The secrets to flawless skin


Step 1: Spot the first signs of a breakout the week right before a date.
Step 2: Proceed to freak out, call your best friend, and scream about how the world’s ending.
Step 3: Tearfully book an appointment with an esthetician and pray for a miracle.

When most of us ladies go for facials, we trust our esthetician to do what’s best for us, but few of us really know what’s being rubbed onto our skin, or how effective the treatments are. 

Which is why I took the time to sit down with Carey and Jovelle – who have a combined experience of over 10 years in the industry – at Caring Skin, as they spilled the truth about what really goes on at a beauty institute and how to develop flawless skin. 

Here are the top skincare tips that your beauty esthetician will never tell you! 


1. You can identify ailments by pimple regions 


identify skin ailments by region

Remember the last time your face broke out in acne and you couldn’t pinpoint the reason it happened? It turns out that your skin often reflects your internal health – it’s true that stress can cause breakouts.

Analysing where acne appears can help you to understand your bodily issues and prevent zits from popping up. Pimples on your forehead are indicators of stress, too much spicy food is a possible reason for pimples along your jaw, while constipation causes clogged pores and breakouts on your chin. 

Tip: Everyone has different skin types and conditions, so it’s best to consult an expert to determine the causes of your acne.  


2. Pore packs actually make your pores BIGGER


pore packSource

I’m a loyal user of pore packs. If you’ve used one before, you’ll know that the satisfaction of seeing your blackheads stripped out can almost border on obsession. So imagine my facepalm moment when Jovelle told me, “Pore strips actually make your pores bigger.”

According to her, you should avoid using pore strips as they peel off a layer of your skin and can enlarge your pores! It’s no accident that blackheads keep reappearing despite your diligent usage of pore packs. Instead, use exfoliating scrub to gently clean out your dirty pores 2-3 times a week


3. DIY skincare remedies are only effective in the short run 


DIY skincare remediesSource

DIY skincare remedies like yoghurt can naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Yoghurt contains lactic acid that helps to dissolve dead skin cells. So next time you have leftover yoghurt, consider turning it into a face mask.

Everyone has 7 layers of skin. And while natural remedies work superficially in the short run, working only on the top layers of your skin. The only way to reach the deeper layers is through refined products, leveraging on technology, that blend tiny molecules to penetrate the skin. 


4. You can take care of your skin in under 10 minutes daily


skincare routineSource

With supermarket shelves shoving 101 products in our faces, nobody knows the right skincare regime anymore.

skincare productsSource

Speaking to the two beauty estheticians, I found the only steps you really need for an adequate routine: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, and sunblock (in the morning). And guess what – it only takes 10 minutes. As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones! 


5. 4 cups of water are needed to atone for 1 cup of coffee 



Lifestyle makes a LOT of difference to your skin condition. To maintain good hydration for your skin, you need 2-3 litres of water intake daily. And this is just one piece of advice that Carey and Jovelle shared with me, amongst many other lifestyle tips.

caring skin carey

Two of the main killers to our lifestyle – and in turn our skin – are caffeine and cigarettes. For every cup of caffeinated goodness or stick of cigarette, we have to drink 4 cups of water to make up for their harmful effects! Take your pick, the easy life or the roundabout.


6. Chamomile can calm your sensitive skin


Besides yoghurt, there are beauty benefits from other natural ingredients. Chamomile extract, for instance, has immense soothing and calming effects to the skin – ideal for people with eczema and skin irritations. On the other hand, glycerin and collagen are perfect for hydrating dry skin. Keep a lookout for these ingredients in your skincare products!

caring skin face mapping

While many beauty centres try to hard-sell their products, I was impressed by how Carey sought instead to educate me about the ingredients to look out for. During my first consultation, I was also asked to indicate my usage of skincare products on top of a face mapping conducted to determine the skin type and skin conditions that I faced. 

This quick procedure allows the esthetician to understand your daily routine and help you determine the issues and possible remedies to achieve your goals.


7. Watch out for these ingredients in your beauty products  


beat the microbeadSource

It’s crazy how we often use products that can be damaging to our bodies. One ingredient to watch out for is Lanolin, derived from sheep wool, as it increases the sensitivity of your skin in the long run.

caring skin products

Other no-no ingredients include parabens, chemicals used to prolong the product life span, and Microbeads, that harm both the environment and your bodies. Be worry-free and stick to plant-based products, like those provided at Caring Skin!


8. They go the extra mile for their customers = friends


caring skin interview

To Carey and Jovelle, making small talk isn’t a chore. It adds colour to their day and one thing they love is becoming friends with their customers. 

Their relationships with customers extend to the point that both Carey and Jovelle occasionally surprise some when it’s their birthday and even deliver presents to their houses! In a more everyday sense, Jovelle also does simple things like buying bread for her clients who have no time to grab dinner before treatment. 

It’s not often that you meet people in the service industry who really go the extra mile because they want to, so it was heartwarming to hear their stories. 


9. Have at least 1 facial treatment each month 


caring skin facial

We all hope for skin like Song Hye-Kyo. For those with normal skin, having at least 1 facial treatment a month can help you to head towards that goal, as skin renewal takes 28 days. Others with troubled skin should have treatment at least 2-4 times a month. But the reality – and what typical estheticians try to hide from you – is facial treatments can’t create wonders! 

A beauty institute like Caring Skin has before-and-after documentation to show your skin’s transformation. I had the chance to experience a quick facial, and truth be told, it felt like magic when my skin looked brighter after! Still, Carey emphasised that follow-up in your daily skincare regime is crucial to keep your skin rejuvenated in the long run. 


10. They LOVE people with sensitive and acne skin


And not because they are mean girls. When I asked Carey about her best experience on the job, I got an utter shock when she replied, “I love seeing customers walk in with very bad, sensitive and acne skin.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing such a statement. But I found out later that she gains the most joy when there’s a noticeable improvement in the skin condition of her customers. Witnessing the transformation and then earning referrals for her service provide the fulfilment to stay passionate in the work!


Uncover Your Inner Beauty


caring skin

If there’s one thing I took away from my session with Carey and Jovelle at Caring Skin, it’s that skincare is a long-term commitment, involving not just ad-hoc treatments but an active and healthy lifestyle as well. Like everything in life, there’s no quick fix; it requires patience, time and effort. 

As Jovelle quipped, “Your skin’s like a grape. Don’t let it dry out and turn into a prune!” 


About Caring Skin


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Caring Skin’s the 1st customer-focused beauty institute in Singapore that exclusively carries Dr Renaud skincare brand – a Nobel Prize-Winning Innovation in Science and Medicine and Hollywood celebrities’ choice. Founded in 2013, they’re celebrating their 3rd anniversary this August! 

Through my personal experience with Caring Skin, I was bought over by service that goes over and above the job requirements. Rather than empty promises, they help you to adjust your lifestyle beyond the treatment room and provide personalised advice through the journey toward your skincare goals. 

And to kickstart your skincare regime, you can enjoy any one of Caring Skin’s Best-Selling Plant-Based Treatments at $88 and receive a homecare trial kit worth $58. 

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