Data science degree career prospects

Not many may know that data science is one of the fastest growing fields right now. You know what that means – lots of career opportunities, plus the generous paycheck that comes with such an in-demand specialisation. 

But that’s not to say that it’s exclusive to neo-Mark Zuckerbergs who are sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. Besides computers and coding, there are many industries you can enter with a data science degree, some of which you may not think of. Here are 4 industries you can become a trailblazer at, no geekiness attached.

1. Health science – Help make more accurate diagnoses

health sciences

Doctors and nurses may be the first to come to mind when we think of the health sciences, but in truth, there are more people behind the scenes than those with the white coats and stethoscopes. 

We know that human error can happen, which can be a detriment when it comes to diagnosing patients and deciding how to treat them. This is where data scientists get to show their prowess. With numbers and solid figures to rely on, data scientists can project specific trends regarding a patient’s health. This enables them to help health professionals make more accurate diagnoses. 

There are many roles you can set your sights on with a data science degree, one of which is medical imaging which involves closely analysing X-rays. Data science can help with more accurate analysis of medical images, so doctors don’t have to agak-agak when inspecting these scans.

2. Agriculture & environment – Build systems for urban farming

Agriculture and environment

You might have noticed that there’ve been urban farms popping up around our little red dot, and no doubt the field of farming is here to stay as tummies need to be filled. Since it takes more than rakes and tractors to increase our crop yields, the agriculture and environment industry has been tapping into data science to help boost our farming capacities.

Data about soil fertility, water quality and minerals is increasingly being stored in an Internet of Things (IoT) system, together with data on environmental factors such as the weather. This allows food production companies to make informed decisions, such as when to plant, harvest and market a product onto the shelves. 

As farming technology develops, and with food demands constantly growing, data science talents will be very much in demand to contribute to this field. 

3. Oil & gas – Work towards a green-friendly future

Oil and Gas
Image credit: Economic Development Board

Singapore may be lucky to be spared from earthquakes and tsunamis, but that doesn’t stop the need for the oil and gas industry to collect seismic data about the ground down under. 

Data science is applied in order to predict when it’s safe to drill, keeping in mind the wellbeing of the workers on site. These skills will also allow you to chalk up one karma point for saving the world, as you’ll be finding cheaper and more environmentally friendly ways to mine for oil, it being a limited resource.

4. Art & media – Profiling to enhance Spotify & Netflix recs

Music and netflix
If Netflix is the rabbit hole we fall into daily, then the Mad Hatter behind it is data science itself. 

We’ve come a long way from CDs and DVDs – all we need these days is to tune into our favourite music streaming services and netflix shows, and we’re all set for a day spent on the couch. But to better pique our interests, these services harness the power of data science, which is becoming increasingly relevant in the arts and media industry.

That’s how new artists and shows are recommended to you, especially when data is being collected on your listening and viewing habits. Companies are investing in the use of data science as it influences the type of media marketed on streaming services, maximising revenue. 

Get a data science degree at Curtin Singapore

No matter which sector your heart is set on, data science is an expertise needed everywhere.  Curtin Singapore’s data science degree can help you to make a mark on almost every industry way beyond “traditional” ones such as IT. 

While it’s crucial to get your basics right, you’ll need to be equipped with many other skills apart from data science in order to really thrive in the workplace. Good thing is that Curtin Singapore’s data science degree programme provides the right balance, where besides data science, students also learn statistics, computer science and communication skills

Due to shorter term breaks and a trimester academic calendar, students get to fast-track their studies, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Data Science) in just 2 years. They’ll also be industry-ready, thanks to the Industry Advisory Group’s input into the programme design. Tuition fees will be lower compared to in Australia, and you can still do part of your degree in Perth for the exposure to the Australian way of life.

If Curtin Singapore’s data science degree programme ticks all your boxes, be sure to apply right away in time for the July intake.

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