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Clusia Cove Free Water Playground At Jurong Lake Gardens With Tidal Pool & Sand Pits Amidst Nature

Clusia Cove: Free Water Playground At Jurong Lake Gardens With Tidal Pool & Sand Pits Amidst Nature

Clusia Cove at Jurong Lake Gardens

Parents from around the country flock to Jurong Lake Gardens for the next-level Forest Ramble playground, with 13 zones for their kids to have an entire day of play. If you and your little ones need to cool off from the sun, the park is also home to Clusia Cove – a free-to-enter water playground with natural tidal pools and a smart auto-disinfecting water system.

Here’s the lowdown of what you can expect from a Clusia Cove day out, from amenities available onsite should you forget to pack sunscreen and mozzie repellent, to where you can grab a bite to refuel nearby.

Tidal pool & sand pits with naturally disinfected water system

Clusia Cove Eco-Pond - Jurong Lake Gardens

The entire Clusia Cove playground measures 3 hectares, and your child can take his or her time exploring a range of different play zones. There’s a large eco-pond surrounded by shrubbery, a sand pit where kids can mould structures big and small, and a tidal pool with naturally occurring ripples.

Clusia Cove Sand Pit - Jurong Lake Gardens

Tiny tots can get a feel of sensory play by wading around in the sand pit and feeling the sand between their toes. As for bigger kids, we saw some parent-child duos teaming up to see how tall and mighty they could build their sand mounds. 

Beach Toy Set
Image credit: Shopee

Tip: For maximum fun, pack some beach toys so your kids can interact with the sand and water beyond just splashing around. Things like toy trucks, buckets and spades, and sand moulds work a treat. They can be found online for less than $15, like this Soft Rubber Beach Toy Set from Shopee.

Clusia Cove Jurong Lake Gardens - Eco Pond

Hygiene-conscious parents can take comfort knowing that the waters go through a thorough auto-disinfecting process.

The playground operates on a closed-loop water recycling system, which means that the water present in the pools – comprising rain water as well as water from the Jurong Lake itself – passes through a natural cleansing filter which removes dirt and particles.

Clusia Cove Tidal Pool - Jurong Lake Gardens
There are plenty of comfy seating areas for parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids.

For an added layer of safety, there’s also an underground ultraviolet (UV) system which disinfects the water thoroughly before it’s supplied back into the play pools.

In fact, the re-entry of this clean and processed water is what creates the surface ripples in the tidal pool zone – designed to mimic the tide cycle at actual coastal shores. Who says you can’t get beach vibes in the West?

Water Way Walking Bridge & Lake Bridge – Overlook a water fountain

Things to do in Singapore - Jurong Lake Gardens

Just beyond Clusia Clove as you walk towards the main water body, there are 2 walking bridges that go over the lake. It’s a relatively short path, so it’s worth a look. There are benches along the way where one can sit and admire the view of the HDB skyline across the lake.

Clusia Clove lake bridge sunset view
Image credit: Vincent Tay via Google Maps

Bonus: It’s also one of the best spots in the gardens to camp for an unobstructed sunset view.

Clusia Clove water fountain
Image credit: Jimmy Lee via Google Maps

Towards the end of the bridge, you can spot a water fountain in the middle of the lake. It’s not just there for aesthetic purposes, apparently it also helps with aeration of the water, keeping the underwater environment healthy for fish and aquatic plant life.

Vending machines with amenities like first aid gear & sun protection

Fret not if you forget to bring all the essentials, or if you prefer to pack light for your journey to Jurong Lake Gardens.

Vending Machines Singapore - Drinks & Items

There are a bunch of vending machines just outside the Clusia Cove showers and changing rooms. Besides refreshments that span from refreshing to a proper liquid refuel – such as isotonic drinks, oolong and chrysanthemum tea, and a hearty Ovaltine malt – you’ll also be able to buy essential items.

We’re talking sun hats, tissues and cooling wet wipes, mosquito repellent patches and Mopiko, and even Panadol so you don’t have to cut the family outing short ‘cause of a sudden migraine.

Vending Machine - Wet Wipes, Toiletries, Tissues
There are also travel-size shampoos and body washes for a refreshing shower afterwards, and eyedrops to keep your peepers fresh.

If your child gets a boo-boo, you can get plasters and even sterile disinfectants so the injury can get cleansed and treated immediately.

Last but not least, photos and videos are a must on these memorable days out. If your battery juice is dangerously low and you’ve left your portable charger’s cable at home, you can fetch decently priced ones from the vending machine at $12 each – available for both Apple and Android devices.

Fusion Spoon – Nearby cafe to refuel on local & Western food

Whether you’re looking for a convenient spot to grab lunch before playtime or need to quickly satiate your kids’ ravenous hunger after hours of activity, Fusion Spoon is a convenient cafe located just a minute’s walk from Clusia Cove. 

Fusion Spoon Jurong Lake Gardens

The casual eatery serves both local dishes as well as Western food, so there’ll be something for every taste – even if grandparents with more traditional preferences are present. Besides staple Singaporean cuisine like seafood sambal mee goreng ($8) and nasi lemak ($7.80), you can also get regional Asian delights like katsu curry ebi prawn ($8.80).

Fusion Spoon - Nasi Lemak, Pizza
Beef rendang nasi lemak ($7.80) & trio mushroom pizza ($8).
Image credit: @edmundtwd via Instagram

As for their Western offerings, expect a decent range of pastas (from $7), pizzas ($8), and typical mains such as grilled chicken ($8) and fish and chips ($8)

If you want something lighter on the palate as well as the waistline, opt for their Atlantic salmon or barramundi parmigiana ($12.80).

Address: 102 Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore 618663
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9.30pm | Sat-Sun 7am-10pm
Contact: 6969 1598 | Fusion Spoon Facebook

Free water playground at Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore

Indoor playgrounds are all the rage these days. But the next time you’re planning a family weekend activity or a special trip for the kiddos during school hols, head to Jurong Lake Gardens for hours of fun, plus sunshine and fresh air to boot.

Jurong Lake Gardens - Lakeside

The Clusia Cove water playground alone will keep the little ones entertained as you have a cooling dip yourself, and it certainly helps that it’s totally free to enter. Thereafter, you can also advance to the other play zones in the park, such as Forest Ramble and Butterfly Maze, or have an idyllic stroll along the scenic lake.

Jurong Lake Gardens Clusia Clove map
Locations of the bridges and Fusion Spoon relative to Clusia Clove.
Screenshot from: Google Maps

Fun fact: you can book a BBQ pit at Jurong Lake Gardens for $20 nett, which would be perfect for large family gatherings or a birthday party for your child and his or her buddies. Nothing like savouring some chicken wings and hot dogs with a 360-degree view of lush greenery and tranquil waters, while the little ones have plenty of options for play.

Find out more about Clusia Cove at Jurong Lake Gardens


Address: 104 Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore 618661
Getting there: 10-min walk from Lakeside MRT, Exit A | Bus 49, 154, 240, 246
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am-7pm (Closed on Mondays) 

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Photography by Renae Cheng.
Originally published on 26th April 2022. Last updated by Aditi Kashyap on 11th August 2023.