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24h prata buffet singapore

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There are those nights where you’re just extra ravenous. When the midnight pangs hit hard, a burger or a bag of chips from the 24/7 convenience store just ain’t gonna cut it.

No, what you need is an all-you-can-eat supper. From seafood grills to mala steamboats, here are 10 late night buffets around Singapore that’ll let you feast till the crack of dawn.


1. Hao Lai Wu – Steamboat and BBQ till 3am (from $21.80)


Hao Lai Wu

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No more bickering with the squad over BBQ or steamboat: Hao Lai Wu has both, along with a vast selection of fresh ingredients. The grill here is electric and the steamboat pot is made of crystal, which means no charcoal smell sticking to your clothes and no accidentally scalding yourself against hot metal. 

Late Night Buffet

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There’s a tasty selection of cooked food here too, including crisp golden mantous, spicy sichuan dishes and a special egg roll that the staff will prepare for you at your own grill.

Hao Lai Wu Singapore

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A short walk away from both Chinatown and Telok Ayer MRT, the restaurant is decorated with colourful oriental-style wallpaper. There are leather booths and oil drum chairs that open up to reveal storage space for your belongings, as well as both fans and air-conditioning to keep you cool while you feast.

Dinner buffets are priced at $21.80.

Hao Lai Wu
Address: 8 Sago Street, Singapore 059012
Opening hours: Daily: 11AM-3AM
Telephone: 6221 0065


2. Al Jasra Restaurant – 24-hour prata buffet (from $7.90)


Al Jasra Restaurant

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Prata is like the Swiss army knife of Singaporean food – good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. So whether you are looking for a satisfying way to start the day or feeling the midnight munchies, you can tuck into Al Jasra Restaurant’s 24/7 prata buffet.

Al Jasra Prata

Masala prata, packed with filling
Image credits: Eatbook

For just $7.90, there’s a surprisingly vast selection of 16 pratas that you can choose from, including the classic egg prata and the sinful chocolate prata. Each one is made and fried upon your order, ensuring that you’ll only get the freshest and warmest pratas there is.

Al Jasra Restaurant
Address: 459 Changi Road, Singapore 419882
Opening hours: Daily: 24 hours
Telephone: 6742 5786


3. Korean Fusion BBQ – KBBQ till 2am (from $25.40)


Korean Fusion BBQ

Image credit: @letempsperdu

When we think Korean, we think K-pop or K-drama. But your tummy’s probably more familiar with K-BBQ – and that’s what you’ll find at Korean Fusion BBQ. There’s more than 50 items in the $25.40 buffet line-up, which includes a good variety of marinated meats.

late night bbq

Image credit: @dervishcaplin

Korean Fusion BBQ
Address: 5 Dunlop St, #02-00 Singapore 209335 Dunlop St, Singapore 209335
Opening hours: Daily: 11.30AM-2AM
Telephone: 9232 2367


4. Aroy Jing Jing – Thai Seafood Buffet till 1am (from $29.90)


Aroy Jing Jing

Image credit: @mickyliang

If there’s anything better than seafood, it’s unlimited seafood. And that’s what you’ll find at Aroy Jing Jing for $29.90. From flower crabs and slipper lobsters to half-shell scallops and bamboo clams, there’s plenty of seafood here that you can throw on the blazing charcoal grill for a satisfying BBQ.

Aroy Jing Jing Seafood

I love it when I seafood being grilled like this.
Image credit: @felpalz

Besides the grill, each table also comes with a claypot steamboat for you to create your own hearty stews. You’ll also find cooked dishes like yakitori wings and bacon strips, as well as free-flow ice cream and drinks.

Aroy Jing Jing
Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-05, ORTO, Singapore 769198 
Opening hours: Mon – Fri & PH Eve: 5PM-12AM | Sat, Sun, & PH: 3PM-1AM
Telephone: 6257 2328


5. Ma La Hui Cui Guan – mala hotpot till 5.30am (from $28)


Mala Steamboat Singapore

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Fans of spicy food, rejoice. Ma La Hui Cui Guan is open till 5.30am, and apart from their tom yum soup and green chilli soup, their special Sichuan spicy soup base will deliver one heck of a fiery kick.

Ma La Hui Cui Guan

Image credit: @jayymiee

For those with a lower spice tolerance, the restaurant does offer chicken and tomato soup bases. There’s a good spread of steamboat ingredients here, and an a la carte buffet dinner costs $28.

Ma La Hui Cui Guan
Address: 260 Middle Rd, Singapore 188988
Opening hours: Daily: 11.30AM-5.30AM
Telephone: 6333 5535


6. Quality Cafe – Porridge buffet till 12.30am (from $12.80)


Quality Cafe

Image credit: @hunni_a

Quality Café has a porridge buffet that is only available for dinner and supper, and along with the free flow bowls of piping hot congee, there’s also rice, bee hoon and laksa. You won’t be having plain porridge either, because it’ll be accompanied by side dishes like prawns, slipper lobsters, beef rendang, chicken curry and even chilli crab.

Quality Cafe Marlow

Image credit: Quality Hotel Marlow

Quality Café
Address: 201 Balestier Road, Singapore 329926
Opening hours: Daily: 6PM-10PM (Dinner buffet) | 10.30PM – 12.30AM (Supper buffet)|
Telephone: 6233 6363


7. Siam Square Mookata – Thai BBQ until 5am (from $29)


Siam Square Mookata

Image credit: @beatmyodds

When there’s no siam-ing your craving for a good Thai BBQ, Siam Square Mookata has got your back with their mookata buffets priced at $29.

5 of their 9 outlets remain open way after midnight, and despite their simple coffee shop appearance, you can actually find a good variety of staple mookata ingredients here. They have veggies, seafood and marinated meats, as well as a number of tasty homemade chilli sauces.

Siam Square Mookata
Check their website for a full list of outlets and opening hours!


8. Xian De Lai – steamboat buffet till 4am (from $26)


Xian De Lai

Image credit: @homnaytaoangi

At Xian De Lai, you won’t have to let those pesky closing times bring an early end to your get-together, because this restaurant opens its doors till 4am. In fact, if you arrive after 10pm, you’ll even get to enjoy a $3 discount off the a la carte steamboat buffet, which is usually priced at $26.

 Late Night Steamboat

Image credit: @tiolydia

Xian De Lai is housed in 2 air-conditioned, 3-storey shophouses, so there’s plenty of space to get comfy. You get a choice of two soup bases, and there’s a variety to choose from, including duck soup and bak kut teh. And in case a nice pot of steamboat isn’t enough, you can also add an electric grill to your table for $3.

Xian De Lai
Address: 18 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189039
Opening hours: Daily: 10AM-4AM
Telephone: 63367505


9. The Three Peacocks – live seafood buffet till 1am (from $38)


The Three Peacocks

Open-air dining with hanging fairy lights and music. There are sheltered seats too!
Image credit: Eatbook

There’s a variety of drinks and cooked food available at The Three Peacocks, such as Thai milk tea and cheese pizza. But the main attraction is the sizzling charcoal grill, or rather, the juicy seafood that you’ll be piling on top of it.

Late night seafood

Catching live prawns
Image credit: Eatbook

The seafood here is so fresh and plump, they’ll still be kicking right up till you kiap them from the tank and toss ‘em over the grill. Of course, the staff will be glad to lend you a hand if you’re not up for fishing.

Supper Seafood

Image credit: Eatbook

There’s a pretty big selection here too – including crabs, scallops, shucked oysters, as well as a whole lobster that’s complementary for each customer. If you’re a fan of cheese, melt their free-flow cheese over the grill for a rich and creamy dip, or sprinkle it over the scallops before BBQing them for a sinful treat.

A BBQ Buffet starts at $38. 

The Three Peacocks
Address: 8 Port Road, Singapore 117540
Opening hours: Daily: 5.30PM-1AM
Telephone: 9851 1802


10. Zhong Hua Steamboat – Hot Pot till 5am (from $20.60)


Zhong Hua Steamboat

Image credit: @justinachua

Here’s another steamboat on the list: Zhong Hua Steamboat. It’s located right across the street from the Xian De Lai restaurant mentioned earlier, and while this place is a tad smaller, it also offers more affordable steamboat buffet options. Dinner buffets cost $20.60 from Monday to Thursday, and $21.70 from Friday to Sunday.

Supper Steamboat Singapore

Image credit: @yoohey2000

There’s a BBQ option available after 5pm for no extra cost, as well as pre-cooked Chinese food like fried dumplings and spring rolls to get you warmed up while the steamboat is brewing.

Zhong Hua Steamboat
Address: 95 Beach Rd, Singapore 189699
Opening hours: Daily: 11AM-5AM
Telephone: 6337 1655


Supper buffets


The next time you’re out late with the squad or feel like munching on more than a small midnight snack, you don’t have to drag yourself to the nearest 24/7 fast food joint. Instead, head over to one of these supper buffets and indulge in an all-you-can-eat feast, all night long.

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