Durian delivery services

Durian lovers rejoice: ‘tis the season for the king of fruits, and you may have already caught whiffs of it coming from your neighbourhood fruit stalls.

Since you can’t bring durians onto public transport or even hop onto a taxi to bring them home, satisfy your cravings and have the fruit delivered straight to your doorstep with these six reputable durian delivery services.

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1. 99 Old Trees Durian – pure ‘A’ grade D24 Pulp

Durian mousse from 99 Old Trees Durian
Image credit: @foodie_emilly

The harvest quality of durians ranges throughout the season, so you know you’re getting the good stuff when a seller only has durians in limited quantities.

99 Old Trees Durian only sells stock that passes their quality checks so you know that the D24, S17, Jin Feng and MSW you’re getting will hit the spot. Each 700G box starts from $40 and you can even get 1KG of durian pulp from $48 to make durian desserts like mousse and puffs at home.  

Delivery: $6.90 delivery fee

99 Old Trees Durian website

2. Durian Kingdom Singapore – rare Black Pearl variant

Durian as far as the eye can see
Image credit: Durian Kingdom SG

Durian Kingdom Singapore is a humble home business that has a loyal following for their durians – just check out the reviews on their Facebook page. For prices of their available durians, drop them a message on FB Messenger and you’ll receive an automated price list.

Here, you can expect Red Prawn, D101, and MSW variants from $15/KG. Look out for their elusive Black Pearl variant – its slightly bitter and creamy flesh makes it an addictive choice.

Do note that there’s a minimum order of 6KG which roughly gives you two boxes of durians, which can be easily demolished by you and your family. 

Delivery: Free delivery included in all orders

Durian Kingdom website

3. Durian Delivery – freshly-plucked durians with delivery in 60 minutes

durian delivery

Durian Delivery has you covered for the days when you’re too lazy to drive out to satisfy your durian cravings. They offer a selection of fresh durian varieties from Red Prawn to Pahang Signature Black Gold from $15/KG. You can also go for the classic MSW from $24/KG.

You also won’t have to wait long to dig into your order – Durian Delivery can deliver freshly plucked and de-husked durians to your doorstep on the same day. You can even pay a small premium of $13.70 for express delivery within 60 minutes.

Delivery: $9.70 for same-day delivery, $13.70 for express delivery, free delivery for orders above $100

Durian Delivery website

4. Melvin’s Durian – bundle deals for big orders above 6KG

Image credit: Melvin’s Durian

For a wide range of durian varieties, Melvin’s Durian has MSW, Jin Feng, Black Pearl, Mini Ku Wang, D1, D13, and more from $11/KG. If you’re hosting a durian party at home, you can take advantage of their bundle deals that start from $98 for 6KG up to $288 for 12KG.

They also have a fruit shop called The Fruit Cartel where you can order premium fruits like Japanese peaches, Kyoto grapes and Rainier cherries delivered to you. 

Delivery: $12 islandwide delivery, free for orders above $80.

Melvin’s Durian website

5. Ah Seng Durian – Golden Phoenix & XO for bitter durian lovers

Image credit: @ahsengdurian

Ah Seng Durian’s selections are pretty high in demand, so you have to reserve a delivery slot fast to avoid disappointment. 

Their Facebook and IG pages are updated almost daily with the price list of durians that are in stock. Some common varieties they sell include MSW and D13 as well as more uncommon varieties like Golden Phoenix and XO from $15/KG. You can also get homemade lime and sour plum concentrate for drinks ($13/bottle) along with your order.

Delivery: Delivery arranged with Lalamove at $10-$20 per trip

Ah Seng Durian website

6. Durian Papi – vacuum-sealed & frozen MSW

Image credit: @durianpapi.sg

Durian Papi specialises in MSW durians that come straight from their plantation in Pahang, Malaysia. What’s different about them is that they vacuum-seal and freeze their durians immediately after dehusking, keeping the fruit fresh for longer periods of time.

Because of this, their durians can be kept for up to one year unopened – perfect for when you want to indulge in durians off-season.

Each 400G box costs $45 and can be shared between two – three pax. For those who want to have an MSW stash in their freezer, you’ll be glad to know that with each order of six boxes, you’ll get an extra box for free. 

Delivery: Free for all orders, same-day delivery for orders made before 6PM

Durian Papi website

Order durians from home

When durian season rolls around, nothing beats going to a durian store and huddling over a freshly opened durian to taste its treasures within. But for now, staying home and having the king of fruits delivered to you feels like the royal treatment too.

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Originally published on 8th June 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 25th June 2021.