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We Ranked 7 Basic Things Singaporeans Commonly Do On Instagram

Basic things people do on Instagram 

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see the same few posts pop up every now and then. A photo of latte art perhaps, or even a series of selfies on Stories to show off an #OOTD. We’re guilty of all these too but we have to admit these posts lack creativity and are pretty basic.

As much as Instagram has become a place to share photographic memories to your followers, not everything is quite as Insta-worthy as we imagined. While we’re no authority on how you should run your own account, here are the top seven basic things Singaporeans commonly do on Instagram:

Disclaimer: Images are for illustrative purposes only.

7. Creating a grid collage that doesn’t make sense when you’re scrolling

You’re scrolling through your feed to procrastinate when you come across a blank square followed by another blank square. Sometimes, you get a part of an eye or the top of someone’s head as well.

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It’s confusing but then you realise they’re actually pieces of a puzzle. The full picture only appears when you click on the user’s Instagram account and you see all 3×3 squares filled.

And unless the squares are posted in rapid succession, it might take a while to see the completed collage. In the meantime, your feed is just filled with random tiles that don’t make sense.

Basic factor: 3/10. We’ll admit this takes some planning ahead to get an aesthetic grid, but this is more confusing than it is fun to scroll through.

6. Throwback “I miss travel” shot with a tourist attraction overseas 

We all miss travelling, but there’s a group of people who can’t seem to get over it, as seen in their countless #tbt (throwback to) holiday photos.

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Image adapted from Instagram

The trip may have happened a few years ago but they still have a backlog of pictures that haven’t been posted on social media yet. It doesn’t matter if it features the same landmarks over and over again; all they want is for people to really understand how much they miss travelling.

Apart from the hashtag, you’ll also see captions bemoaning that international cuisines in Singapore are just not good enough for their sensitive palates.

Basic factor: 4/10. We miss travelling also and with more VTLs opening up, we’re positive these #tbt posts will end soon.

5. Celebrating their 22nd birthday with a Taylor Swift song

You don’t have to be a Swiftie to appreciate the lyrical genius of the multiple Grammy award-winning artist. Taylor’s songs are definite bops and we’ll sing along any time we hear her on the radio.

basic ig things-3
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In fact, whether casual fan or diehard stan, we’ve all used her lyrics when celebrating any birthday that ends with a ‘two’. But rest assured, as basic Instagrammers ourselves, we’re perfectly happy using the line “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22/32/42” every 10 trips we’ve made around the sun.

Basic factor: 5/10. We’ll give this a soft pass considering the song’s just been re-released on Red (Taylor’s Version), and we’re loving the nostalgia this album is bringing.

4. Sharing concerts in their entirety on Instagram stories 

It seems like eons ago that going for a concert and watching your musical artists belt out your favourite hits was a thing. And for millennials and Gen Z’ers, it wasn’t enough that we had the opportunity to attend concerts. We had to let everyone on Instagram know we paid good money to watch people sing.

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Sometimes, we’d even get so caught up in taking videos and photos that we end up flooding our Instagram stories with the entire concert itself! While we might think we’re helping out those experiencing FOMO by staying home, the multitude of stories can be a handful to get through.

For those who do this, do you even watch all your stories after you’ve posted them?

Basic factor: 6/10. We understand being caught up in Bruno Mars’ vocals – we would be too if we were there! But that’s not reason enough to make us sit through 52 stories of him on stage.

3. Captioning an emo post with lyrics 

How do you know when someone has just broken up? Check their Instagram for the following: Their partner’s IG handle is suddenly missing from the bio. Posts and highlights with bae are now deleted. And of course, a grainy picture captioned with lyrics from Ariana Grande and Queen Bey on moving on.

basic ig things-5
Image adapted from Instagram

We’re sympathetic to the situation, but seeing as we (the followers) were all there to witness the development of the relationship, we feel that we should be let in on the reasons for the break up too.

Basic factor: 7/10. Thankfully this is only common during break up season.

2. Posting boomerangs of yourself at spin class

If you went for spin class but didn’t post an Instagram boomerang of yourself sweating it out, did you really go for spin class? At least, that seems to be the case for the many fellow spin enthusiasts we follow.

basic ig things-6
Image adapted from Instagram

We love that you’re getting healthy and keeping track of your progress. But for the rest of us stuffing ourselves instead, we go on a guilt trip every time we see you getting your sweat on.

Basic factor: 8/10. We’re tired of seeing people leading a healthier lifestyle than us.

1. Sponsored Instagram posts with a chunk of unrelated hashtags

We love the cool content influencers create but it’s puzzling when their posts come with a paragraph of hashtags longer than their own caption. What’s even more bewildering is when the hashtags include random ones like #foodstagram on a clearly lifestyle photo.

basic ig things-7
Image adapted from Instagram

Or when it’s a clearly sponsored post and it includes every hashtag part of the campaign but there’s no mention of this being a sponsored post. We trust you to make good recommendations and hiding the fact that it’s sponsored is a little sus.

Basic factor: 9/10. As much as we understand sponsored posts are what feed and pay influencers, we’re not fans of half-truths and whole lies. Shame on companies who make content creators hide the fact that these reviews are paid for.

How to not be basic with the new Copyright Act

We’re sure all of us are guilty of at least one or two of these basic things on Instagram – and there’s no harm in that! Your feed is your own and if what you put up makes you happy, that should be all that matters.

However, you’ll want to ensure that your posts fall in line with the new Copyright Act 2021. With effect from now, this Act replaces the previous edition and comes with two major changes:

Creators and performers must be identified whenever their works or performances are used in public

Those who are guilty of committing basic crimes #3 and #4 do take note. Under the new Copyright Act, anyone who uses literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works or performances in public by sharing it online must identify its creator or performer.

And yes, this also applies to remixes of other creators’ photographs and illustrations, or even sharing their work on your own Instagram page. If you intend to use a copyrighted work, you must always first obtain the creator’s permission to do so. The only times you won’t have to is if the use of their works fall under exception to the copyright.

Obtaining permission is as easy as reaching out to the copyright owner directly or to Collective Management Organisations that manage the copyright on behalf of copyright owners.

Commissioned creators are the default owners of their works

Under the new Copyright Act that has been in force since 21st November 2021, content creators, including influencers, will be the default copyright owners of works that they are commissioned to create. And this applies to all types of work, such as photos and other content one might post on Instagram.

This default position applies if there is no written contract, or if the written contract does not explicitly state who owns the copyright to a commissioned work. For such cases, you’ll be free to continue use of your own work for your portfolio.

But, note that all other laws still apply, such as personal data laws that may limit the distribution of works that contain any information that identifies individuals.

So for content creators, should a brand you’re working with decide to use your works again for another campaign for example, they’ll have to approach you for permission to use it once more. And when they do, here’s your opportunity to charge an extra fee for the additional use! You may renegotiate terms as well as decide how you want to be credited for use of your works.

basic ig things-8


New changes to the Copyright Act 2021

These laws don’t just apply to businesses looking to engage creators or use their works. They apply to us and our own Instagram accounts as well. Hiding behind a private account will not protect you from these laws either. Creators have a right to pursue those who infringe on their copyrights, even if it’s done behind closed doors.

As creators ourselves, even if it means posting a basic picture of a sunset, the new Copyright Act has been put in place to protect content creators.

These changes not only ensure attribution is carried out correctly, but terms of usage and payment (if included) can be negotiated fairly. Plus, it does help that these laws will help prevent your Instagram account from being basic.

If you need legal advice, IPOS offers an IP Legal Clinic where you can arrange a 45-minute session with a professional lawyer to obtain preliminary legal advice on IP dispute matters before you decide on the next course of action. ’

Find out more about the Copyright Act 2021 here

This post was brought to you by IPOS.