The pursuit of a better life seems to sum up the lives of most people. Better jobs, better pay, better relationships, better houses etc. Everyone wants them, and why not? I mean, who doesn’t desire a better life? But often, to actually get these ‘better’ things, one has to give up something in exchange. For example, to earn a promotion to get a higher salary, one might have to put in more time at work, leaving less time for the family which leads deteriorating relationships. But let’s put aside this heavy topic of work vs. family, and focus on something more tangible – a new condominium vs. an old HDB block.

A no brainer, right? Who wants to live in an old HDB block when you can have a new condominium with amenities? My family is considering whether we should upgrade from a flat to a condominium, and price aside, there is another factor that is weighing on our minds; namely, nostalgia.

Our current flat is more than just bricks and cement. It’s our home, and though new (and some may say, better) memories can be created; this flat holds memories for us which can never be replaced. However, my practical side reminds me that memories are nothing more than treasures of the mind, while a better house is something that is actually tangible, and would improve my family members’ lives more than memories ever will.

So what do you think? Are memories metaphorical chains which hold us back, or do they actually keep us going?