Something sugary comes your way.

Come 27th June 2014 to 29th June 2014, Fantasia by Escriba will be here to excite your senses and tantalize your taste-buds. So lets find out more about this quirky, first of its kind event!


Little tidbits of the event



Fantasia by Escriba is here to dazzle, covering almost 800m square of wonderful, sugary goodness. That is two football field’s worth of structures so impressive, you’ll be torn between taking a photo of it or taking a bite out of it.


They are here to bring chocolates and confectionery to the next level. Check out the diagram above.

Now imagine the Singapore Flyer – it is 4m in height. Fantasia is bringing in an edible wall equaling that height and almost doubling in length. Go home, Great Wall of China, I’m bringing this wall home!

And have I went on about the 6m tall chocolate giraffe and 4m tall elephant? I have never been more excited for any event than this one. Combining visual beauty with savoury promises. Yum!


About the creator of Fantasia



Christian Escribà is a internationally acclaimed and awarded master Pastry Chef from the famous family owned pastry boutique Pastelería Escribà in Barcelona, Spain.

He is also one of the sweetest men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He described Fantasia to us excitedly, talking about everything from his love of animals to his pride for his wife for being the perfection behind his crafts. 

What differentiates him from your regular pastry chef is his diversity. He believes confectionery can be bigger than they are and he brings the necessary effects – magicians, engineers, architects – together to create them.


Fantasy pavilions of Fantasia


There are 8 planned pavilions for Fantasia. This sweeter than life fantasy world promises over 30 masterpieces. Here’s a quick introduction of the stunning pavilions!


1. Magical Entryway

The portal bridging the real and the fantastic. A real head-turner – visitors are greeted by a tunnel-like entryway flanked by characters on stilts. Clouds of spun sugar float overhead, while a giant pastry moon looks on with blinking eyes.

2. Nature

An ode to the jungle – with a life-sized elephant, a giraffe, a zebra, a family of hippos, and monkeys, set around a Baobab tree with edible mint leaves – all rendered in chocolate!

3. The Tea Room

An invitation to a wedding – dominated by an 8-metre tall cake and a massive edible wall measuring 8 metres long and 4 metres tall.

4. Chocolate Theater

A profoundly choc-tastic set of stage performances of ‘The Story of Chocolate’. Visitors get to enjoy chocolate on tap, and take part in chocolate bodypainting. Now that’s indulgence!


5. The Bridge Between Barcelona And Asia (must see!)

A visually stunning showcase of confectionery replicas of Escribà’s top selection of historical works. This is complemented with a presentation of new Escribà masterpieces themed around Barcelona and Asia – and the creation of a cultural bridge between the two.

6. Escriba Academy

An added dimension to the Fantasìa experience for all passionate fans of pastry and confections – working with the masters in four tantalising areas:

7. The Future Of Pastry

What is the pastry of the future going to look like? A sneak peek into the ‘R&D lab’ – essentially Christian Escribà and Patricia Schmidt’s vision – of new mouth-watering elements. What elements specifically? That, would be a surprise!


8. Wonderland!

This one’s for the kids! An exciting mix of ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ play areas for the young and the young-at-heart. A 2000m2 play area fashioned like an imaginary mini city. Kids can participate in a variety of activities like ‘cake wars’, building structures using foam bricks, and other exciting games. 



Fantasia By Escribà


Date: 27th June 2014 to 29th June 2014
Venue: Marina Bay Sand Convention Centre, Halls A & B

Tickets available now for purchase now at

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