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Clean and green singapore 2020

6 Free Upcycling Craft Workshops Worth Camping Online For At Clean & Green Singapore 2020

Clean & Green Singapore Virtual Carnival

Before we bid goodbye to a tumultuous year, turn the trash you’ve accumulated into treasure with online workshops from the Clean & Green Singapore Virtual Carnival. Hosted by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) from 28th November, 9AM with content launches over two days, expect a deluge of upcycling craft workshops that are completely free.

From DIY mask holders that solve your mealtime mask storage woes to upcycled gift bags to prepare for the Christmas season, embark on these fun craft projects with your family and cultivate eco-friendly habits together at the same time. 

The materials needed can be readily found in our households, such as old shirts, plastic files and empty glass bottles. The workshops are also easy to follow, so you can rope in the little ones to pitch in and have a leisurely afternoon of crafts.  

1. Clear out old clothes to make tote bags

Tote bag making workshop at clean and green singapore 2020Image credit: NEA

In the depths of every wardrobe is a pile of clothes that hasn’t been touched for years. Yet, whenever you try to Marie Kondo your garb, you’d convince yourself you can fit into them again one day or wait for that special occasion to don that dress you haven’t worn in years. 

Instead of leaving them to collect dust, give your old clothes a new lease of life by upcycling them into trendy tote bags through the Tote Bag Making Workshop. Apart from freeing up wardrobe space, these DIY totes are great for carrying your barang around on a casual day out or for lugging your shopping spree loot without wasting plastic bags.

For more ways to upcycle your old clothes, check out the T-Shirt Face Mask Workshop which teaches you how to transform cotton tees into soft, breathable protection when you’re out and about.

Tote Bag Making Workshop with Nurul Aini
Date: 28th November 2020
Time: 9.30AM

T-Shirt Face Mask Workshop
Date:  29th November 2020
Time: 12PM

2. DIY handy mask holders to bring along for meals

Mask holder workshop at Clean and green singapore 2020Bedazzle your DIY mask holder up with colourful jewel beads
Image credit: NEA

The mask-wearing new normal of COVID-19 came with a slew of inconveniences, like having no proper place to keep your mask during a meal. If you’ve been hanging it on your arm or placing it on the table while crossing your fingers hoping the surface is clean, it’s high time you pack a handy mask holder wherever you go. 

Instead of scouring the web to get one, save a few extra dollars by crafting your own out of old plastic files. Not only can you tailor the size to fit either kiddos or grownups, you can personalise them with cute designs to make a thoughtful gift. 

DIY Mask Holder Workshop
Date: 28th November 2020
Time: 9.30AM

3. Make glass bottle lamps for Christmas vibes at home

Glass bottle LED lamp workshop at Clean and Green Singapore 2020Stained glass designs reminiscent of European cathedrals will help usher in a festive atmosphere
Image credit: NEA

From daily breakfast jams to cookie jars, most households go through glass bottles and jars pretty quickly. But here’s a sad fact: glass takes over a million years to decompose. That’s why you should always think twice before disposing of glass items, as they’re not as straightforward to break down as paper or metal. 

Good thing is, glass bottles and jars score high on the aesthetic aspect, and repurposing them as glass bottle lamps make for snazzy decor that’ll brighten up your pad and make it extra cosy. Whether it’s a jam jar lamp or a twinkling cookie jar filled with fairy lights, it can stand as a unique statement piece that adds character to any room.

If you’re interested in more craft projects that serve as wholesome family activities and spice up your home at the same time, check out the Upcycled Magazine Vase workshop and Upcycled Christmas Decoration workshop as well.

Glass bottle LED lamp workshop
Date: 28th November 2020
Time: 5PM

Upcycled magazine vase workshop
Date: 29th November 2020
Time: 9.30AM

Upcycled Christmas Decoration Workshop
Date: 29th November 2020
Time: 9.30AM

3. Make upcycled paper gift bags to prep for the season of giving

Upcycled gift bag workshop at Clean and green singapore 2020Image credit: NEA

‘Tis the season to play Secret Santa and give gifts to your loved ones – and nothing beats the joy and anticipation of unwrapping a beautifully wrapped present. But before you head to the mall to buy wrapping paper, save both your cash and some trees by making upcycled paper gift bags instead.

Customise upcycled paper bagsImage credit: @bhavleo

Not only do you do your part for the environment, you can also tailor the DIY gift wraps to each recipient’s unique interests. For instance, use beauty catalogues for that gal pal who’s a makeup lover, or an F1 magazine for your dad who loves cars to add a warm personal touch. 

Paper Gift Bag Upcycling Workshop
Date: 28th November 2020
Time: 10.30AM

5. Make self-watering planters with used plastic bottles

Self-watering planter workshop with used plastic bottles at Clean and Green Singapore 2020Image credit: NEA

Circuit Breaker, as we remember, gave rise to the popularity of home gardening. Singaporeans of all ages started tending to potted plants at home – from indoor plants that purify air to homegrown veggies for a “HDB corridor to table” experience.

As we inch closer to normalcy and spend less time at home, keep your plant babies alive with nifty self-watering planters. Learn how to make them using plastic bottles, which would otherwise be binned each time we drink beverages on-the-go. 

DIY Planter Workshop with Eswari Gunasagar
Date: 28th November 2020
Time: 10AM

6. Ferment your own multi-purpose cleaning liquid

Food scrapsImage credit: Pxfuel

While it’s common knowledge to recycle plastic and paper, most Singaporean households unwittingly dispose of fruit peels which can easily be repurposed

A win-win solution for both your wallet and the earth is to use these fruit peels to create a multi- purpose enzyme cleaner. Apart from making full use of your groceries, you also save on cleaning solutions you’d otherwise have to buy.

Eco-enzyme liquid Liquids that contain eco-enzymes can be used to mop the floor and fertilise plants
Image credit: NEA

To learn how to make an enzyme cleaner from fruit peels, tune in to a humour-filled workshop hosted by Mark Lee, Singapore’s beloved comedian, actor, host and director who’s been a familiar face on TVs and movies since we were kids.

Enzyme Cleaner Workshop with Mark Lee
Date: 28th November 2020
Time: 9.30AM

Free upcycling workshops at Clean & Green Singapore

Peep at any dumpster and you’ll easily see how much waste we generate every day. But taking small steps to reduce our contribution to the landfill as individuals and households goes a long way. 

Attending the Clean & Green Singapore Virtual Carnival happening this 28th – 29th November 2020 is a good start, and the series of purposeful craft workshops available also make for a fun family-bonding activity. Apart from the ones listed in this article, there are more workshops, kid-friendly talks about recycling, and even performances to check out.

Participate in the giveaway as well to stand a chance to win mystery prizes, including neck pillows, reusable utensil sets and seed packs to kickstart your home garden. Click for a full list of giveaway prizes

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Watch any Clean & Green Singapore Virtual Carnival workshop video.  
  2. Complete any of the DIY items.
  3. Post a selfie with your completed DIY item(s) on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #cleanandgreensingapore by 31 December 2020. Make sure to set your account to public!

Winners will be drawn by chance from the entries, and the lucky recipients will be contacted via Direct Message to arrange for delivery of prizes. 

Before we start spring cleaning for the new year and throwing out our old and unwanted belongings with reckless abandon, let’s be mindful about the environment and find creative ways to repurpose them instead. The best part is, we even get to save money along the way, and have several hours of DIY fun. 

Check out the Clean & Green Singapore Virtual Carnival

This post was brought to you by NEA.
Cover image adapted from: NEA

28 Nov - 31 Dec 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 am