Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors – The Final Leg


Our Instagram feeds have seen an influx of inception-esque mirrored spiral staircase photos ever since the Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors opened in October last year. But if that wasn’t enough to convince you to make a trip down, its newest line up of events just might.

With one more month to go, the good folks at Singapore Art Museum (SAM) are giving the Singapore Biennale one final hoorah to give all you stragglers who haven’t paid the event a visit a chance at redeeming yourselves. This is one time you’ll be glad you were late to the party.

Here are 5 ways to experience the Biennale before it ends its run on 26 February 2017:


1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a free picnic under the stars


Source: @picneeds

If you’re a closet romantic who loves every one of V-Day’s sappy cliches, but will never openly admit it – up the novelty factor by bringing a loved one to Singapore Biennale’s pre-Valentine’s Day celebrations on 11 February 2017, which includes a picnic under the stars.

Did we mention the setup will be done by picnic professionals? Source: @picneeds

For one day only, watch as SAM’s courtyard gets transformed into a romantic picnic wonderland with twinkling fairy lights, picnic mats, and astroturf for that realistic finishing touch. And just like a scene out of a movie, prepare to be serenaded by local musicians like Jean Seizure,Ken Loh and Picks as day turns into night.

Look out for Pretty Awkward Pastry’s sweet treats, including ondeh ondeh cookies and murtabak manis cupcakes. Plus, coffee addicts will die for the organic coffee – on tap – from the smallest cafe in the world.

The illustrators will make you look 10x more chio with their real-life Mei Tu Xiu Xiu skills Source

Local artists like Ang Wei Tyng, PAYNK, Jill Tran, James Leong and Asia Soenargo will also be there to draw your portrait live!

It’s no problem if you forgot the classic V-day gift of flowers for your bae, because you’ll find altas-inspired bouquets, flowers by the stalk, and dried flower brooches for sale here. With all these exciting activities, we guarantee this Valentine’s will be one you’ll never forget.

And if flowers are too mainstream, hop by the DIY potpourri booth – just $5 a bag! Source: @fleurapy


2. Enjoy a night at the museum with extended operating hours


Source: @tashmeisterii

With SAM extending its operational hours to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays for this last month of the Biennale, you’ll now have free rein of the museum at night, away from the crowds. Those who’ve always dreamed of a real-life ‘Night At The Museum’ adventure: this is your fantasy come true.

On normal days, it’s a challenge to get a photo without being photobombed – but during extended hours, it’s 100% possible

And if you want to step things up a notch, mark your calendars for 22 February 2017, when curator Joyce Toh will lead you on a special after-hours private tour. Don’t forget to check all their mind-boggling installations off your photo list. Read our full feature of the Biennale’s artwork here!


3. Rent a bike for free to see the Biennale’s outdoor artworks


Source: @melodyfairrr

Getting around the Biennale’s outdoor artworks won’t see you working up a sweat with these sweet urban bicycles, courtesy of Hello! Bicycle. Available for rent from SAM, they’ll take you quickly (and stylishly) across 7 different venues to see all 60+ artworks in their full glory.

Best of all: Rental is free! Just be sure to have your IC and $50 on hand for the fully refundable deposit.


4. Kick back and enjoy dance, music and art collaborations



Many think museums are boring and stuffy, but SAM isn’t one of those museums. Watch the museum courtyard transform into an open-air dance floor on 24 February 2017, with Singaporean DJs Sigeki, Maurice Simon, Oliver Osborne, Mr Has, and electronic musician Jeff Hue manning the decks. Come prepared to party the night away!

Those who are into local music will be in for a treat. Don’t expect to find the usual performances  at the Singapore Biennale x Noise Singapore music and art collaboration taking place on 25 February 2017.  Noise musicians Canvas Conversations, Tim De Cotta, LEW, HubbaBubbas and MARICELLE will be responding to the artworks through original tunes, right in front of the artworks itself. It’s a music and art trail that you’ve probably never experienced before.

Dreams (Acoustic) - Tim De Cotta | TSL Acoustic Sessions
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Dreams (Acoustic) - Tim De Cotta | TSL Acoustic Sessions

Here’s a sneak preview of Tim De Cotta’s sick music skills, straight from TSL’s Acoustic sessions. Now picture him performing this in front of a large-scale artwork installation!


5. Join a sculpting or cocktail tasting workshop


Sample purple liqueur made from flowers scavenged from Fort Canning in a special cocktail workshop Source

Here’s a misconception about art: it’s just something viewers observe, not participate in. But this couldn’t be further from the truth here. Choose from a lineup of workshops to take part in, led by the artists themselves, or inspired by the Biennale’s many artworks and themes. 

Create your own 3D humanoid-animal mashups and swordfish sculpture mobile, sip afternoon cocktails made of foraged plants and seeds, or make a fragrance out of your favourite art piece. That’s right, art is something you can smell, taste and feel!


Last chance to check out the Singapore Biennale 2016!


Check out infinite reflections of yourself in this kaleidoscopic mirror glasshouse Source

If you thought art’s all about staring at paintings until your eyes bleed, a visit to the Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors will definitely change your perception of things. You’ll find more than 60 works of contemporary art, like this trippy mirror maze, as well as less typical activities that one wouldn’t normally find in museums, from a music and art festival to bicycle tours.

With less than a month till this edition of the Biennale closes shop, it’s time to act before it’s too late. And here’s an exclusive tip: Singaporeans get 1-for-1 admission on Saturdays from 6 – 9pm!

Find out more about Singapore Biennale here!

Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors
Dates: 27 October 2016 – 26 February 2017
Venues: Singapore Art Museum (71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555) and other venues
Admission charges:
[Exclusive] 1 for 1 admission tickets from 6 – 9pm on Saturdays!
Singaporeans & PRs | $15 for adults; $7.50 for students; $36 for family of four (2 adults + 2 children); free for children under 6 Standard | $20 for adults; $10 for students; $52 for family of four (2 adults + 2 children); free for children under 6
Multiple entry passes available (+$3 for three different-day entries into the Singapore Biennale)

This post was brought to you by Singapore Art Museum.