries to take down Thanos, after all.

For team-based challenges, divide and conquer with a buddy or two in the two-person 25KM challenge ($55) or the three-person 25KM challenge ($85). Those with superhero-crazed kiddos aged six to 17 can go for the parent-and-child 15KM ($50) category instead.

To clock in your running distance, download the MOVE application (MOVE by LIV3LY on iOS | Android) or simply sync it to your fave running tracker. Check out the Disney Singapore website for more details regarding the tracker setup and registration.

Marvel mulitway running pouchImage credit: Marvel

To fasten your phone securely while escaping from imaginary Outriders, you can purchase one of these limited edition multiway running pouches ($29.90) from the LIV3LY marketplace.

There’s even exclusive promo codes and perks to use to snag you some discounts, so keep tabs on the Disney Singapore website to see if you’re eligible.

Get an Avengers bag, t-shirt and trophy delivered to your doorstep

race entitilements including a drawstring bag, t-shirt and trophyThe Marvel-themed race entitlements you stand to receive
Image credit: Disney Singapore

Of course, you’ll get your sweat and money’s worth in the form of race entitlements delivered straight to your doorstep. Those who opted for the individual 5KM run will get an exclusive t-shirt and drawstring bag emblazoned with a bold lightning pattern and five iconic hero insignias.

If you chose any other run category, you’ll be bestowed with an exclusive trophy alongside the bag and the t-shirt. The nifty prize comes fitted with a rotating Avengers logo, making it a perfect desk ornament to remind you of your feat.

Run to win merch in Singapore’s first Marvel Virtual Run

marvel virtual runImage credit: Disney Singapore

There’s no better time to be a Marvel fan than now, as you’ll be able to kickstart the year of superhero action by taking part in the Marvel Virtual Run anytime now till 30th April 2021.

The Marvel fun doesn’t end there, as there’ll be Instagram fan photo contests rolled out over the entirety of the event. With prizes including LEGO sets and Hot Toys figurines up for grabs, here’s the lowdown on the contest schedule:

  • Black Panther Speed Contest (1st – 14th Feb 2021) – snap a creative pic showcasing your sheer speed to win a Hot Toys Cosbaby figurine.
  • Captain America Squad Contest (15th – 28th Feb 2021) – share a photo of you and your friends partaking in the Marvel Virtual Run to take home a LEGO Marvel Avengers Wrath of Loki set.
  • Hulk Smash Contest (1st – 15th Mar 2021) – show off your best impression of the Hulk to claim a Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game code.
  • Captain Marvel Make Your Mark Contest (16th Mar 2021 – 15th Apr 2021) – utilise your GPS tracker to show a Marvel-inspired trail to snag a XM Studios superhero figurine.

Visit the Fan Photo Contest page on the Marvel Virtual Run website for the full list of deets.

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Cover image adapted from: Marvel