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Japan Photos in Singapore

10 Photographs Taken In Singapore To Bluff Your Friends That You’re In Japan

Places in Singapore that look like Japan

Ah, Japan. With its soothing onsens, lush bamboo forests and stunning sakura gardens, it’s no wonder that Singaporeans are a little stir-crazy about visits to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Luckily, if there’s anything we’ve learnt from our SG vacations and fitspo feats, it’s that everything is possible with a camera, two days of free time and some senpai-level bluffing skills. So strap on your imaginary seatbelts, because we’ll be taking you on an all-expenses-paid tour of Japan’s most iconic attractions.

On Instagram, that is.

1. Noboribetsu Onsen, Hokkaido


Japanese Onsen Singapore

What it looks like: Taking a dip in one of Japan’s famous Onsen pools, and soaking up plenty of good vibes.

Reality: Vivo City Rooftop

swimming in vivocity

What it really is: Taking a dip in one of Vivocity’s public pools, and soaking up plenty of judgement from confused bystanders.

Getting there: Tap out at Harbourfront MRT and head to the roof. Bringing a change of underwear is strongly recommended.

2. Lake Biwa, Shiga 


lake biwa kyoto

What it looks like: Lake Biwa is the biggest freshwater lake in all of Japan – perfect for scoring that sunset reflection shot.

Reality: The Promontory at Raffles Place

the promontory

What it really is: This was the biggest freshwater puddle we could find in all of Raffles Place.

Getting there: Google “Raffles Place Rain”, and when the time is right, head towards The Promontory till the water is deep enough to turn your socks soggy.

3. Kōraku-en, Okayama



What it looks like: Reenacting a gripping love story between a samurai and a fair princess at one of the most scenic gardens in Japan.

Reality: McDonald’s at Queenstown

singapore samurai

What it really is: “Eh, wanna get Macs after this?” “Ok steady.”

Getting there: Take bus 105 from Commonwealth MRT. Alight opposite Block 95 and walk to Ridout Tea Garden.

4. Shikisai no Oka, Hokkaido 


japan flower field

What it looks like: Made a pit stop at one of Hokkaido’s gorgeous flower fields. Bonus ‘gram points for holding your hat and nailing that oh-so-blissful face!

Reality: Buona Vista MRT

Buona Vista MRT

What it really is: Trying to keep a straight face outside Buona Vista MRT.

Getting there: Buona Vista MRT Exit C.

5. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto 


Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

What it looks like: Taking a stroll through this zen bamboo forest, far away from all your haters.

Reality:Bendemeer Food Market

bendemeer food market

What it really is: Bamboozling all your followers at the Bendemeer Food Market.

Getting there: A 3 minute walk from Boon Keng MRT.

6. Odori Park, Sapporo


sapporo snow festival

What it looks like: Experiencing winter for the first time at the Sapporo Snow Festival. The snow here is unbelievably beautiful!

Reality: East Coast Park (with a side of ice kachang)

east coast park winter

What it really is: A lot of sweating and discomfort whilst holding a handful of rapidly melting ice kachang/fake snow.

Getting there:
1. Tell your Grab driver to head to East Coast Park
2. Walk until you find a relatively clean patch of sand

Pro tip: Put on the winter wear after reaching your destination, unless you feel like steaming in your very own onsen.

7. Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo 


Japanese Sakura

What it looks like: Now, nothing says Japan like good ol’ fashioned sakura. Throw in one of those traditional yukata robes, and there’ll be no doubting your geotag in Tokyo, Japan.

Reality: Sheltered walkway at Dhoby Ghaut

Istana Sakura

What it really is: Posing outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT and getting bitten by a surprising amount of mosquitoes.

Getting there: This place is across the road from the Istana, because nothing says shame like the President silently judging you from her office.

8. Shuri Castle, Okinawa


castle shuri

What it looks like: Shuri Castle – with its iconic red walls – is a must-see when visiting Okinawa!

Reality: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown

Buddha Tooth and Relic Temple

What it really is: Fake tourist spotted in Chinatown.

Getting there: Walk through Chinatown Complex to reach the Buddha Tooth and Relic Temple.

9. Namba District, Osaka 


Osaka Tea

What it looks like: Enjoying a steaming cup of hot tea in your Airbnb, after a long day of exploring Osaka.

Reality: IKEA’s bedding section

IKEA Tampines

What it really is: TSL’s new hit single – Wearing A Kimono In IKEA Tampines (feat. Empty Cup)

Getting there: Take bus 27 or 168, and alight before TPE.

10. Sankaku Market, Otaru, Hokkaido 


Otaru Fish Market

What it looks like: Browsing one of the fish markets in Otaru, the port town of Hokkaido. Seafood doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Reality: Beo Crescent Market

Beo Crescent Fish Market

What it really is: Buying groceries for ah ma to cook fish head soup.

Getting there: Market #01-19, Beo Cres, 38A, 169982

Take your taste buds on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

[Update: McDonald’s Salmon Burger is no longer in stores, but keep an eye out on their new offerings!]

Holidays aren’t cheap, especially if you’re thinking of a getaway to Japan. But while you’re saving up, feel free to make your friends jealous with all of your super authentic #Japan IG posts, right here in sunny Singapore.

McDonald's Hokkaido Salmon Burger

In the meantime, here’s another way to experience Japan: McDonald’s new Hokkaido Salmon Burger.

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McDonald's Singapore

The real love story – McDonald’s

Even sitting in a random McDonald’s, a bite of the salmon brings to mind Hokkaido faster than we could say “I’m lovin it”. And in case one patty’s simply not enough, there’s the Hokkaido Double Salmon Burger with double the patty and twice the goodness. And this also marks the return of seaweed shaker fries!

An Extra Value Meal starts at just $7.70, so savour the taste of Hokkaido – no matter where in SG you may be.

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