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11 BRAND NEW Date Ideas To Try In Singapore in 2016

Seventh Heaven

Relationship Goals aren’t all about red wine and roses. Once you’ve checked off everything from dressy dinners to lepak movie nights and even the monthly-versary picnic under the stars, deciding what to do on your next date night might be the most uninspiring thing ever.

Funzing to the rescue! This online destination uncovers the most exclusive, unique events to help you put the romance back into your relationship! So before you brand Singapore’s dating scene a completely barren wasteland, here are 11 new experiences you can find on Funzing you can exclusively share as a pair that will leave all your friends green with envy.

Partners in crime, this list is for you.

1. Learn How To Fly With Acroyoga


How do you know if he’s got your back? Test him, of course! This novel experience promises to be a topsy turvy one, with impossible positions and physical contact in the weirdest places. We’re talking feet against backs, waists, and even shoulders! Say what?

An exhilarating mix of yoga and acrobatics, acroyoga transcends both the rigour of gymnastics and the mental demands of yoga. Be your own cheerleading pair and go flying in the air, all while having a good workout.

Of course there’ll definitely be embarrassing moments, slips and uncontrollable trembling, but conquer this and you will reach the pinnacle of #relationshipgoals.

Sign up here!

Price: $50

Duration: 3pm to 5pm or 1pm to 3pm

2. Master The Ultimate Foodporn Shot In One Take



Nothing tastes better than waffles straight off the pan, topped with freshly scooped ice cream still smoking cold. But when your partner decides that all yummy things in life must be shared with her 600 instagram followers, hot and cold will likely be the last sensations you’ll get to taste on dates out.

Escape the lukewarm lull of your food adventures by taking this upbeat food photography class taught by a veteran cafe-hopper himself, Join Elphin as he imparts his expertise of angles, framing and editing in one session. If you’re someone who values hands-on work, you’ll be delighted to know that actual cafe food is provided for in this session.

Think the drool-worthy Big Ben from Hyde and Co (pictured above), and a cup of coffee with fancy latte art to boot. Getting to eat while learning? Sign me up!

“Pics or it didn’t happen” will cease to be an issue once you master the art of food photography for all future cafe hopping dates.

Sign up here!

Price: $49

Duration: 10.30am to 12.30pm

3. Unleash Your Inner Mr and Mrs Smith At A Masquerade Party



Why wait till Halloween to bust out your fancy mask and dressy gown? Masquerade nights aren’t only for the rich and atas, but if throwing your own themed party in your cluttered flat doesn’t quite exude the same luxurious effect, we’ve got you covered.

Indulge in a flight of fancy and play dress up with your partner, while enjoying good food and wine in this posh abode. The menu for the night includes local highlights like Black Pepper Fish Fillet and free-flow of beverages for the non-alcoholics – something that beats dinner at your usual restaurant in both price and taste.

Sign up here!

Price: $15 inclusive of a full course dinner and wine

Duration: 6pm to 10pm

4. Toast to An Evening of Exotic Wines


There’s no better complement to a romantic night than a glass of wine. But when restaurant prices for a single glass threaten to bust your budget, your spirits can get pretty dampened.

Don’t let the night end on a low note; just give this casual wine tasting event a try and sample five wines that will whisk you away to the streets of old Europe. When your host sommelier has a Masters in Gastronomic Science and a Diploma in Wine Spirits, you know that your tastebuds are in for a wondrous treat.

Good wine, good company and good ambience – now that’s what you call a good night out.

Sign up here!

Price: $18

Duration: 7pm to 9pm

5. Practice Yoga in the Dark

Date nights don’t have to revolve around buzzing crowds and fancy restaurant dinners. Sometimes, a little quiet time can be just as intimate. Revel in your own private sphere even in a room full of people, and follow the soothing voice of Kathy, our instructor, guiding you through the moves.

We’ve heard of yoga, but yoga in the dark? Now that’s one never-before-seen date night activity. If blindfolds and candles are your thing, get in touch with your inner zen as you tune into your own breathing and even that of your partner beside you.

Even if you have no idea what The Crow or The Pigeon looks like, it’s all good; half the fun and adventure comes from being blindfolded and following your own instincts. The usually self-conscious will find themselves daring enough to take the reins and try out daring poses.

With no one to judge or copy, you are your own yogi. May the inner force be with you.

Sign up here!

Price: $20

Duration: 6.30pm to 8pm

6. Learn A Serenade An The Ukulele


If the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack was your favourite childhood jam, then you’ll fall right in love with the ukulele – a small guitar-like instrument originating from the lands of grass skirts and garlands. Its tiny size packs a celebratory strum that’s bound to put you and your partner in a good mood all day long, which makes it the perfect instrument for you to serenade your partner with on special occasions.

Master classic love sonnets in this 75-minute long musical class. You won’t even have to worry about complicated strings and chord formations; the ukulele is known for being the most user-friendly instrument to pick up, so playing music will always remain a stress-free experience.

And what’s music without some atmosphere? After you’ve picked up the art, treat yourself to a romantic tour around the culture-rich neighbourhoods of Haji Lane and Arab Street while on the way to a ukulele cafe. With your host’s expertise on ukuleles, you can be sure to find a ukulele that fits you at a discounted price.

Sign up here!

Price: $60

Duration: 3.30pm to 6.30pm 1 hour 15 minutes lesson (up to 5 ukuleles available for people without their own) 30 minutes tour around Little India and Arab Street to Ukulele Movement Cafe 1 hour 15 minutes in Ukulele Movement, trying out new ukuleles and recommendations

7. Get Your Groove On with Urban Street Jazz


Mick Jaggers on the block unite – this casual dance class is for all the couples out there who love to get their groove on. If you’ve both progressed to the stage where you no longer get embarrassed when breaking out your biggest moves in Dance Dance Revolution, take it to the next level by bringing your couple swag to a studio.

Keep up with the latest moves on the street with Cherie Alexis, an up-and-coming dancer from the renowned New Revolution Age (NRA) in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Her laidback style and effortless groove will be sure to get you in the mood for some pop and lock.

Sign up here!

Price: $15

Duration: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

8. Design your own Insta-Worthy Terrarium


Roses are great, but not when they’re withered by day 3. Skip the roses on month-saries and go for something more lasting instead, like a trusty terrarium – also known as an “aquarium” for plants. Not only does it require little to no maintenance, a terrarium has the added perk of making every table top look instantly Kinfolk-esque.

Gift-making for your loved one doesn’t have to be something out of the box. Instead, hand-make something entirely with nature’s own ingredients, and seal it in a pretty glass case.

Pretty tabletop trinket complete!

Sign up here!

Price: $45

Duration: 4pm to 5pm

9. Hand-make Your Own Chocolates


Will your love last ferrero? Forget spending lots of money on fancy gourmet chocolates, and surprise your special one with some sweets from the heart. Hand-making desserts and chocolates is a huge part of the couple culture in Japan, and now you can be a part of it too.

From tantalising truffles to dark chocolate mousse, these are some things you can now learn to make with your significant other. And the best part? They’re actually healthy. Say what?

Contrary to popular belief, healthy gluten-free and vegan desserts are anything but bland and shapeless. With this course, the both of you will learn to be masters of your own kitchen and well on your way to making your own guilt-free desserts for those lazy movie nights on the couch.

Don’t lindt-ger too long; sign up quickly before spots are all filled up!

Sign up here!

Price: $85

Duration: 2pm to 4pm

10. Join The Supper Club and Indulge in Great Conversations


Forget the Breakfast Club and its sunny morning greeters; there’s now the Supper Club for all those in search of the nocturnal nightlife experience. If you’ve always wished to RSVP to dinner parties off the screens of The Great Gatsby, you’ll be glad to head over to the swanky Music Salon to indulge in your own.

This is the new age socialite’s version of Chillax and Unwind, with friends and acquaintances over for an open-table of homely food and stirring conversations. Meet new people and socialise with like-minded pals; it’s all in the spirit of a casual get-together to shake up a conventional date night.

Sign up here!

Price: $12 for a full course dinner and a glass of alcohol/beverage.

Duration: 6pm to 10pm

11. Have an Abstract Date Night with Partner Picasso



Attention all art lovers! This is the romantic paint date scene you’ve always ooh-ed and aww-ed at in the movies. If you’re looking for something outside the conventional date night agenda, look no further. There’s no better way to let loose than with a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.

Unleash your inner Van Gogh and spend the night painting your own starry night sky, all whilst soaking in the creative atmosphere with your partner by your side. Easel to easel, painting each other’s portraits while swigging back wine – what could be more romantic?

Sign up here!

Price: $45

Duration: 7pm to 10pm or 3pm to 6pm

Out With The Old, In With The New

It’s hard to break out of the conventional dinner and movie night routine if you don’t have the lobang/right friends to link you to these novel activities. With Funzing, you’ll have a whole spread of events to choose from which are just a click away. Non-mainstream date night activity? Check!

It’s no secret that the corporate life shrinks your social circle to the size of your work desk, but all’s not lost. Hosted by a community of passionate creatives, the events you’ll find at Funzing are all about connecting passionate people and making every activity one to remember.

Simply scroll through their user friendly website and find an activity that interests you, choose an available session, and you’re geared for a thrilling time. It’s that simple! hosted by a community of passionate people.

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or just looking to hang out with like-minded folk who get your TV show impersonations, Funzing’s got you covered. Sombre stay-home Saturdays will soon be a thing of the past.

Plan Your Night Out With Funzing Now!

This post was brought to you by Funzing.