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cafe gyoen

New Serangoon Gardens Cafe Has Realistic Tokyo Metro Carriages So You Can “Travel” To Japan

Cafe Gyoen in Serangoon, Singapore

Heads up, North-Easties. You’ve got a new kid around the block. Cafe Gyoen has opened its doors to the public, and we’re all kinds of excited.

This Japanese-themed cafe is basically Tokyo in a nutshell. You’ve got Japanese dishes to indulge in, flavourful matcha and yuzu drinks to slurp on, and decorations like train cabins inspired by the actual ones in Tokyo. Here’s what you can expect.

Everything you need to know about Cafe Gyoen

cafe gyoen
Image adapted from: @cafegyoen via Instagram 

Don’t worry, there are no zombies chasing you here like in Train to Busan. Cafe Gyoen is an IG-worthy cafe tucked away in Serangoon, with unique decorations inspired by the metro stations of Japan.

This cafe screams all things Japanese. First up, you have the washroom area. It’s been decked out to resemble the train carriages in Tokyo, with its chic overhead lighting and steel handlebars. There are metro signs hung on the walls too. Maybe if you wish hard enough, you’ll be transported to Ginza street.

train cabins
Image adapted from: @pearly_wyk via Instagram

Don’t be shy about taking pictures here. The monochromatic look of the metro cabins makes for a great background. Or, take close-up shots – you’ll definitely be able to fool a friend or two into thinking you’re in Japan.

cafe gyoen interior
Image adapted from: Ariel Yeo & Arielle Chang via Google Maps

Aside from the train cabin features, the cafe has minimalistic and earthy-toned furniture that create a zen atmosphere. The soft overhead lighting also means your selfies won’t have any harsh shadows. So, choose your favourite spot and snap away.

What to eat at Cafe Gyoen

Image adapted from: Zebadiah Wee via Google Maps

We haven’t forgotten about the food and drinks you can enjoy here. The cafe has an extensive drink selection you can browse. Those who need a caffeine kick can get the Hazelnut Latte ($7) or Orange Americano ($7.50). There’s also the Matcha Latte ($7) and Iced Matcha Yuzu Spritz ($7) if you prefer a mellow drink.

katsu curry udon
Katsu Curry Udon ($15.90).
Image adapted from: Ariel Yeo via Google Maps

Food-wise, the place has hearty options like the Saba Shioyaki Fish ($19) and Ebi Tempura Don ($16.90). Alternatively, those with a smaller appetite can go for the Crispy Takoyaki ($9.90) or Tori Karaage ($14.90) that’s suitable for sharing. Do note that the kitchen is closed from 3pm-6pm daily, so avoid coming during those timings if you’re hangry.

How to get to Cafe Gyoen

cafe gyoen
Image credit: @cafegyoen via Instagram 

If you’ve been yearning to travel to Japan, maybe Cafe Gyoen will help scratch that itch. Simply alight at Serangoon MRT, then take bus 315 to the Serangoon Garden Circus bus stop. And while you’re there, perhaps you can plan for your actual holiday to Japan.

More information on Cafe Gyoen

Cafe Gyoen
Google Reviews
55 Serangoon Garden Way, Garden Estate, Singapore 555951
Opening Hours:
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings
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Cover image adapted from: @pearly_wyk via Instagram, Ariel Yeo via Google Maps