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margaret market

Queenstown Has A New Indoor Market With 2 Floors Of Eateries, Shops & A 24H Gym

Margaret Market – Indoor market in Queenstown

A fresh fruit stand, Aussie-inspired brunches, and high ceilings with fairy lights; we know what you’re thinking: “must be overseas”. Nope. The Margaret Market may look like the markets in Melbourne or London, but this place is 100% Singaporean.

Featuring eateries, a clinic, and even a 24-hour gym, here’s what you’ll find at this 2-storey indoor market in Queenstown:

Feast on brunch dishes, Western food & desserts on Level 1

margaret market variety of food

Step into Margaret Market and you’ll immediately be greeted by wafts of delicious smells on the 1st floor. That’s all thanks to the eateries here that serve a variety of local, international, and fusion delights.

urban folks
Jaffles from Urban Folks.

If you’re here early in the morning, give Urban Folks a visit for coffee (from $4) and breakfast. We recommend getting their Jaffles (from $7), which is the Aussie term for a sealed and toasted sandwich. Theirs have an Asian take on them and include fillings like Japanese beef curry, kimchi, and Asian chilli eggs.

margaret market spaghetti bowens cafe
Spaghetti with clams from Bowen’s Cafe.

You’ll be spoilt for choice come lunchtime when more stalls are open. For a taste of nostalgic Western food, head over to Bowen’s Cafe for classics like spaghetti with clams ($14.80), chicken chop ($11.90), and breaded fish and chips ($12.90).

There’s also Margie, a taqueria – AKA taco-centric eatery – that serves the Mexican street food staple in uniquely localised flavours like sambal stingray ($6.90) and even Ramly cheeseburger ($7.90).

the homme baker

Save space for dessert because there are sweet treats galore at shops like The Homme Baker, which sells Swiss cheese-shaped cakes in flavours like raspberry panna cotta ($9.80) and strawberry shortcake ($8.80).

margaret market creamier

There’s Creamier too, which sells novelty flavours of ice cream (from $4.30/scoop). This month, look out for their local flavours like Sesame Tang Yuan and Pulut Hitam made especially for National Day.

Shop for special groceries at Cu.Ra.Te & EMart24

It wouldn’t be a market if you couldn’t actually shop for groceries. But you totally can at Cu.Ra.Te and EMart24.

margaret market EMart24

EMart24 will already be familiar among frequent travellers to Seoul. The Korean convenience store sells all sorts of Korean snacks such as chips and drinks. It even has a ramen bar and ready-to-eat bites like corndogs and fried chicken.

margaret market Cu.Ra.Te

As for Cu.Ra.Te, seasonal fresh fruits are what you can look forward to, available whole or already prepared in fruit cups (from $2.50). If you’re in urgent need to get in your daily 2-5 servings of fruits, you can also get juice that’s squeezed to order.

Find a 24-hour gym, TCM shop & medical clinic on Level 2

Once your belly is stuffed from all the feasting on Level 1, burn off a few calories by walking around the 2nd floor of Margaret Market.

margaret market gymmboxx

Or better yet, book yourself a package at the 24-hour gym, GymmBoxx. Go at your own pace working out with the provided free weights and treadmills. If you need a helping hand, sign up with a personal trainer for tips and individualised exercises. There are also showers and lockers provided, so you can clean up after your sweat sesh.

tcm herbs
TCM herbs at Fung Oon Medical Store.

Complement your workouts with supplements from Fung Oon Medical Store, a TCM dispensary. You can hand over your TCM clinic prescriptions for them to prepare your tonics for you or pick up a pack of prepared teas and soups in the shop. Just boil according to the directions on the package and you’re good to go.

Those more inclined towards Western medicine can get their health checked at Bethesda Medical. Beyond just physical health, the clinic also provides services including dental checkups, x-ray screenings, and psychological counselling. Once a month, they’ll even provide free health screenings for Singaporeans and PRs aged 60 and above.

Former Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market & Food Centre

commonwealth avenue wet market food centre

In a city where new is gold, it’s rare to come across a thoughtfully conserved building in the heartlands like this one. The 2-storey building was once the Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market & Food Centre.

margaret market girl walking through shop

You’ll see traces of its history in its exteriors, such as in the original roofing and structures from 1956. The interiors may have been modernised but you’ll get old-school vibes from the mosaic-tiled seating areas scattered around the place.

The next time you find yourself in the West, come visit Margaret Market. While the wet market has made way for cafes and retail shops, this place is still as bustling as ever.

Address: 38 Margaret Drive, Singapore 141038
Opening hours: 7am-12am, Daily

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Photography by Huiwen Chan.