Staying healthy in Singapore



Ten years ago, my younger brother fell sick with pneumonia and was hospitalised for a week. The hospital bills weren’t cheap, and it took a while for him to catch up with his schoolwork. No one wants to fall sick or get hospitalised, and because of the medical costs and work you’ll miss out on, it’s extra unpleasant in Singapore.

Although the facilities and medical workers are first-rate, healthcare isn’t cheap… and it’s much worse if you’re the kind that already pays extra attention to your health. All those low-fat salads and nutrient-rich vitamins – they may be good for your health, but they come at a price.

It’s not just the money and time you spend away from school or work – it’s the amount of catch-up you’ll have to do once back, the amount of worrying and fussing your family’s going to do over you, and the horrible feeling of being a zombie stuck in bed with aches everywhere. Not pleasant at all. But there are certainly things we can do to maintain a clean bill of health – and here are some good habits I’ve found are worth keeping.


What we usually do to stay healthy


1 – Sleep early



Our parents were right: Sleep is good for the body, and it’s better to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Most of us have heard of how sleep deprivation has been linked to heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes, but sometimes it’s just not so easy to go to bed early. We have dinner dates and social lives to maintain – and when we need to sacrifice one for the other, it’s usually our sleep that suffers. 

Even for those of us who regularly sleep early, it’s still possible to fall sick. While a regular sleep schedule has been proven to reduce heart diseases and heart attacks, the case is not so clear for flu. You could actually sleep early every night for a year and still get the flu from a stray airborne bug. 


2 – Healthy lifestyle choices


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We all know that we can’t run away from diet and exercise when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle. I try to avoid junk and deep-fried food because of the cancer-causing chemicals , and eat more broccoli for polyphenols that helps to fight cancer. While there’s nothing wrong with taking sugary bubble tea once in a while, One must be mindful that sugar does lower our immune system, so having regular exercise is also important.


3 – Personal hygiene



One more thing – Singaporeans like to grab the overhead railings on the MRT, pay for their kopi peng, and get their change in wet coins. And then what? Eat chicken wings or durian lah. Missed a step? 

Washing your hands with soap is one of the best defenses against viruses like the common cold and the flu. Try to avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth if possible – those are vulnerable areas where viruses can easily enter your body.


But sometimes, it’s just not your day and you catch the flu.



Even if you do all these things – sleep well, get loads of exercise, wash your hands, and eat healthy – it’s still possible for a health-conscious person to suddenly fall sick. You can blame that loud uncle coughing everywhere on the MRT or the fact that you ate some food after dropping it on the table all you want, but sometimes, it just happens and you wake up the next day with an awful headache and a runny nose. 

It’s very possible that this was caused by a lack of glutathione. Glutathione is quite an amazing antioxidant that prevents damage to your cells, provides food for your immune system, and detoxifies many harmful compounds like carcinogens and radiation. In a nutshell, our bodies rely on glutathione to remove toxins. All our immune systems centre around glutathione – without it, we would shrivel up and die. That explains why glutathione levels are usually high in the young, but low in the sick and elderly. 

We’ll come back to this little wizard later, but for now, you’ve caught the flu – what next?


Dealing with the flu – what can we do?



The safe option is to see a qualified doctor, and you should definitely pay your GP a visit and get some prescription medicine if you feel really awful. However, if it’s not too serious, some of us may opt for homemade remedies such as honey lemon or ginger tea. 

So you’ve taken the medicine or herbal tea and aren’t coughing that much any more. However your body still isn’t fully purged of the bacteria or virus that caused you to fall sick and is still producing lots of phlegm – a word that many Singaporeans have trouble pronouncing, and it’s not just because your lungs are congested. 

Jokes aside, having an overdose of phlegm in your system is a real pain – you’re always looking for somewhere to get the stuff out of your system. And by ‘somewhere’, we mean a toilet. You aren’t going to spit that on the sidewalk, are you? 


A solution to dealing with the phlegm


Fortunately, there are ways to deal with phlegm. One medication supported by reliable clinical research  is Fluimucil. Fluimucil breaks down chemical bonds in phlegm, getting your lungs and throat clear and phlegm-free again. Now, you won’t have to awkwardly look for a place to excuse yourself to when some phlegm pops up in the middle of an important conversation or speech.

Fluimucil also happens to trigger the production of glutathione – as we mentioned earlier, glutathione’s one of the most important parts of every cell and a core component of our immune systems. It’s something we all could use more of. Although taking raw glutathione is pointless as it’s quickly broken down by your digestive tract, you can give your body the building blocks needed to manufacture glutathione – that’s something Fluimucil does. Taking Fluimucil is painless too – you can just dissolve the tablet in water and drink it. 

In other words, Fluimucil gets two things done with one pill – it clears your lungs and throat of phlegm, and it provides you with the foundations to stay healthy for a long time. 


Staying healthy isn’t easy, but it’s very possible


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With this in mind, you’re now better equipped to fight off the pesky viruses during flu season. But if you really want to stay safe, you should consider visiting the Fluimucil website, where you can get a FREE Fluimucil rescue kit. This all-in-one kit comes with a flu mask, tissue pack, antiseptic wipes, and a Fluimucil flyer – everything you need to protect you and your family from harmful airborne diseases.