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9 1-For-1 Chicken Wing Deals That Deliver To Your Doorstep From 17-23 Oct 2016

1-for-1 Chicken Wings



Few parts of an animal’s carcass that are as divisive as a chicken wing. Some prefer the drumlet, perhaps imagining themselves to be a giant feasting on a normal-sized drumstick. Others go for the mid-wing. Only the truly psychotic, however, reach for the wing tip. I’m one of these psychos.

This year, in conjunction with World Chicken Day (15 Oct), Deliveroo brings to you #ChickadooChickaroo, delivering 1 for 1 deals with some of Singapore’s best chicken wing restaurants. That’s right, from 17 to 23 October 2016, you can finally have both the left wing and right wing for the price of just one wing. 

Deliveroo kindly sent us samples of participating restaurants, which meant I had to eat at least 7 wings, all in the name of research. It was the best day of my life. 

deliveroo wings


Wing Zone


Wing Zone Smokin Q

Wing Zone’s Smokin Q 

Chicken wing joints are a dime a dozen. But halal chicken wings aren’t the easiest to find. Thankfully, Wing Zone have popped in to fill in that awning gap in Singapore’s food scene. Most interestingly, they aren’t even Singaporean! Wing Zone are an Atlanta-based chain, started by two University of Florida students. 

Wing Zone’s Garlic Parm

Wing Zone’s Garlic Parm 

Choose from a whopping 15 flavours (!), but that’s not even the best part. You can also opt for boneless wings, which requires either surgical precision to achieve, or some high level genetic modification. 

Offer: 1 for 1 on 12 pc Original Wings ($14.95) and 12 pc Signature Boneless ($12.95)


Seoul Yummy


Seoul Yummy’s Spicy and Savoury Fried Wings and Drumlets

Seoul Yummy’s Spicy and Savoury Fried Wings and Drumlets

Treat yourself to something from Seoul Yummy for their brilliant Chris-level pun. Maybe their popular Andong Jjim Dak will suffice. While you’re there, navigate through their very comprehensive Korean menu to arrive at their Spicy and Savoury Fried Wings and Drumlets. Seoul Yummy might have a massive menu, but their wings stand strong on their own. 

Offer: 1 for 1 on 2 pc Spicy Fried Wings and Drumlets and 2 pc Savoury Fried Wings and Drumlets, $9.80 each.




No, you’re not getting any narcotics here. What you will get, apart from Druggist’s ever-changing collection of signature beers, are atas-fied versions of Singaporean comfort food. Such as the Sambal Wings, which is seasoned with a homemade blend of spices, bound to get you sweating for more. 

Offer: 1 for 1 on Sambal Wings ($13.38)


Chicken Up


Chicken Up’s Ganjang (Soya) Wing

Chicken Up’s Ganjang (Soya) Wing

The grand old dame of Korean Fried Chicken is now on Deliveroo. Unfortunately, their fried chicken buffet is not available for delivery – just imagine the logistical impossibility – but three signature flavours are on offer.

Most wings come cut into two, but Chicken Up preserves the integrity of chickens by going whole instead. That might just be a small detail, but eating a whole wing always feels more satisfying.

Chicken Up’s Spicy Yangnyum Wing

Chicken Up’s Spicy Yangnyum Wing

Offer: 1 for 1 on Yangnyum Wing, Spicy Yangnyum Wing, Ganjang (Soya) Wing, $12.84 for 4 pc.


Smokey’s BBQ


Take a break from Asian-style chicken with some good ol’ American-style buffalo wings. Almost everything at Smokey’s BBQ is imported from the USA, from wood chips, cooking equipment and even executive chef. Buffalo wings generally don’t come with any trace with bull, but here, they come with a homemade blue cheese dressing. 

Offer: 1 for 1 on 6 pc Buffalo Wings ($12.84)


Two Wings


Two Wings’ Salted Egg Wings

Two Wings’ Salted Egg Wings

Chicken appendages from Two Wings come in a comfy cardboard house – which just means they don’t have to squeeze sardine-style while making their way to your stomach. They’re opening a new outlet at Timbre+, which will offer what will doubtless fly off the fryers: Salted Egg Wings. That’s right – even chicken wings are getting the salted egg treatment, and trust us, they’re really good. 

Two Wings’ Salted Egg Wings

Offer: 1 for 1 on 12 pc ($18.08) and 20 pc ($29.85) Chicken Wings from Two Wings Timbre+ and 1-for 1 on 12 pc ($15.94) and 20 pc ($24.50) for Chicken Wings from Two Wings Pinnacle, except 5pm to 11pm on 21 and 22 Oct. While stocks last! 




In the UK, where they’re originally from, MEATliquor commands 90-minute long queues as a welcome treat to taste their burgers. Here in Singapore, you can get these burgers delivered right to your doorstep via Deliveroo. While you’re at it, have a swing at their Buffalo Wings, which come with carrot and celery sticks, because vegetables are important too. 

Offer: 1 for 1 on Buffalo Wings ($16.05)


Oppa Chicken


Oppa Chicken’s Flaming Yangnyum

Oppa Chicken’s Flaming Yangnyum

Some people are lucky enough to have siblings who are of use in the kitchen, but I have no such luck. My brother makes terrible chicken wings. Thankfully, Oppa Chicken’s wings are significantly better. We enjoyed the intensely spicy Flaming Yangnyum, while Honey Garlic was delightfully sweet without being cloying. I’ve found a new favourite oppa

Oppa Chicken's Soy Garlic

Oppa Chicken’s Soy Garlic

Offer: 1 for 1 on 8 pc OPPA Winglets ($13.90) and 12 pc OPPA Winglets ($19.90)


Hoho Chimek


Hoho Chimek’s Garlic Soy Wings

Hoho Chimek’s Garlic Soy Wings

An amalgamation of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’ (beer), chimaek refers to the South Korean social phenomenon of eating fried chicken with beer. And Hoho Chimek’s wings, when paired with beer, will have you going ‘HOHO’ indeed. Garlic Soy Wings here come with an addictive sauce that we wiped up with every bit of chicken. Double-dipping was never this acceptable.

Offer: 1 for 1 on 6 pc Soy Garlic Wings ($9.90)


Flap flap onto your lap



With over 15 flavours of chicken wings available, you’ll definitely be able to find a wing to complement your fancy. To view the full list of wings featured in #ChickadooChickaroo, look out for the chicken wing emoticon and place your order via the sub-menu “1-for-1 Chicken Wings”. Chill at home while Deliveroo swoops in with some of the best chicken wings in Singapore. 

Click to order your chicken wings at 1-for-1 now! 

New Deliveroo customers can also special TSL promo code ‘TSLROO” to enjoy $10 off their first order. This code is valid until 31 Oct 2016. 

This post was brought to you by Deliveroo Singapore