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Cheap Japanese Buffets In Singapore From $12.99 With Sushi, Sashimi, Hotpot, & Yakiniku

Affordable Japanese buffets in Singapore

Image adapted from: @minjingsays

If you’re someone who’s constantly craving for Japanese cuisine and can’t get enough, Japanese buffet restaurants probably top your food charts. Not only are they one-stop places for sushi, sashimi, yakiniku, and hotpot, they won’t break your bank account. You’ll be arigato gozaimasu-ing us after you’ve visited these affordable Japanese buffet joints with high-quality dishes. 

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1. Danro Collagen Hotpot Buffet – broths that are good for your skin (from $15.90)

Image credit: @cheahkaliao.tanchigui

Danro Collagen Hotpot Buffet has unique soup bases including pork garlic collagen, herbal collagen, and spicy chicken collagen, just to name a few. And with their dual-flavour hotpots coupled with free broth top-ups, you can make sure you try all the different soups. 

Beef Yaki Udon
Image credit: @aokoibito

On top of their wide array of vegetables and meat, they also serve cooked dishes like beef yaki udon and stir-fried vegetables. Cleanse your palate with some of their ice creams because no meal is complete without dessert. 

Weekdays: Lunch $15.90 (adult), $9.90 (child) | Dinner $24.90 (adult), $9.90 (child) 
Weekends/ PH/ Eve of PH: Lunch and Dinner $24.90 (adult), $11.90 (Child) 
Address: #02-01/02/03, NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Telephone: 6853 5054
Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 11.30AM-10PM | Fri-Sat: 11.30AM-10.30PM

2. Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant – massive snow crab legs (from $22.80)

Image adapted from: Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

For an all-in-one buffet, head to Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant which features a wide variety of Sushi, Sashimi, Robatayaki (Japanese grill) and Nabetomo (hot pot items). They even offer Japanese and Western fusion pasta and pizzas. 

Image credit: @miich.chelle

Seafood lovers can go for the dinner option which has occasional dishes like robatayaki crayfish and saba shioyaki (Salt Grilled Mackerel) or indulge in their massive snow crab legs.

Image credit: @1lifeonisland

Weekdays: Lunch $22.80 (adult), $12.80 (child) | Dinner (except Friday) $33.80 (adult), $15.80 (child) 
Weekends/ PH/ Eve of PH: Lunch $29.80 (adult), $17.80 (child) | Dinner (including Fri) $39.80 (adult), $18.80 (child) 
Address: #08-01/02/03, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Telephone:6736 1216
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30AM-3PM, 6PM-10PM

3. Kushi Japanese Dining – fresh raw oysters (from $28.80)

Image credit: @geraldinet

Kushi Japanese Dining brings seafood galore with many different types of sashimi including tako (octopus) and ika (squid) on top of the usual salmon and tuna. Those who are addicted to munching on mala or salted egg fish skin snacks can look forward to crispy salmon skin here. 

Image credit: @ara.ily

When you’re at a buffet, the worst you can do is not let yourself indulge in guilty pleasures. So don’t hold back on the spread of tempura battered delights, deep fried chicken wings, octopus balls and squid heads. Throw in some grilled dishes into the mix as well like teriyaki meat skewers. 

Price: Tue-Sun (standard Buffet only at Thomson outlet): Lunch $28.80 (adult), $14.80 (child)| Dinner: $34.80 (adult), $17.80 (child)
Address: 263 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574390
Telephone: 6732 7522
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30AM-2PM | 5.30PM-9PM
Click here for more locations.

4. Suki-Ya – hotpot with large variety of ingredients (from $18.90)

Image credit: @tepoygabe

Suki-Ya is a Japanese hotpot eatery serving up thinly sliced beef, chicken and pork, along with 5 soup bases including Miso and Kimchi. For those whose hotpot essential is fishballs, try the lobster or salmon roe balls for a change.  

To spice up the broth with more ingredients, pop by their vegetable bar
Image credit: @fannying_about

Be sure to keep yourself updated on their frequent 1-for-1 dinner offers for further-slashed prices even further. After all, you really can’t go wrong such value for money meal deals. 

Price: Lunch $18.90 (adult), $14.90 (child) | Dinner $24.90 (adult), $17.90 (child)
Address: #04-62, No. 68, Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Telephone: 6835 9406
Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 11.30AM-10PM | Fri-Sun (PH, PH Eve): 11.30AM-10PM
Click here for more locations.

5. Irodori Japanese Restaurant – grilled mentaiko prawns and teppanyaki dishes (from $38.80)

If you can’t make up your mind on which sashimi to order, choose the mixed platter for an assortment
Image credit: @fishyfish

Something fishy is going on at Irodori Japanese Restaurant, which has a large seafood selection. The list doesn’t just stop at freshly sliced salmon sashimi but swordfish and octopus as well. 

Image adapted from: @edxfood

Mentaiko sauce has taken our food scene by storm – even burger joints are slapping that heavenly sauce on their patties. At this restaurant, you can get your hands on Ebi Mentaiyaki  – oven-grilled prawns topped with mentaiko sauce.

Image credit: @junxiangyeo

If you prefer cooked meals, choose from their range of teppanyaki dishes that are made to order. Nothing is really as comforting as having some warm food in your tummy. 

Price: Lunch and Dinner $38.80 (adult), $24.80 (child)
Address: #03-01, Riverview, Singapore 169629
Telephone:6737 2002
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 6:00 PM-10:30 PM

6. Yakiniku Ohji – charcoal grill (from $17.80)

Image adapted from: 焼肉王 Yakiniku-Oh

From Mookata to KBBQ, you can’t deny that we all love our grilled meat. Japanese charcoal grill buffets are equally good, and at Yakiniku Ohji you’ll be treated to a wide variety of meat. Although you can get more premium types of meat as you ascend their 4 buffet tiers, the first tier ($17.80), already has a good spread of chicken, pork, and sausages as well as different types of vegetables. 

Tickly sliced Unagi Cake Sushi Roll

They also have a good sushi selection like the Unagi Cake Sushi Roll. This packs a punch on the flavour-o-meter with grilled smokiness and sweet tare sauce. 

Price: Lunch and Dinner From $17.80 (adult), from $13.80 (child)
Address: #02-03, Jubilee Square, 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 569814 
Telephone: 6251 1736
Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 12PM-3PM, 5PM-10PM

7. Kuishin Bo – extensive dessert corner (From $36.90)

Image credit: @pigsteryeo

Kuishin Bo, which translates to “food connoisseur”, fulfils its name by serving a large variety of Japanese dishes as part of their buffet spread. We’re talking giant snow crab legs, crispy tempura prawns and various noodle dishes like soba and udon.  

Image credit: @sawan121

We’ve all heard of the saying – there’s always space for dessert – even if you’re fully stuffed like a teddy bear. So end your visit on a sweet note at the buffet’s sweet tooth corner which has everything from Japanese desserts like matcha mochi to local delights like various kuehs.

Weekdays: Lunch $36.90 (adult) | Dinner (except Fridays) $54.90 (adult)
Weekends/ PH/ Eve of PH: Lunch $38.90 (adult) | Dinner (including Fri) $58.90 (adult)
Find their full list of buffet prices here.
Address: #03-334, Suntec City, North Wing, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Telephone:6341 9200
Opening hours: Daily, 11.30AM-3.00PM, 5.30PM-10.00PM

8. Mitsuba – soft-shell crab handrolls and unagi skewers (from $41.90)

Image credit: @minjingsays

Mitsuba has many types of sashimi including snapper and surf clam. Besides this, they also have unique handroll flavours like soft-shell crab and tuna mayo.  

Image credit: Mitsuba

And good news to Tori Q frequents: you get to treat yourself to the unagi skewers slathered generously with teriyaki sauce. 

Image credit: @meltingplate

Lunch and Dinner: $41.90 (adult), $24.90 (child)
Address: #03-88, The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817
Telephone:6227 0388
Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 11.30AM-3PM, 6PM-10PM | Fri-Sun, PH & PH Eve: 11.30AM-3PM, 5.30PM-7:55PM, 8PM-10.30PM

9. Shabu Sai – tonkotsu ramen hotpot broth (from $12.99)

Image credit: Shabu Sai Singapore

We can’t say no to a good hot pot, especially when it’s at Shabu Sai – which has many soup bases available as well as thinly-sliced meat and all types of veggies. 

Image credit: @freddysai

They also have a Ying Yang pot so you can choose 2 soups at one go. If you’re a souper fan of ramen, try their creamy rich tonkotsu base. At just a little more than $10, this place gives real bang for your buck. 

Image credit: @shuyue_wang

You’ll also be happy to know that Shabu Sai has a soft serve station. Dress it up with toppings you love, such as rainbow sprinkles, cereal, and nuts, then douse it in generous amounts of chocolate sauce.

Weekdays: Lunch $12.99 (adult) | Dinner (except Fridays) $23.99 (adult) 
Weekends/ PH/ Eve of PH: Lunch $19.99 (adult)| Dinner $29.99 (adult)
Address: #08-09/11, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11:30AM-3PM, 6PM-10:30PM | Sat-SUn: 11:30AM-10:30PM 
Click here for more locations. 

10. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant – thickly sliced sashimi (from $43.90)

Image credit: @joycelyndiary

For those of you who never fail to head for the Sashimi first when at a buffet, you’ll enjoy your dining experience at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant, whose sashimis are the main highlight. The slices of raw seafood are thicc so you’ll get your money’s worth.  

Image credit: @lololazizoo

Other than raw fish, their maki flavours also stand out from that of other Japanese restaurants. A favourite is the Dragonfly Maki Roll which comes with creamy avocado and crunchy soft shell crab. 

Image credit: @im.julesg

On top of their fresh raw seafood, Shin Minori also serves up hot meals like grilled prawns, stir-fried vegetables and udon. You can also get 2 scoops of their matcha with azuki bean ice cream with a top up of $8.50. 

Price: Lunch and Dinner $43.90 (adult), $33.90 (child)
Address: #03-15/16, UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 239917
Telephone:6733 2272
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, PH Eve: 11.30AM-2.30PM, 6PM-10.30PM | Sun, PH: 12PM-3PM, 6PM-10.30PM
Click here for more locations.

Best Japanese buffets in Singapore

We all deserve to indulge and pig out sometimes and what better way to do it at these buffets, especially if you’re a sucker for all things Japanese. You can find anything from Japanese-style hotpot to sashimi and grills

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