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bedroom designs

7 HDB Bedroom Design Ideas To Create Unique Vibes That Look Different From The Usual IKEA-Style

Unique HDB bedroom designs

IKEA is beloved by Singaporeans not just for its delicious meatballs and fun showrooms where you can make-believe your dream home, but its fuss-free range of furniture basics. But if walking into your room makes you feel like you’re flipping through the IKEA catalogue, you might want to change up the furnishings to represent your personality and style a little more.

For those who wish to stray from the cookie-cutter IKEA look and add some Pinterest-worthy spice to your living spaces instead, here are a few unique HDB bedroom designs to consider. We’ve also wrangled up some furniture, homeware and even appliance deals for DBS/POSB Cardmembers so you can save big bucks while stocking up on home makeover pieces.

1. Add some rattan ottomans and headboards for bohemian vibes

rattan headboard
Image credit: @ourseaofgreen

Days spent relaxing on a beach in Bali may still be out of our reach for now, but getting to experience boho vibes is more accessible than you might think. With the simple addition of rattan ottomans and headboards, you can recreate beach vibes in your own bedroom. 

yoma rattan lounger
Yoma Rattan Lounger
Image credit: Comfort Design

If rattan headboards are hard to find – or out of your budget – you can also add rattan loungers and chairs into your room to up the boho vibes. Furniture stores like Comfort Design have a wide range of rattan furniture for both your bedroom and your dining room.

Tip: Those always on a bargain hunt will also be happy to know that Comfort Design is currently running a DBS deal that entitles DBS/POSB Cardmembers to 10% off their products.

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2. Put your mattress on a platform with under-lighting 

platform bed
Image credit: @85sqft

As the most eye-catching piece of furniture in the bedroom, you’d want your bed to sit on a unique and comfortable bed frame. But aside from the usual kinds you can get from IKEA, try elevating your mattress with a platform to create a minimalistic yet elegant and futuristic look.

It adds a unique touch to the entire space by separating the bedding area from the rest of your room, almost elevating your bed into a standalone sanctuary. Plus, it almost gives the illusion that you are snoozing on a floating cloud.

To dress the space up even more, you can even add some under-lighting to the platforms in the form of embedded LED strip lights. Soft warm lighting is favoured for its calming effects and aesthetic factor. But for psychedelic disco vibes or a Hong Kong street lights look, add RGB lights for a vibrant transformation.

3. Add luxe bathroom sinks to the bedroom

sinks in bedroom
Image credit: Mr Shopper Studio

Not something you’ll see often in a Singaporean home, one way to steer away from a home looking too cookie-cutter is to bring some luxe bathroom sinks into your bedroom. This works especially well for bedrooms with a non-conventional box-shaped layout, as it utilises the slanted side of the room that would otherwise be difficult to fill, and awkward if left vacant.

Not only will this add a look of luxury to your den, it’ll free up tons of space in your en suite bathroom for extra shower space, or even a bathtub. Especially for couples always jostling for space when getting ready, this ensures that one party can peacefully freshen up while the other uses the toilet.

4. Choose unique textures for wardrobes 

dark wardrobes
Image credit: Ascend Design

While most IKEA wardrobes or shelves utilise sleek white or black wood, you can stray away from the classic Scandi look by adding some textures to your cupboards. Choosing a dark tone on top of the subtle wood grain can also add to the luxurious look to your home, evoking some serious high-flyer mansion vibes. 

5. Consider using a unique headboard

wooden headboard
Image credit: Archiexpo

Plain white walls are often a safe choice for a minimalist room, since it’s easy to find furniture that matches. But if you want to jazz up your bedroom design without splashing patterns or murals on your wall, you can add a little bit of differentiated colour and texture with textured wood for your bed frames and headboards.

Some furniture stores in Singapore do sell bed frames with inbuilt textured wood headboards. For example, you can find some rustic bed frames from Star Living for a subtle dose of island aesthetics. DBS/POSB Cardmembers can even score up to 10% off Star Living products, so you can go ahead and splurge on a high quality yet aesthetically pleasing bed frame.

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6. Use a statement light in your bedroom

statement light
Image credit: Exqsite Interior Design

One of the best ways to add a little pizzazz to your bedroom is to hang a statement light, sure to draw attention from all guests who set foot within. It’s a great way to add some personality to your room without actually taking up floor space. And since lighting is essential anyway, you might as well choose a design with a “wow” factor.

the beuro lights
Image credit: The Beuro

Furniture stores like The Beuro are a great place to look for statement lighting. From industrial-esque ceiling lamps to opulent yet non-tacky chandeliers, there are all sorts of styles that can match your room aesthetic and showcase your personality every time you flip the switch. 

As a DBS/POSB Cardmember, you can also enjoy 20% off furniture preorders and 5% off items that are already marked down. So, feel free to go ham on not just lighting, but all sorts of furnishing your home makeover requires.

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7. Add unique wall mirrors

sunburst mirror
Image credit: Curated Interior

Wall decor is another way to sprinkle some personality on your otherwise plain walls. One good way would be to add unique wall mirrors, like the oft-favoured sunburst design. Both functional and pretty, it adds Greek goddess vibes to any otherwise basic looking HDB bedroom. It can even serve as a decorative representation of your affinity for sun-kissed days at the beach.

Aside from creating the illusion of a larger space, mirrors are frequently used by cafes and trendy boutiques to achieve that too-cool-for-school look, tempting visitors to stop and take a mirror selfie.

Get the same look in your home with the tribal inspired mirrors from The Beuro, available at 20% off thanks to the DBS/POSB Cardmember deals.

Spruce up your home with these DBS/POSB homeowner deals

Even beyond the bedroom, the look and feel of our adobe is highly dependent on the furniture and decor pieces within. To marry form with function, getting the best home appliances for our needs can also seal the deal and make our home a proper sanctuary, whether it’s keeping things spick and span with a powerful Dyson vacuum or whipping up meals in an air fryer.

From home appliances to chic-looking furniture, there’s a variety of options for homeowners to choose from to revamp their home or fill it with nifty gadgets. If you’re a DBS/POSB Cardmember, you can enjoy special deals at selected brands and make the whole home makeover adventure a less costly affair.

For those looking to manage their money, a large chunk of the featured stores offer deals specifically for Instalment Payment Plans (IPP). That way, you won’t have to worry about forking out a huge sum from the get-go. 

Here are some partner merchants with attractive deals for DBS/POSB Cards: 

–   Furniture stores   –

Image credit: @communehome_official

Before diving into the little things, you’ll want to fill the foundation of your home with top-notch furniture. As arguably the most essential parts of a home and the pieces on which you’ll lounge around or store things in, you wouldn’t want to scrimp on their quality. To err on the side of caution, always get your furniture from trusted suppliers like these:

–   Home appliances   –

home appliances

Other than having furniture that looks great, you’re going to want functional appliances that can keep your home clean and improve your lifestyle. With DBS/POSB Card deals, you’re now able to snag appliances like televisions, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines at a cheaper price.

  • Dyson – $30 off Dyson technology
  • Hitachi – 7% off with minimum spend of $800
  • Livingcare – $400 off water purifiers
  • Four Star – Additional 15% off

–  General department stores  –

audio houseImage credit: Audio House

For one-stop-shop destinations, there are general department stores that will have everything your home might need. Perfect for busy folks who like to check everything off their shopping list under one roof!

  • Audio House – $50 off with 24- & 36-month IPP
  • Mustafa – $50 Mustafa voucher with 0% IPP

Do take note of each deal’s promotion period as they vary across the board. Overall, these deals will allow you to make some savings and help you revamp your home at a lower cost.

Say farewell to drab bedrooms with these unique bedrooms designs

Whether you’re still living with your parents or are a proud homeowner, achieving your dream space is always a satisfying goal. While this might come with a few big-ticket purchases – especially those who have a home of their own – it doesn’t always have to bleed your wallet dry.

With DBS/POSB Cardmember deals, anyone looking to revamp their space can do it and score substantial savings at the same time. Regardless of what aesthetic or degree of a makeover you’re looking for, these deals cover a wide scope – from decor pieces to must-have appliances. 

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): Exqsite Interior Design, Mr Shopper Studio