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affordable cleaning tools

7 Highly Rated Cleaning Tools From $1 That’ll Actually Make You Excited To Do Your Household Chores

Affordable cleaning tools in Singapore

Household chores may be a drag, but we can all agree that nifty cleaning tools can make the process a lot more fuss-free, and perhaps even enjoyable. These affordable cleaning tools, each priced under $10, also prove that effective cleaning essentials need not cost a bomb.

Give these wallet-friendly tools and accessories a try to keep your kitchen, bathroom, home office, and lounging area spick and span.

Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing and may be subject to change.

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1. Barbed drain cleaner to remove clogs from sinks and pipes

Barbed drain cleaner kitchen sink
Image credit: Shopee

Removing lumps of hair and miscellaneous trapped debris from bathroom drains is a gag-inducing chore, as is fishing out soggy bits of food from the kitchen sink. Save your fingers from ever coming into contact with such yuckiness by getting a few barbed drain cleaners, each priced at just a little over a dollar.

cleaning tools - barbed drain cleaner
Image adapted from: Shopee

This simple but ingenious cleaning tool allows you to pull trapped particles right out of the drain, without having to reach in and manually gather the awful buildup.

The barbed design enables it to easily catch debris and prevent it from sliding further down the pipes. Because the rod is bendy and 44.5CM in length, it can also be used to access deep crevices or angular pipes.

Price: $1.10

Get the barbed drain cleaner from Shopee.

2. Toilet cleaning gel stamp in different colours and scents

You may have spotted this cute and fascinating contraption on TikTok, where it has gone viral among the #CleaningTok community.

Toilet cleaning flower gel stamp
It comes in melon, lily, lavender, lemon, osmanthus, and “ocean” scents.
Image adapted from: Shopee

Toilet bowl disinfectants are fairly common and come in the form of sprays, clip-on attachments or leave-in liquids. This antibacterial toilet cleaning gel stamp, however, is able to transform your porcelain throne into a colourful garden of sorts, brightening up your day with each flush.

All you have to do is press the dispenser to stick pretty flower-shaped globs of disinfectant gel onto your toilet bowl. The substance then takes a whirl around the toilet bowl each time you flush – cleaning, disinfecting, and freshening up the scent of the whole bathroom.

Price: $3.90

Get the toilet cleaning gel stamp from Shopee.

3. Magnetic double-sided brush to clean windows safely

Magnetic double-sided window brush
Image credit: Lazada

This magnetic double-sided brush is a godsend for homeowners to safely clean both sides of their windows while avoiding dangerous mishaps. The strong magnetic force allows you to control the brush from within, wiping off dust, rainwater stains, insects and the occasional splatters of bird poo.

The fiber cloth brush head and rubber scraper base provide double-duty cleaning, so you can gently scrape through stubborn stains and give the glass a squeaky clean sheen as you go. The ergonomic grip also enables you to clean large surfaces without getting aches in your hand or wrist, and the pointed tip was strategically designed so that you can reach the corners as well.

Price: $9.90

Get the double-sided window cleaner from Lazada.

4. Flexible silicone toilet brush for a thorough scrub in and around

Flexible silicone toilet brush
Image credit: Lazada

We’re all familiar with traditional toilet brushes, but you won’t have to worry about gross particles getting stuck in the long and thin plastic bristles with this flexible silicone toilet brush. The silicone brush head has short textured bristles so you can effectively break down dirt and scrub out tough buildups of grime.

cleaning tools - silicone toilet brush
Image credit: Lazada

The unique Nike swoosh-shaped brush head also enables you to reach narrow curves around the toilet bowl, instead of haphazardly poking at tighter areas as you would with a large round brush head. Last but not least, the lengthy rod measures 40CM so you can even plunge it into the pipeline and “hook” blockages out.

Price: $1.90

Get the silicone toilet brush from Lazada.

5. Portable surface cleaning gel to reach tricky crevices on-the-go

Portable surface cleaning gel
Image adapted from: Lazada

The great thing about this surface cleaning gel is that it comes in a highly portable packet, so you can conveniently keep one in your car, or slot it in your bag to bring to the office. The sticky putty texture lets you mould the gel to the area that you’re cleaning, no matter how irregular the shape of the surface is.

You’ll then be able to pick up dirt and other substances big and small, including those trapped in tight spaces. We recommend just running through high touch points with this gel every once in a while. You’d be surprised just how much dirt and dust you can pick up, which would otherwise go undetected by the naked eye.

Price: $3.60

Get the surface cleaning gel from Lazada.

6. Hand-held brush with soap dispenser and sponge attachment

Hand-held brush with soap dispenser
Image adapted from: Lazada

The handy built-in compartment of this hand-held soap dispenser brush lets you control the amount of detergent and water you want at any given time and area. It can be used to clean cookware, toilets, basically anything and anywhere that needs a thorough scrubbing.

cleaning tools - brush with soap dispenser
Image adapted from: Lazada

You can even alternate between the brush head or sponge attachment, so that it suits the material being cleaned and the nature of grime you’re tackling. The icing on the cake? The rod has an angled silicone scraper to scrub tough dirt and stains, including burnt-on food ruining your precious pots and pans.

Price: $6.90

Get the hand-held soap dispenser brush from Lazada.

7. Mini vacuum with duster to clean desktops and keyboards

Mini desktop vacuum with duster
Image credit: Shopee

The desktop is one of the most bacteria-ridden surfaces we come into contact with at home or the office, especially if you’re prone to snacking while working. This super affordable mini vacuum will help to keep your workspace tidy, getting rid of pesky particles like food crumbs and eraser dust.

cleaning tools - Mini desktop vacuum
Image credit: Shopee

The duster attachment aids in more precise suction, and allows you to brush around crevices to free up trapped dirt. Because the brush bristles are so gentle, this cleaning tool is also suitable for fragile objects like camera gear and electronic equipment.

There are six colours to choose from, and the best part is: it’s powered by USB connection – no batteries required.

Price: $1.95

Get the mini vacuum with duster from Shopee.

Highly rated cleaning tools in Singapore from $1

Cult classic cleaning tools like the Dyson vacuum cleaner may have given us the impression that quality cleaning essentials can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. If this list is anything to go by, we can save a tonne of money and still maintain a sparkling clean home just by forking out a couple bucks for each cleaning tool.

Who would’ve thought that cleaning tools that solve common household woes – like clogged drains, stained pans and stinky toilets – can actually cost less than an average meal?

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): Shopee, Lazada