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The Werkx art cafe

This Cosy Art Cafe Pairs Coffee With Crafts Like Leather Crafting & Pottery For A Cute Date Idea

The Werkx art cafe

With the current influx of cafes popping up in Singapore, it seems like cafe dates continue to rank highly amongst the places to wow your SO with.

If you’re looking for something else to do during afternoon tea instead of snuggling with felines or puppers at the various animal cafes, then plan a date at The Werkx. It’s a cafe situated in River Valley, and you’ll be able to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine while engaging in thoughtful activities like woodcraft and string art to flex your creative muscles.

What to know before visiting The Werkx cafe?

The Werkx is an art cafe which hosts a slew of DIY Creative Activities (starting from $19.80 for the first hour) that you can partake in. They also have quite a sizeable food and drinks menu, so feel free to order something to munch on while you work on your creations.

You’ll want to plan your time well before you visit The Werkx cafe. The activities at the cafe take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete, so do factor that in when you head down. The cafe is also kid-friendly, with slashed rates for kids aged 6-12 years old partaking in any DIY Creative Activity (from $17.80 for the first hour).

No booking is required to take part in any DIY Creative Activity at the cafe. However, we do recommend you to make bookings on The Werkx’s reservation page to secure your seats in case the cafe gets too packed. You can also leave your completed creations at the cafe to dry before bringing them home, as long as you collect them within 4 days.

Try your hand at activities like candle making & leather crafting

Leather Crafting At The WerkxImprint your initials onto your leather creations, making them truly yours and yours only.
Image adapted from: @thewerkx via Instagram

Of course, The Werx’s calling card is their extensive catalogue of DIY Creative Activities. Don’t worry if you have zero faith in your artistic capabilities; there’ll be creative guidance to nudge you in the right direction. Raw materials, tools, and protective gear will also be provided as part of the experience.

For example, you can pick up the art of leather crafting, as you carefully cut and sew together pieces of leather to create one-of-a-kind key rings (~$26.80), passport holders (~$62.80), coin pouches (~$36.80), and card-holders (~$36.80). The prices vary, depending on the material you use and how fast you can complete the craft.

Creative Activities At The WerkxA customer knotting cords to form macrame wall decor and finished candles made by another.
Image adapted from: @thewerkx & @yummy.nyom.nyom via Instagram

Knitting enthusiasts will find their Macramé designs familiar, as it’s a form of textile that’s produced by hitching cords together. You’ll be able to put together decorative charms (~$24.80), dreamcatcher-like wall decor (~$36.80), and even miniature dolls (~$24.80). Candle-making (from ~$28.80) is also available – and you’ll have the option to encase your colourful creations in a wine glass or coconut shell.

A sneak peek of what else you can expect to keep your hands busy with at The Werkx.

We’ve not even scratched the surface as to the amount of creative endeavours you can partake in at The Werkx. Check out the full list of activities on The Werkx’s website; these include pottery (from~$34.80), wood carving and sculpting (from ~$25.80), and canvas painting (from ~$24.80). Heck, you can even create hand-crafted paper (~$30.80) out of newspaper as a sustainable alternative to your standard printer paper.

Image credit: @thewerkx via Instagram

Those looking to just dip their toes into the cafe’s hands-on offerings can do so with their 30-minute Quick Creative Sparks. For just $8.80, you’ll be able to construct smaller trinkets like macrame wristbands, intricate envelopes, and bookmarks.

Tools At The WerkxThe Werkx will provide ample materials and equipment according to the number of participants, so don’t worry about running out of leather or paint.
Image credit: Rvy Hew via Facebook

You can even bring your work buddies to The Werkx for your next cohesion, as their projects make for great team bonding activities. They have Creative Bonding Packages (from $39.80/pax) that you can opt for, which sees the team having a jolly good time while fiddling with the aforementioned DIY projects like wood carving and canvas painting.

Don’t forget to indulge in their speciality coffee & other bites

It’s easy to get so immersed in working with your hands that you forget that The Werkx is also a full-fledged cafe. Take your eyes off your masterpiece for a second and order something off their menu; it’s as extensive as their Creative Activities catalogue.

Waffles With Maple Syrup
Image credit: @missysueann via Instagram

Dig into one of their bestsellers, Waffles with Maple Syrup ($10.50). You’ll even be able to complement your plate of fluffy goodness with a scoop of either vanilla or chocolate Movenpick ice cream for an extra $5.50. You can also munch on buttery Croissants (from $5), and customers have noted that their Muffins ($7) are pretty spot on too.

Chunky Chicken Sandwich
The Chunky Chicken Sandwich ($15).
Image credit: @oyakodays via Instagram

The Werkx also has more substantial bites, for when you’re feeling especially peckish. Their 10-inch Pizzas (from $19) and hearty Yummy Sandwiches (from $13.50) stuffed with fillings like chicken and smoked salmon are sure to whet your appetite.

As for something to sip on caffeine-wise, they’ve got it all; choose from hot Espressos ($5), Americanos ($6), Cappuccinos ($7), and their long list of Lattes (from $7). If coffee isn’t your thing, then go for their hot teas (from $7). They’ve got Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Chamomile just to name a few.

Impress your date with creative activities at The Werkx

If you’re looking to spice up your cafe dates, then plan a trip to The Werkx. With so many available creative projects to choose from, this place warrants repeat visits. Additionally, for each paying guest partaking in any DIY Creative Activity, kids under 5 years old can join in for free, making the cafe a great stop for a family-friendly outing.

Find out more about The Werkx

Address: 232 River Valley Road, Singapore 238290
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11am-8pm | Sat-Sun 10am-8pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 9627 5050 | The Werkx website

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Cover image adapted from: @missysueann & @thewerkx via Instagram