Euro Fun Park – Pop-up amusement park in JB

Yes, we have multiple attractions and things to do in Singapore, but sometimes we just crave a change of scenery. Well, the answer to your “what should we do this weekend?” question isn’t that far after all. Euro Fun Park, a popular travelling carnival that made its first stop in KL last year, is now in JB with carnival-style rides and funfair games.

From now till 20th August, grab your passports and head to JB because this amusement park isn’t staying for long.

30 minutes from Woodlands Checkpoint with tickets at S$1.75/adult

Image credit: @eurofunpark via Instagram

It’s hard to believe that this amusement park is just a 30-minute drive from Woodlands Checkpoint. With a total of 20 fun carnival-style rides and tons of funfair games, you might have to come back for a second time to really get a feel of each ride.

It won’t cost you much, too. Admission for adults and kids are RM6 (~S$1.75) and RM4 (~$S1.15) respectively, but you’ll also need to purchase tokens to be able to go on the rides itself. Each token costs RM2 (~S$0.58)

Tip: Plan beforehand which rides you’re planning to take since tokens for different rides vary.

Family-friendly carnival rides & games

euro wheel & wave swinger
Popular rides include the Euro Wheel (3 tokens) and Wave Swinger (2 tokens).
Image credit: @_bearbearchan & @esuopang via Instagram

The fun in Euro Fun Park definitely lives up to its name, with a set of 4 rides all thrill seekers need to experience – the Challenger (4 tokens), Sky Rider (3 tokens), Vortex (6 tokens), and Rock & Roll (2 tokens)

the challenger ride
A ride on the Challenger.
Video credit: @triciatsx via TikTok

Although strapped safely in your seat, you can expect 360-degree turns, swinging at full force towards the sky and lots of screaming – especially on the Challenger ride.

Say you’re coming with family, the kids won’t be left out since the majority of the park also has family-friendly rides. You’ve got “scarier” ones like the Mega Coaster (5 tokens) rollercoaster and Super Jet (2 tokens) that lets you “fly” up and down in your seat. For those who just want to take it slow, there are chill rides like the Formula 3000 (2 tokens), where you and your kid get to race in a car.

samba balloon & space flyer
Other rides for kids include the Samba Balloon (4 tokens) and Space Flyer (5 tokens).
Image credit: @eurofunpark via Instagram

If adrenaline-pumping rides aren’t your thing, try your luck with the carnival games instead. You’ve got classics like Pop The Balloon and other new ones like Fish Bowl, where you fish out toy balls for some plushies. Prizes here are just like at any other theme park – you’ll take home giant, fluffy soft toys such as Spongebob and Doraemon. 

carnival games
Image credit: @eurofunpark & @_bearbearchan via Instagram

As the park opens from 7pm-12am, you not only get to try rides, but you’ll also see the entire space light up. The park gives major aesthetic vibes, which means another snap for the ‘Gram. Oh, and did we mention the upbeat music that rings throughout the place?

Plan an evening at Euro Fun Park in JB

euro fun park
Image credit: @eurofunpark via Instagram

If you’re looking for things to do across the Causeway, Euro Fun Park should definitely be on that list. It’s a fun, affordable, and accessible activity to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Even better if you’re a thrill seeker, because this amusement park has tons of thrilling rides that’ll give you an adrenaline rush. 

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Admission: RM6 (~$S1.75)/adult, RM4 (~$S1.15)/child
Address: Angsana JB Mall, Jalan Tampoi, Taman Damansara Aliff, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 7pm-12am, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: @eurofunpark & @esuopang via Instagram

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