Christmas Gift Guide For Singaporean Men

Last minute shoppers who haven’t a clue what to buy for your dad, your bf or your boss. Do not panic! I’ve compiled a list of exquisite and innovative Christmas gifts, most of which are inexpensive yet extremely thoughtful and stylish.

There’s bound to be one or two that will be ideal for the special men in your life. 🙂


1. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell



Price: $22
Suitable For: Intellectuals, Friends, Boyfriends

A book is always a great way to continuously upgrade and educate oneself. And if I were to get you a book, I’d definitely look into this one.

The Tipping Point is a great read if you just need a sudden slap of reality as Malcolm Glad well demonstrates how small, deceptively trivial actions can add up into full blown phenomenons. This is a fascinating classic which I’m sure many would find hard to put down once they start on it.

Buy The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell


2. Smythson Leather Notebook



Price: $93
Suitable For: Colleagues, Friends, Forgetful people

A leather notebook makes the ideal gift for a slick gentlemen with a penchant for standout details. Your boss will love it, and so will your journalist of a friend. Plus this notebook is incredible stylish and relevant.

Buy the Smythson Leather Notebook.


3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue & Zegna Forte



Price: $80
Suitable For: Boyfriends, Brothers, Friends

Every man NEEDS to smell good, I’m sure you’d know how important that is by now.

But if you’re uncertain where to begin, or if he even wears any cologne at all, then here are two fragrances that I think are good to start with.

Light Blue is as it says, very light and subtle, and I have recommended and bought this cologne for loved ones more times than I should have. But no matter who wears it, it always smells different on different people and it is sublime.


The other fragrance is Zegna Forte which is definitely more intense and intoxicating and suitable for the guy with dark and bewitching character.

These are available at all major stores.


4. Men’s Fine Grooming Weekend Travel Essentials



Price: $39.90
Suitable For: Boyfriends, Dads, Friends

If he already smells good, its time to make sure he looks good!

This complete grooming kit is a great gift for travelling men who loves to pamper and look after themselves. Packaging is masculine and the products smell divine!

Equip your man with this complete grooming kit that includes a Shave Gel, Aftershave Balm, Hair & Body Wash and an invigorating Lime & Basil Soap, everything your guy needs to look fresh and primp.

Buy the Men’s Fine Grooming Weekend Travel Essentials.


5. Winestein Stemware Mug



Price: $23
Suitable For: Dads, Friends, Drinkers

For friends who can’t decide if they should have wine or beer, the Winestein Stemware Mug is the gift to have! It is as functional as it is quirky. Perfect for switch hitters! 

Buy the Winestein Stemware Mug.


6. Teaism Brew Tea Gift Set



Price: $52
Suitable For: Tea addicts, Health freaks, Colleagues

Switch out his coffee with this set of Teaism Brew Tea Wands for a quick detox or re-charge in the office! This Brew Tea Gift Set come in 5 different flavours and a BPA-free tumblr! I love that it’s convenient, hassle-free AND healthy, ideal for tea addicts or your super busy colleague.

Buy the Teaism Brew Tea Gift Set.


7. Aftershokz Sportz 2 Headphones



Price: $129
Suitable For: Athletes, Exercise Addicts, Boyfriends

With the new Sportz 2 Headphones, you’ll never have to worry about your other half going off on evening jogs when traffic is heavy and busy!

Their bone-conduction technology delivers stereophonic sounds to the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear. This enables him stay connected to what they are listening to, and to the outside world ( car honks, oncoming traffic etc) while enjoying his feel-good music while exercising. 

Personally, these earphones feel extremely comfortable even after prolonged wear and they are sweat and water resistant.

Buy the Aftershokz Sportz 2 Headphones.


8. Drinkwel Hangover Supplement



Price: $60
Suitable For: Party-People, Drinkers, Friends

I have a brother and he drinks and parties, A LOT. And nothing kills a buzz like a hangover the next morning, so this Christmas, he’s receiving the Drinkwel Hangover Supplement from me! This Daily Multivatamin is the answer for the drinkers and chiongsters.

Buy the Drinkwel Hangover Supplement.


9. Spoonk Acupuncture Mats



Price: $98
Suitable For: Dads, Health Enthusiasts

I bought this because my Dad has been suffering from back pain due to bad posture and long hours of work at the office. I’ve tried it myself and it starts off kinda painful and a little tingly but gradually becomes very enjoyable and relaxing. I am just wow-ed by endless ways you can position this mat on your body, your neck, your feet and.. EVEN YOUR FACE!

It really helps released blocked energy and ease muscle tension but a word of caution, be very cautious and gentle when getting up from the mat, I was really excited the first time and scratched myself on the way up.

Hahaha, other than that, the experience has been sublime!

Buy the Spoonk Acupuncture Mats.


10. PS4


Price: $600
Suitable For: Gamers, Nerds, Boyfriends, Brothers

The PS4 has got to be at the TOP of any boy’s Christmas wishlist and the ultimate gift for any gaming enthusiast. Personally, I play DOTA2 on my PC, but nothing beats chilling in bed, playing Outlast and be scared shitless. What do you think your brother/bf/kid’s reaction is going be when he rips his present open and sees the PS4? Best. Christmas gift. Ever.

Buy a PS4.


Need more ideas?


So that’s it, these are my favourite products to give your men and boys this year, I literally ploughed through tons of items and and these are the things that I felt take the boxes on style, price, and quality.

Hope this guide helped you in some way! If you’re looking for more ideas check out this list of “20 Non-Lame Gift Exchange ideas” by Joshua. And for the ladies, here’s a video I did up! You can also see my Christmas Gift guide For Her on my blog.

Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2013 + GIVEAWAY
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Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2013 + GIVEAWAY

Lastly, I’d like to you all a Merry Blessed Christmas and happy shopping 🙂