Jalan-Jalan Around Jalan Kayu


I asked six different people where best to hang out nearby Jalan Kayu, and the was met with a unanimous response: “Prata! The famous Prata place!”. A slim, two-lane road flanked by shophouses, most of you would know Jalan Kayu as a food heaven that draws the island’s foodies in droves. 

The smorgasbord of dining options will keep your hunger pangs at bay, but what do you do after you’ve had your fill? The Northeast is no Orchard Road or Clarke Quay, but neither is it just a bunch of residential blocks and LRT tracks. But when the city life’s got you down, the last place you’ll want to chill is a place with CROWDS.

We went out and about Jalan Kayu on a mission, and sussed out 10 chill things to do around Jalan Kayu, sans the crowd. 


1.  Snap a new killer profile picture with this colonial house as a backdrop 


An abandoned colonial house

I’ve always been particularly enamoured of colonial houses – these fragments of our history still stand, typically at quiet nooks amidst verdant surroundings. A ways away from Jalan Kayu, we stumbled upon a row of weathered colonial houses, some empty, some given a new lease of life. 

How creepy it would be to spend the night within this forsaken dwellings! Getting here is a little tricky, but the magical shot at the end of it is totes #worthit. 

Directions: Most of the colonial houses can be found at Hyde Park Gate, Old Birdcage Walk and The Oval.


2. Relive your childhood at Sengkang Swimming Complex



As a child, nothing made me happier than whizzing down water slides and splashing about in huge pools. But with Big Splash shuttered and Adventure Cove way out of my budget, any dreams of reliving my childhood have been all but dashed. Cue Sengkang Swimming Complex, a wallet-friendly waterpark with slides that’ll make your inner child smile.


Eight tall, multi-coloured slides will greet you once you set foot into the complex; venture inward and you’ll find a large jacuzzi pod, splash-and-slide area and sheltered 50-metre long pool – here’s your recipe for an action-packed day with gallons of fun!

The best part? It’s just $2. The #baller life didn’t choose me, but that’s okay. 

Address: 57 Anchorvale Road, Singapore 544964
Opening Hours: 8am to 9.30pm


3. Take your furkid shopping at one of Singapore’s BIGGEST pet store


We pet-owners love to pamper our furkids. Treats, pet cologne, cooling mats and plush toys all amount to a pricetag that may very well rival that of your post-payday Orchard Road spree. I mean, how could you say no to that furry face?

Shopping at Petgamart, you’ll get more bang for your buck, which means more snacks for your pets too. They have virtually everything, including a dedicated room to hold bags of cat litter. Take a whizz around the mart with your furkid and see what strikes their fancy, or…


Presenting the pièce de résistance: a doggie pool paw-ty!

Don’t neglect your furkids while you chill in air-conditioned comfort – let them have a dip in the pool after spoiling them silly with every treat you can find in Petgamart!

Address: 26, Seletar West Farmway 1 Singapore 798126
Contact: 6484 0709
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 6pm | Pool usage requires membership, $10/dog on weekdays, free on weekends and public holidays. Closed on Tues


4. Blast off on this iconic lookout tower


Ground control to Major Tom, we have a space oddity in Singapore.

Built nearly half a century ago to commemorate the reservoir’s official opening, this rocket ship-shaped lookout tower will never not look perplexingly out of this world. We seem to have a penchant for transport-themed buildings – or maybe we’re more prepared for a zombie apocalypse than you think?

Ascend the six-storey timber spiral staircase and you’ll be rewarded with a stunningly picturesque view of the Seletar Reservoir, fishing bumboats and all. Upper Seletar hardly gets the love it deserves, which is just as well – you’ll be left undisturbed on your maiden voyage, followed by a quiet picnic sans the crowd. 

Address: Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, 100 Yishun Avenue 1S, Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769140
Directions: Take bus 138 to SCDF Nee Soon Camp bus stop, walk towards Mandai Rd Track 7 and turn towards Upper Seletar Reservoir – See more at: 


5. Have a splashing good time playing water sports



Every school camp I’ve ever attended had a water element. Some of my best memories of the sea was born out of just floating around in the waters with my campmates, belting out songs and rowing our makeshift boats about. If you’re looking for a dose of aquatic thrill, give your Bali trip a miss and MRT over to Seletar Water Sports Centre instead!


Take to the waters on a sailboard, kayak, or even a giant inflatable rowing dinghy (small inflatable boat). How’s that for an unconventional paktor idea

Address: 101 Seletar Club Road, Singapore 798273
Contact: 6481 4812
Website: http://www.seletarclub.com.sg/seletar-water-sports-centre/


6. Get up close and personal with kampong critters


A change of scenery needn’t always cost a bomb – for an unconventional, ‘off the beaten track’ experience, The Animal Resort is every animal-lover’s dream come true!

Unlike a zoo’s modern, artificial wilderness, this ‘Kampung Zoo’ emulates rustic vibes and looks straight out of the 60s! You’ll walk alongside the exotic resident fowls, furry friends, and their horse, Pin Needles. 

Arm yourself with sufficient hay, carrots and bread for the whole commune – your popularity will soar amongst these two and four-legged creatures.

Diving headfirst into the ulu Seletar Farmway probably isn’t the wisest decision, so if you have your heart set on meeting these little critters, check out our guide before you head out!

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Price: Free admission
Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm
Contact: 64821160 / 91271323
Find out more here


7. Feel like Snow White in a sea of winged beauties



Not the most accessible of locations, but therein lies the charm of the Seletar Country Club Butterfly Garden. About half the size of a football field, this pocket of butterfly habitat is hidden at the most unlikely location: next to a golf course, ironically one of the least green green spaces. 


It’s impossible not to feel at peace with butterflies aflutter all around you. Come armed with a camera, because you’ll want to have some good macro shots of these elusive beauties. 

Address: 101 Seletar Club Road, Singapore 798273


8. Melt down your muffin top at this 24-hour gym



I feel like I’ve spent more time this year making up excuses to skip gym sessions than actually exercising. But if you’re looking to exit your state of perpetual nua (or want to help a friend start), Anytime Fitness has you covered. 

Members are granted their own security-access key, so you’ll have access to their extensive equipment even if motivation hits you at 3am in the morning. And with 24-hour prata joints just a stone’s throw away, your pre-workout carbs are covered too!   

Address: 1 Seletar Road #02-05/06 Greenwich V, Singapore 807011


9. Picnic in this park before the world finds out


Let’s be real – even outdoor places are not immune to throngs of people hoarding every single patch of grass available, forcing you and bae to have a car-picnic instead.

Unheard of to many, Sengkang Riverside Park boasts carpet-like grass fields and swaying cat-tails. Not to mention a larger than life fiberglass mangosteen shelter. Perfect to unwind, throw a mat on and idle your day away. 

Address: Anchorvale Street, Singapore 544834


10. Chill on the Greenwich V rooftop


Survive enough orientations and you’ll come to appreciate the importance of a good mall rooftop. Who said malls were just for shopping?   

Pitched against Seletar Hills in the backdrop, Greenwich V’s rooftop garden is a mini-urban rainforest perfect for taking that breather. Being relatively secluded, chances are you’ll have this space all to yourself, or to cosy up with bae and enjoy the sunset after a romantic day out. 

Tip: As it can get rather hot and humid in the day, pop by at the golden hour or in the evenings for a much-needed therapeutic chill sesh.

Address: 1 Seletar Road #01-22, Singapore 807011
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm


A hidden gem of a mall in the North


Fighting crowds and enduring long queues while trying to get a quick bite or some retail therapy is something I’m all too familiar with. But for those still living under the “town is the best place to hang out” rock, I hope this article has proven otherwise. 

But if a full day at the farm irks the city-dweller in you, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Tucked away within established residential estates, Greenwich V is a mall like no other – a unique outdoor concept, village-like ambience and super chill vibes that’ll change your mall trips forever. 

With a handful of our mall favourites like Cedele, Gong Cha, Awfully Chocolate and Old Chang Kee; you’ll be able to stock up on all your favourite treats without having to venture all the way into the city. Well stocked with a Cold Storage outlet, a medical clinic, and a couple of language and enrichment centres – Greenwich V will be your one-stop shop for all you need.

And if you’re taking your bundles of fur for a dip in the pool at Seletar Farmway, you can drop them off at My Pet Culture at Greenwich V for a full grooming session that’ll leave their furry locks silky soft and smelling divine. There’s also no harm treating your tastebuds to some affordable Japanese nosh at Rakuichi Sushi while you wait.

Rakuichi Sushi’s Aburi Sushi

If you’re still undecided on what adventure to embark on this weekend, Jalan Kayu awaits! Now you’ve no reason to complain about having to fight your way through a swarm of sweaty strangers in town when you can beat the crowds entirely in this charming little mall tucked a little way out of the city. From now till 19th June, shop and stand to win attractive prizes for your dad this Father’s Day. On top of that, with every $30 spent, you’ll be entitled to redeem an hour of complimentary parking – so, what are you waiting for?


Find out more about Greenwich V today!

This post is brought to you by Greenwich V.

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