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Don’t Pray Pray With Gurmit Singh

He’s really the comedy, the smarts, and the talent of Singapore. I remember him as the yellow boots man, the charismatic talkshow host and the all round cool guy. 

I’ve indeed great respects for him because he was the face on TV all the time. And to me, he’s really really cool. He’s incredibly funny and he can pull off any physical comedy any time. Watching him transition from a joker to an eloquent host in his own talkshow, I’ve always enjoyed watching him. And if you ever grew up in Singapore, you would know that our local English sitcoms often lack…luster.

People often associate his crudeness as him embarrassing Singapore. Well, sure it’s somewhat odd and crass but honestly, that’s a lot of us. We may not dress like a butcher or have uncut mole hairs or dramatic scenes, but it makes us who we are. He made us laugh at ourselves and to me, it made me appreciate who we are. Not perfect, but quirky and interesting. 🙂 

So thanks Gurmit Singh, I’m glad I still get to be entertained by you.