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Math Teacher Accidentally Showed A Nude Photo To Online Class, Gets Dismissed From Job

Match teacher revealed sexual content to class by accident

For the past 20 months, Covid-19 restrictions have forced many of us to work from home or attend classes online.

As convenient as online meeting platforms are, they’re not without their downsides, which can result in career downfalls for some.

That’s what happened to the math teacher in this story, who accidentally revealed a photo of nude breasts during a Zoom class.

He accidentally showed a nude photo to his online class while sharing his screen

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Mr Lương Quang Minh, a math teacher at Sa Đéc High School in Đồng Tháp Province, made a cardinal mistake during a class on Zoom.

During an online class on 26th October, he used the screen sharing function to present some lecture content.

However, he must have forgotten to close some tabs on his screen before sharing it to his class, because the screen went on to show a photo of a woman with naked breasts.

Confounded by what was going on and presumably not very skillful with Zoom, the embarrassed math teacher struggled for several minutes before he made the nude photo disappear. 

Four days after the incident, Mr Lương reported what had happened to the school management and apologized to all of his students.

According to VnExpress, he has been removed from his post. 

But this isn’t the only event that shook the education sector of Đồng Tháp Province. Just a few weeks ago, this province also saw an unfortunate incident that happened during an online class when a teacher was sharing his screen.

English-language teacher leaked hidden camera videos

Cao Lãnh High School
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In early October, Châu Trung Hậu, an English teacher at Cao Lãnh High School, accidentally revealed a chat between himself and the deputy dean while sharing his screen with an online class.

Notably, this conversation contained videos sent by the deputy dean showing naked bodies of women who looked like they didn’t know that they were being filmed.

As it turned out, these videos were captured by hidden cameras set up inside a female workers’ dormitory.

During an interrogation that followed, the deputy dean said that he had received this footage from another friend. He then forwarded them to his colleague, English teacher Châu Trung Hậu, just to offer him a glimpse into what he called “the tough lives of female workers in a dorm.”

He justified his actions with an explanation that infuriated students’ parents.

“I’m a school leader so it was wrong of me to send those photos. But it was a personal chat and I wasn’t promoting anything,” the deputy dean said. “This stuff is pretty normal for adults. The one at fault is teacher Châu Trung Hậu, because he was careless enough to expose the chat to the students.”

Angered at the incident and how the school management handled the issue, a group of students’ parents have filed a complaint to a higher education authority.

Be very careful when you use online meeting tools

Now that most of our work depends on technology, which are certainly not foolproof, we need to be extra careful to prevent embarrassing moments from happening, such as the incident a few months back when a student was seen having sex while in an online class. The next time you share your screen with anyone, take a good look at your tabs first. 

While people shouldn’t be shamed for small mistakes made during online meetings, it’s definitely unethical to share explicit and hidden camera footage. Let’s hope people will take more responsibility over what they share with other people and make changes to their internet use for the better.

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