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Hock Lam (1998) - cover image

There Is A White Rabbit-Themed Snack Store With A Free Photo Booth & Gashapon Machine

Hock Lam (1998), White Rabbit-themed snack store

A little bit of nostalgia can make you feel all fuzzy inside, especially when it comes to old-school snacks. If you’re a 90s kid, you’re sure to feel that way at Hock Lam (1998), a White Rabbit-themed snack store in Chinatown.

Located past the various medicine and mom-and-pop shops of the Fook Hai building, this shop is filled with treats and merch inspired by a Singaporean childhood favourite.

What to know about Hock Lam (1998) before heading down

Hock Lam (1998) - store overview
Image adapted from: @whiterabbitcandy.hl via Instagram

While it shares the same name, this snack store is not affiliated with the famous Hock Lam Beef noodle store. Rather, Hock Lam (1998) is a food exporting and importing company that has been around since the 1940s.

While the business operates across Singapore and Malaysia, its flagship store stands proudly in Singapore.

Items you can purchase at Hock Lam (1998)

Aside from the regular white bags of the milky sweet, you can get unique flavours, merch, and other nostalgic snacks at Hock Lam (1998). They also sell old-school snacks and candies like peanut cakes and yan-yan, completing this retro-wonderland.

Unique White Rabbit flavours

Hock Lam (1998) - unique white rabbit candy
Image adapted from: Hock Lam (1998)

Hock Lam (1998) stocks interesting White Rabbit candy flavours like Tiramisu, Mango, and Yogurt. The chewy candies come in adorable packaging, like milk bottles ($5.90) and candy-shaped tins ($4.90) that can be bonus collectables for White Rabbit fans.

White Rabbit merchandise

Hock Lam (1998) - white rabbit pillowImage credit: @whiterabbitcandy.hl via Instagram

Snag a white rabbit pillow ($28) in the shape of the sweet, so that you can enjoy it even in your sleep. The store also has rabbit-themed enamel mugs ($14), umbrellas ($19.90), and even a canvas tote bag ($10) for you to carry home your treasures.

Hock Lam (1998) - white rabbit tote bags
Image credit: @whiterabbitcandy.hl via Instagram

Old-school snacks & candies

Hock Lam (1998) | 大白兔奶糖's Creator Profile

Hock Lam (1998) | 大白兔奶糖's Creator Profile

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If you’re looking to go deeper into childhood nostalgia, the other side of the store is filled with retro snacks that will bring you back to the past. You’ll find shelves of assorted nuts, with familiar brands like Tai Sun and Camel.

Just next to that is the Chun Guang section, where you’ll find everything from bags of Coconut Candy ($2.90) to Sesame and Spring Onion Coconut Crackers ($3.50/box).

Hock Lam (1998) - haw candy
Image adapted from: Hock Lam (1998)

For the fruity, sour candy lovers, the store also has Haw products. These come in flakes (from $0.60), balls (from $2), and strips ($2), each having that signature tart punch to cut the creamy sweetness of the candies.

Hock Lam (1998) - shengren peanut cake
Image adapted from: via Instagram

Then there’s the Shengren Cake (from $13/10 packs), a Teochew peanut cake candy that will surely tug at your memories. You may remember trying your best to eat these candies without dropping crumbs – and failing. Its nutty, melt-in-your-mouth texture will put other peanut candies to shame.

White Rabbit decor, gashapon machine & free photo station

The store has no shortage of White Rabbit decor at every turn, with a giant rabbit centrepiece atop tiers of candy packages.

They also have a range of deals for you to save some coins when you’re on a White Rabbit spree, plus a gashapon machine where you can win a free item with every $20 spent.

Hock Lam (1998) - white rabbit photobooth
Image adapted from: @hocklam1998 & @i_m_mrs.y1m via TikTok

Last but not least, a visit to the store wouldn’t be complete without trying out their free photo station. The booth has two large neon signs with the titular rabbit and props like speech bubbles and giant candies.

How to get to Hock Lam (1998)


Hock Lam (1998) is a 3-minute walk away from Chinatown MRT Exit G, behind Chinatown Point. If you’re coming by bus, the closest bus stop is Opposite Hong Lim Complex. The store is then a 3-minute walk from there.

If you’re driving, the closest parking is at Chinatown Point.

Hop over to Hock Lam (1998)

Hock Lam (1998) - store front
Image adapted from: @whiterabbitcandy.hl via Instagram

To all White Rabbit fans, we suggest not going in with an empty tummy because you will be tempted to buy the whole store. Even if you’re not necessarily a fan, the merchandise and packaging of White Rabbit products here are so cute that they could be great gift ideas for the next round of birthdays and get-togethers.

It’s always a treat to find hidden gems that spark childhood memories like this store, especially in a place as bustling as Chinatown. To stock up on more nostalgic treats, check out Kian Seng Chun, where you can buy them wholesale. You can also check out our list of cheap snack stores in Singapore.

Hock Lam (1998) Pte Ltd
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150 South Bridge Rd, #01-10 Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727
Opening Hours:
Wednesday 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM Show More Timings
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Cover image adapted from: @whiterabbitcandy.hl via Instagram and Hock Lam (1998)