Hot proteins and hearty gains 



Working in the CBD means you’re racing with time all day errrr day. But just because you gotta werk werk werk werk werk doesn’t mean you have to give up on being healthy at all. We’ve all been there and done that; guilt might have motivated a few of our lunchtime yong tau foo trips but duh, we get bored after sometime. 

KRAFTWICH by Swissbake just introduced some spanking new hot proteins to not only warm up your tummies but also up your clean-eating game with them gains. Read on to find out how you can edge out your colleagues with a INSIDER MENU order, include whole grains in your diet and indulge in healthy fruit affogatos without caving in to the caffeine guilt. 


NEW Hot Addictions You MUST Try 


 hot favs

They’ve once taken the CBD by storm with their $3 coffee promotions and $7.90 salads, and the sophomore slump is nowhere to be found with their new additions. New to the family are piping hot proteins that’s made to warm up your usual cold salad and sandwich options.


They’ve gathered 3 signature salads for those who find it hard to figure out their perfect DIY-salad assembly, 2 new meaty Kraftwiches – plus a hush-hush plus one we’re gonna reveal – and a wide array of new desserts for you. 


Signature Hot Protein Kraftwiches ($10.90)  

1. Pulled Beef Kraftwich 


 pulled beef

Also new to the menu are these slivers of tender pulled beef. Gathered between two slices of soft maize corn bread, this sandwich filled with pumpkin seed goodness and luxuriant greens is for those who love meaty consistencies. 

Even if you love your premium cuts medium-well, these moist beef flakes will blow you away as they maintain the texture of a braised beef stew while packing a whole lot of character. For friends who aren’t fans of the European rye breads, this maize Kraftwich original is always here for you to lean on. 


2. Roasted Veg Kraftwich


 veg kraftwich

Broccoli has always been my go-to green when eating out, largely due to its ready availability. So imagine my surprise when cauliflower – one of my favourite greens – is featured as a main in the Roasted Vegetable Kraftwich!  

This would definitely be a healthy staple for vegetarians who’ve always found conventional vegetarian cai png to be a plate full of carbs in different disguises.


3. Spicy Thai Chicken Kraftwich (INSIDER MENU!) 


 spicy chic

Everybody loves a secret menu, so here’s your chance to be exclusive at a sandwich bar. Being a TSL reader means you could now favour your inner Asian and dig right into their Spicy Thai Chicken Kraftwich. Pssst, it’s only available upon request!  

If you love Thai food and would never eat anything without some flavourful kick, don’t leave without this. Spicy Thai Chicken might be known as an add-on in their salad spread, but ask for it in your sandwich and ye shall receive!  


Hot Premium Salads ($12.90)    

You might be a big eater, so sandwiches might turn out to be just a snack for you. But whether you yearn for more food to conquer, or simply wish to inject more greens into your diet, their salads are great portions that your wallet would definitely agree with.  

1.Pulled Beef Salad 


 pulled beef salad

The signature tender pulled beef now comes boosted with the nutrients of broccoli, pickles, onions, and cherry tomatoes in this bowl of goodness. We love the huge portions, and they are ever so generous in piling them gains onto your bowl. If you’re not a fan of pickles, have them swapped out as you wish. 


2. Thai Spicy Chicken Salad 



Here comes my favourite salad. The Thai Spicy Chicken Salad truly blew me away. Consider this an upsized version of their sandwich, with an added boiled egg, cucumbers and bouncy cherry tomatoes. I had this wiped out in 5 minutes – I’m not kidding. 


3. Oven-baked Salmon Salad 



Real talk here: salmon is the champion of my seafood billboard. Entice me with salmon and I hand my life to you. Honestly, no other fish seizes my heart this way. So when you put my favourite fish atop a bunch of my favourite vegetables to nom on, we’ve got a winning recipe.  

I usually have my salmon pan-seared at home, but this baked version is a good change. No doubt, it’s definitely healthier than its crispy counterpart, and the juiciness is utterly daebak.


Their salad bar isn’t called a salad bar for nothing. Take your pick from 36 different toppings, so you can have your salad just the way you like. I love my citrusy flavours so orange and cranberries are a must for all my greens. 



1. Non-caffeinated Affogatos   



New flavours: Cookie Delight, Zesty Mango and Refreshing Wildberries.   

The last time I checked, affogatos were expensive little dollops of ice cream served with a shot of strong espresso. But precisely because I know that 4 cups of water are needed to atone for skin sins committed by 1 cup of coffee, drenching my ice cream in caffeine isn’t necessarily the best way to complete my meal.  

KRAFTWICH has taken healthy desserts to the next level by switching your ice-cream with gelato and traded espresso shots for fresh juices – and thus, their new affogato menu was born! 


We adore both of their new fruity affogatos – Zesty Mango and Refreshing Wildberries – and they were definitely worth $7.90. First, cups are filled with fresh fruits and topped off with two glorious scoops – yes, TWO – of icy fruit gelato. Drizzle the accompanying fresh juices over them for a punch of zest.  

We found Refreshing Wildberries especially memorable because it reminded us of our favourite childhood slurp: Ribena! 


Another non-caffeinated addition is the Cookie Delight Affogato that is unforgettably rich, but isn’t too overwhelming. Sending lots of love to this because it’s a chocolate lover’s dream in a tiny cup. Just imagine all your favourite chocolate snacks blended into a smooth dessert, and you’ll end up with this. Just order it already!  


2. Baked Chocolate and Fruit Tarts 



For those who live for oven-baked indulgences, head straight for their new baked tarts. Fresh from the oven are a collection of new flavours: Dark Chocolate Brownie Granache, Chocolate Crumble and Apple Pistachio. Pair it with hot tea to give yourself the classic afternoon treat without bogging yourself down with the richness of a fudge cake. 


Loving this ganache layer in their Chocolate Crumble tart!  


Nobody have ever imagined apple and pistachio could possibly have gone so well together. Nobody except the brains behind their’ new menu, clearly. Light, moist and airy – I’m glad that the Apple Pistachio Tart didn’t have a typical biscuit crust or a butter-flour top. Apple strudel and the nuttiness of pistachio combine to make my favourite in this collection. 


Healthy Eat-Out Options Your Body Will Thank You For 



You could be working in the CBD or a student camping at a nearby coffee chain after school desperately trying to raise your GPA. In both cases – you are stressed, coping with the sedentary lifestyle and occasionally try to be healthy with some kopitiam fish soup. But we all know that bland life is hard to keep up with.  

So if you already gotta fight the CBD lunch crowd, then make your queue time worthwhile by bagging a wholesome and well-balanced meal at KRAFTWICH. What makes them truly worthy of your clean-eating budget are also that their 7- grain bread packs the greatest whole-grains you know: oats, rye, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat and mixed cereals.



  • One Raffles Place 
  • Paya Lebar Square 
  • Singapore Management University 
  • The Central @ Clarke Quay

Also available at: Swissbake @ Changi Business Park 


  • Complete your meal with a soup & drink at $5
  • Top up $1 for coffee or Tea when you purchase breakfast or desserts 
  • SMU students enjoy 15% discount off a la carte orders at KRAFTWICH by Swissbake @ SMU 

Find out more about Kraftwich here! 


This post was brought to you KRAFTWICH by Swissbake