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Singapore’s Hidden Culture


Singapore is very well-known for its multi-racial culture and her peoples’ love for food, but perhaps that there is one trait of Singapore that is lesser known these days, it is the part of Singapore which is a garden city. In fact, I feel that this hidden trait of ours is slowly fading away, with the younger generation taking little recognition of it.

I am sure that we can all remember 10 years ago where roads and neighbourhoods were lined up with trees, and express ways held vegetation for miles on the end. Now, the size of roads and neighbourhoods are expanding, but the number of trees are decreasing. It may not seem like a problem, but it actually does inconvenience us. Trees block the sunlight, making neighbourhoods a cooler place to walk around, and roads not so hot with sunlight hampering drivers’ vision.

As Singapore’s once tree filled land becomes bare of them gradually, one can only wonder whether this garden city, with a history of kampongs set in a landscape of nature, will retain its title as a garden city, or gradually morph into a complete concrete jungle.