The new Funan is not just for techies


indoor cycling track

Who thinks “Funan” when you need anything IT? It’s time to ditch that notion as the mall’s getting a next-level update when it reopens in late 2019.

Not only has its name changed – from a chunky 7-syllable “Funan DigitaLife Mall” to simply “Funan” – so has the mall’s focus. Tech geeks won’t be the only ones that walk through its doors – so will aspiring urban farmers, climbing enthusiasts and movie buffs. 

Not all of us have the patience to wait for two years, so we took a tour around the Funan showsuite, a “mini-Funan” which gives us a sneak peek of what’s in store. 


1. Go on Singapore’s first indoor cycling track


Imagine cycling down the road straight into the air-conditioned comfort of a mall, parking your bike, and taking a shower before you shop around. Yes, this cycling track is right inside the mall, which you never thought was allowed in Singapore before this. 

interior funan

That red strip on the first floor is a cycling track! Source: CapitaLand

And good news for the hygienic – there’ll be lockers and showers so you can freshen up and not alienate your fellow shoppers after a sweaty ride. 


2. Catch top theatre performances by W!LD RICE 


W!LD RICE has reached over a million people in the past 17 years with their theatre shows!

Leading theatre company W!LD RICE will make the new Funan its home with a 380-seat theatre, and it’ll be the first ever to be solely managed by a professional theatre troupe. 

Plus, if you’re the type who’s finicky about getting THE BEST views, you’ll get to pick the exact angle from which to catch those arresting dance-and-song numbers – the theatre’s three-side seating is just like that of ancient Greek amphitheatres. 


3. Compete with your friends at state-of-the-art sports facilities


 basketball courts

Adapted from Source

It’s time to call on your #fitspo squad and find out who’s the fittest of ‘em all. Outshine them at this super-swag basketball court – its markings are laser-projected on the atrium floor for a cool futuristic effect. 

Alternatively, hit new heights. Do that by playing futsal up high on the mall’s rooftop or scoot up the 50-lane rock-climbing wall by Climb Central. 

climbing wall

Source: @jellyfied

It has five more lanes than the indoor wall at Kallang Wave Mall, and towers 15 metres from B2 to Level 2. Get even the climbing newbies of your crew to join in, too – they’re good to go after a 15-minute safety briefing. 


4. Up your hipster cred at workshops by local artists


Cut and sew a leather pouch into existence or make a terrarium in the mall’s craft studios. 

terrarium making

Try terrarium-making…Source

funan showsuite leather

..or making your very own leather pouch. 

These classes will be housed in the “Tree of Life” – nope, it’s not a 500-year-old tree, but a central wood-and-steel structure that runs through the mall, and features studios and open spaces where local creatives can host workshops, talks or pop-up shops. 


Keepers. Source

In line with this #supportlocal theme, you’ll also be able to score gorgeous knick-knacks from home-grown jewellery label Carrie K. and Singapore design collective Keepers too, who will be setting up a flagship store.


5. Test out your drone-flying skills 


Though the new mall has gone beyond IT, it doesn’t mean that tech is taking a backseat. 

flying drones

Can your drone do this? Adapted from Source

In fact, it’s flying into the future – catch the latest drone models buzzing in the air at the mall’s dedicated drone test zone by TK Foto. 

But don’t worry, familiar names such as Newstead Technologies and AddOn Systems are still around – the latter’s managing the Lenovo store and service centre so you can get your laptop checked when it’s wonky. 


6. Have robots serve you at the kopitiam 


 robots kopitiam

Source: CapitaLand

Us commoners at the kopitiam can enjoy the atas life in future. Kopitiam – the food-court brand, not the old-school one – is embracing KOPI-tech that will enable your laziness. 

One innovation: Get your nosh on food collection conveyer belts, then have robots return your messy tray and crockery. 


7. Grow your own lunch right in the mall  


From this…


...To this – hopefully. Source: @justsalad

Now, you can tell bae that your salad is legit “farm-to-table.” Grow your greens at Funan’s 4,000 square feet urban farm, then savour it at the tables of the food garden beside. Just be sure to visit your plot often to make sure your veggies are growing along nicely.


Experience Funan before everyone else at this “mini-Funan”


The showsuite’s elements are teasers for the new mall’s design, such as this cycling track around the ground floor. Whizz along if you like – just don’t knock things down. 

funan indoor cycling

Source: CapitaLand

funan showsuite

Also, to give you a taste of the activities at Funan’s Tree of Life, local artisans will conduct craft workshops such as terrarium-making or leather crafting for aspiring DIY mavens in the showsuite.

 funan work suite

Embrace the zen vibes at this spot as you fire off emails. 

Finally, the showsuite’s cool industrial chic decor and ample space also scores points in the “let’s camp here whole day” department – hey, the trinity of FREE wifi, powerplugs and aircon is hard to resist. 

No surprises if this place becomes popular with the on-the-go working crowd. 

funan showsuite exterior

Where: At the junction of Hill Street and High Street

Walk: 5 minutes from Clarke Quay MRT and 10 minutes from City Hall MRT 

How: Like “FunanSG” on Facebook OR Instagram to visit the show suite for FREE!

Visit the Funan show suite! 

 funan mall exterior

Source: CapitaLand

This post was brought to you by Funan.