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halloween horror nights 2023

Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Has The Weeknd & “All Of Us Are Dead” Themed Haunted Houses

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Knock knock, it’s your worst nightmare. Whether you’re ready for Halloween or not, Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2023 is creepin’ close. 

Happening from 29th September to 4th November 2023, this year’s event features 5 haunted houses, 3 scare zones, and 2 shows – all filled with tonnes of gore and scares that will guarantee the heebie-jeebies. Are you ready? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Weeknd & Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead themed haunted houses

Yes, that The Weeknd. 

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 had insanely creepy haunted houses, and this year’s no different. Cue: the terrifying nightclub at The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn Nightmare haunted house. You may dig the singer’s hit tunes, but your party will soon turn into panic as you attempt to escape a maze-like nightmare. We won’t spoil it for you – it’s best to experience it yourself.

all of us are dead
Image credit: Netflix

You’re just getting started here. Fans of the hit Netflix series All Of Us Are Dead will already know – this year’s affair will feature the zombie-themed K-drama in the form of a haunted house. 

For the uninitiated, the premise of the show takes place in a fictional school where an outbreak of a zombie virus happens. You can expect the same for the haunted house, with throngs of zombies attempting to turn you into one of them. Good luck surviving. 

Grimm Encounters

Most of us have heard of the Pied Piper of Hamelin fairy tale. Well, you’ll be in for a wicked twist at Grimm Encounters, where the iconic character will lure you into the evil forest with his enchanting melody and hold you hostage. All thoughts and prayers will be with you as you attempt to break free. 

Rebirth of the Matriarch
The Rebirth of the Matriarch haunted house looks unassuming from the outside. Enjoy it while you can.

Longtime fans of Halloween Horror Nights will remember the Vengeance of the Matriarch haunted house in 2011. This year, the Rebirth of the Matriarch centres around her Peranakan family attempting to bring that very same sinister matriarch back to life with dark magic. Oh, and by butchering unknowing guests like you and me, if we may add. 

Rebirth of the Matriarch
Jumpscares all around. 

Rebirth of the Matriarch

Here’s a hint if you’re a lightweight for all things horror – there’ll be 9 rooms in this haunted house, and each room gets progressively scarier till you finally meet the woman herself. 

DIYU Descent into Hell

You’ve survived the first 4 houses, but will you survive DIYU: Descent into Hell? You’ll literally be in hell for this haunted house.

DIYU Descent into Hell

There will be various rooms depicting the different levels of hell, including a labyrinth of mirrors and a chilling ice cave. The boss of hell, King Yama, will be waiting at the end of your journey to present his final judgement on whether you’re worthy of leaving the underworld.

DIYU Descent into Hell
King Yama in the flesh.

3 frightening scare zones & 2 live shows

Aside from the haunted houses, there are also 3 scare zones at the outdoor areas to check out. No spoilers here, but know that there’ll be hair-raising characters that include a murderous pirate and a genius sci-fi villain.  

halloween horror nights 2022
Halloween Horror Nights 2022.

Much like the previous years, the 2023 edition will have a Scaremony to kickstart the event. This year’s ceremony is themed Judgement Day, in which an unlucky individual attempts to free himself from the retributions of his sins. There’ll also be another live show – The Hacker: Game Over – where an evil genius hacks her way into real life. 

Dine in the depths of hell

You’re probably hungry from all that screaming. Good news – you can take a breather at the multi-sensory Die-ning in Hell experience (from $148/pax). It includes a scrumptious 3-course meal with dishes inspired by death and all things spooky that’ll make your skin crawl.

Die-ning in Hell

It’ll take place at the Hollywood China Arcade restaurant and will last for slightly over an hour. There are 3 sessions to choose from that take place during both event and non-event days: 6pm, 7.45pm, and 9.20pm – so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Simply check the Resorts World Sentosa website for the dates you’re keen on, plus packages you can get.

Tickets from $79/pax, comes with exclusive merch & F&B vouchers

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights, what are you waiting for? You can choose between non-peak nights that last till 12.30am, or peak nights that happen till 1.30am. Tickets go for $79/pax for the former and $89/pax for the latter. These tickets will include a $5 F&B and $5 retail credit, plus an interactive LED wristband. 

Those going in groups can get the Frights For Four package for 4 pax ($416 non-peak & $456 peak). It comes with exclusive souvenirs, early entry from 4pm, and a set meal worth $25 each. 

transformers the ride
Come early to enjoy the rides at Universal Studios Singapore before getting spooked after dark.

You’ll also get early entry to Universal Studios Singapore from 4pm, and admission to the following rides from 5pm-5.30pm: Enchanted Airways, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Revenge of the Mummy, and Accelerator.

Bougie folks can go for the R.I.P. Tour at $349/pax that’ll allow you to go for private meet-and-greets with the characters. The V.I.P. tickets also come with a Die-ning in Hell session, 10% off merch, an LED wristband, and a limited edition lanyard to take home for the mems

Hotel Ora Deluxe Twin Room and Equarius Hotel Deluxe Twin Room
Hotel Ora Deluxe Twin Room (left) and Equarius Hotel Deluxe Twin Room (right).

Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Since the event lasts till late, consider booking the Scream n’ Stay package (from $1,200). It comprises a 2-night stay at Equarius Hotel, Hotel Ora, or Hard Rock Hotel with 4 Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2023 tickets, breakfast for 2, 4 x $5 retail vouchers, and $5 dining credits at Resorts World Sentosa restaurants.

Face your fears at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Rebirth of the Matriarch

Grab your bestie and plan a spooky night out at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2023. You’ll be treated to plenty of jumpscares, bloody scenes, and haunting thrills that will give you nightmares for days. Nobody’s gonna judge you, we promise. 

Get tickets for Halloween Horror Nights 2023

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Photography by Sherlyn Lee & Brad Lee.
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8 Sentosa Gateway,
Universal Studios Singapore,
Singapore 098269
29 Sep - 04 Nov 2023
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Price of admission and time of event to be confirmed.