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kian seng chun

Paya Lebar Warehouse Store Has Old School Snacks Like Chilli Tapioca Chips At Wholesale Prices

Kian Seng Chun – Wholesale snack supplier at Paya Lebar

Whether you’re an “eat to live” or “live to eat” person, snacks are a definite must-have – be it at home, in the office, or even on the go. We recently came across Kian Seng Chun Singapore, a hidden gem in Paya Lebar.

While the products here are going at wholesale prices, anyone can buy from the store. If you’ve been craving certain old-school snacks and have trouble finding them elsewhere, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this place.

Note: The prices at Kiang Seng Chun Singapore do not include 8% GST – so do remember to factor that into your overall cost when shopping. 

Store selling old-school snacks in an industrial building

kian seng chun industrial

Stepping into Kian Seng Chun is an experience on its own. Think thrift stores – but with snacks instead of clothes. The store is located in an industrial building with no air-conditioning – but is brightly lit and packed to the brim with chips, gummies, sweets, and chocolate bars, among others. You want it, you got it. 

boxes of snacks

Instead of the usual supermarket shelves with rows of neatly packed products lined up, you’ll need to do a little digging on your own here as a majority of the products come in cardboard boxes that are placed around the store.

girl reaching for snacks
Some of the items are placed pretty high up – so you might want to ask for help or grab a tall friend along with you. 

There aren’t price tags or labels pasted on the products here. If you want to know the prices or more information, you’d need to ask one of the staff members. Don’t worry, they know everything like the back of their hand and will be able to help you with your queries.

Nostalgic snacks you can find at Kian Seng Chun Singapore

Houten Chilli Tapioca Chips

houten chilli tapioca

Price: $0.56/small packet, including GST
Retail price at other supermarkets: ~$0.63/pack, including GST 

For Gen Zs and Millennials, this snack might unlock a core memory from their primary or secondary school days. These Houten Chilli Tapioca Chips were commonly given out during school celebrations. You could even find them in many mama shops and school canteens. 

If you’re someone who enjoys sweet yet savoury snacks and has a relatively good spice tolerance, this snack must have been one of your favourites growing up. Each piece has a spicy kick to it with every bite. If you want to stock up your office pantry with these, you’ll be able to get a bulk price of $26 for 50 small packets. 

Himalaya Vajomba Actiwhoosh & Honey Lime Mints

kian seng chun himalaya vajomba

Price: $8.10/box, including GST
Retail price at other supermarkets: $11.61/box, including GST

You’re probably familiar with the Himalaya Salt mint candies with the picture of a lemon on the packaging. Well, the Himalayan Vajomba Actiwhoosh Mints and Honey Lime Mints has packaging that is targeted towards Gen Zs. The boxes are bright pink and green, with an adorable mascot. Each box is priced at $7.50 and has 12 packets inside. 

More than just something to sweeten your day, the Himalayan Salt Mints are also said to improve hydration and can help soothe your throat. 

Momom Eyeglass Chocolate Candy

eyeglass candy
The bangle-shaped packaging. 

Price: $6.48/packet, including GST

Known affectionately as the eyeglass candy to many, this colourful and sweet chocolate could be found in almost every goodie bag, carnival, and event when we were younger. Today, you don’t see it as often as it gets replaced with more mainstream and popular candy. Unless you head down to old-school mama shops, you probably won’t see these gems on your typical supermarket shelves. 

If you want to get them for your young ones or as party favours, we found them going at $6 for either 40 packets of the figure-8-shaped ones or 30 packets of the bangle-shaped packaging. 

Choco Mini

mini choco

Price: $0.76/small box, including GST

Here’s something that the younger generation might have seen before – the beloved Choco Mini candies. They come in 2 different flavours here – Mint and Assorted. Both the candy is crispy on the inside while coated with a layer of chocolate on the outside. 

The store isn’t selling these individually, but rather, in packs of 20 containing 40g of candy each at $14 – so it’s time to stock up. 

Pop Pop Chicken

kian seng chun pop pop chicken

Price: $0.18/small packet, including GST. 

Instead of popcorn, Singapore used to be poppin’ with Pop Pop Chicken. Another staple that you’d find in mama shops, the snack is really savoury – which is what makes it extra addictive. It’s packed in 30 packets at $5, so you can get this treat at just $0.17/packet.

Psst … this is hard or almost impossible to find in your everyday supermarkets or convenience stores. So if you’re at Kian Seng Chun, don’t forget to grab one. 

How to get to Kian Seng Chun

kian seng chun directions

If we’ve convinced you to make a trip down, the most important question is “how do you get there?” 

It’s actually pretty accessible. Take a bus to “Upper Paya Lebar Road” bus stop and walk straight ahead until you see the signpost named “New Industrial Road”. From there, turn left and walk all the way straight until you reach InSpace Building

INSPACE building

Walk into the building and take the lift up to the 2nd floor. The store is visible right after you walk out of the lift lobby.

Visit Kian Seng Chun for a sweet time

kian seng chun establishment shot

If you don’t want to leave the comforts of home, Kian Seng Chun’s website also has an online catalogue where you can browse through their wide selection of products. The good thing is you get free shipping for orders above $300, perfect if you’re planning an event or party. However, do note that some of the items found in-store might not be available online. 

Alternatively, you can also hop onto their Shopee account or tune in to the live streams that happen from time to time on TikTok

With big supermarkets and convenience stores taking over, it’s not every day that you’ll get the experience of finding such snacks at industrial prices. Even if you aren’t looking for old-school bites, you can also check this place out for your favourite candy or snack from brands like Hershey and Twisties at much lower prices. 

Aside from cash, the store also accepts digital payment methods such as PayLah! Do check your items before leaving to ensure that the correct snacks and amount is packed. 

Check out Kian Seng Chun Singapore


Address: 24 New Industrial Road, Inspace #02-03, Singapore 536210
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)
Contact: 9847 8981

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Photography by Gavin Chua.