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bukit batok cosy garden - cover

This Community Garden In Bukit Batok Has A Koi Pond & Art Sculptures For Westies To Zen Out

Cosy Garden, a Bukit Batok community garden

It’s common to see potted plants lining the corridors of our housing estates, adding a splash of green. Some take it a step further and let their green thumbs flourish at community gardens. 

Well, the sustainable kings and queens of this Bukit Batok community garden, called Cosy Garden, have cultivated one that’s here to impress, growing their own basil, chilli, asparagus, even adding sculptures and a koi pond for that full zen garden effect.

A mini GBTB between 2 HDB flats  

bukit batok cosy garden - metal sculpture

This community garden is the passion project of some Jurong-Clementi residents who decided to grow their own fruits like watermelon and starfruit and veggies like cauliflower and kale. Trust us when we say it’s rather impressive, especially if you struggled to grow taugeh for school. It’s a legit miniature Gardens by the Bay complete with metal sculptures on display amongst the flora and fauna.

bukit batok cosy garden - whale tail

Between blocks 106 and 107, Cosy Garden is split into 2 sections. Visitors coming from the nearby Bukit Batok MRT station will probably spot a shiny chrome sculpture resembling a whale’s tail sticking out of the ground first. That’s the area that resembles a Japanese zen garden, complete with metal sculptures donated by a member of Bukit Batok Residents’ committee.  

bukit batok cosy garden - whale tail

Moving further in, the huge overhanging willow tree and rock garden complement the zen aesthetics even more. You might even forget that you’re still in Singapore for a sec. That is, until you smell someone cooking their dinner a few floors up. A reminder that you’re still between 2 HDBs in Bukit Batok.

bukit batok cosy garden - hydroponics gateImage credit: Nicholas Ong

You’ll then reach the gated area where you’ll see rows and rows of buds, shoots, and saplings. Residents often share extra locally-grown veggies and fruits with one another at potlucks and birthday parties. Nearby schools even organise day-trips to Cosy Garden to learn about how vegetables and herbs are grown here. 

A “so-fish-ticated” setup with a koi pond & terrapins

bukit batok cosy garden - terrapin

Behind the tall metal fence, residents have also been raising terrapins in a little pond under the shade. 

koi pond with mini fountain

But the most eye-catching feature would most probably be the koi pond with it’s mini waterfall, powered 24/7 by a renewable energy loop that makes sure these fishies are safe even if there’s a district-wide blackout.     

Man looking at koi pond
Just keep swimming right? 

They’ve even got a rainwater harvesting system that tides the garden through hotter seasons. But that’s not all, their crops and animals are protected by intelligent rodent traps that sends an alert to residents when a pest is caught. 

aerial view of bukit batok community garden
The aviary (top right) has since been repurposed to a hydroponic display.

The minds behind this neighbourhood project also added a metal shed with sofas and chairs for residents-turned-farmers to take a break in. They even installed solar panels from a local startup, they power the shed’s lights and fan. With a cool shaded area to chill out and listen to the calming sounds from the koi pond, we get why they chose Cosy Garden as its name.  

bukit batok cosy garden - rock garden
Pebble garden with statues donated by residents.

A local told us there used to be over 20 birds in their aviary. There was even talk of a long-tailed myna capable of Hokkien and Cantonese. Unfortunately, following 3 consecutive noise complaints from a resident working as a cab driver who worked night shifts, all of their fine feathered friends had to be rehomed. 

Take a zen walk through this Bukit Batok community garden

Guy strolling through a garden

Kept secure under electronic lock and key and surrounded by CCTVs, the fruits and veggies the tended to by residents who water and prune them until its time to harvest. Don’t think any otters are breaking into the here any time soon, either; the place is lined with tall metal fencing and special rodent traps. 

If you’re planning on heading down to see this NParks award-winning community garden for yourself, it’s gonna take a bit of prep. We were lucky enough to have visited when a resident was watering the garden and he was happy to let us in for a quick look-see. 

What time does Cosy Garden open?
According to Google, it’s open on weekdays from 9am-5pm, but if no one’s around you’ll only be able to view the garden from outside.

How do I enter Cosy Garden?
You have to email the Constituency Director at Bukit Batok CC and request a visit to the Cosy Garden.

How to get to Cosy Garden?
Take exit D after alighting from Bukit Batok MRT, cross the road from there it’s a 450m walk to Cosy Garden which is located in between blocks 106 & 107.  Alternatively, it’s a shorter walk from bus stop 43371 at block 109 which serves 66, 176, 188, 868E & 941 

Address: Behind 106 Bukit Central Road, Singapore 650106
Contact: 6569 7769 | email Bukit Batok CC  

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Photography by: Shawn Low