Deliveroo mask cases

For many of us, finally being able to dine out again has been complete bliss. But as we remove our masks to enjoy a long-awaited dine-in meal, caution is often thrown to the wind with some of us chucking our masks straight into our bags or – gasp – even leaving it out on grimy tables to pick up all sorts of germs.

Modern problems require modern solutions; you can now redeem free limited-edition mask cases from Deliveroo, to properly and safely store your mask while you feast.

Store your mask in adorable, punny cases

Deliveroo mask case
Image credit: Deliveroo

Designed by Singaporean illustrator, Tan Si Qi, these mask cases are adorable and sport tickling puns with a local flair. There are 4 different designs, featuring quippy food-related quotes like: 

  • “Chicken rice to meet you!”
  • “Donut worry, be happy!”
  • “Have a slice day!”
  • “Steady lah! You’re on a sushi roll!”

Deliveroo mask case
Image adapted from: Deliveroo

Lightweight and compact, these are easy to carry around, fitting even into little purses. They’re also dust-proof and moisture-proof so you can dine with a peace of mind as they seal your mask safely away from any contaminated surface. 

Your spare masks can be stored in these cases as well, to protect them from getting all crumpled up and dirtied by the other items in our bags.

Redeem your free Deliveroo mask case

You can get your hands on one of these sweet freebies when you spend a minimum of $12 at their 3 Deliveroo Editions outlets located at Alice@Mediapolis, CT Hub 2 and Katong

Though these Deliveroo concept eateries have commenced dine-in operations, this promotion is available only for delivery or pick-up orders made through their app (iOS, Android) from 3rd July 2020 onwards

Be sure to redeem one ASAP as there’s only a limited quantity of 270 cases up for grabs!

Find out more about Deliveroo’s mask cases here


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Cover image adapted from Deliveroo


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